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Russia denies US claim of 'thousands' of troops in Ukraine

Moscow - Russian officials on Thursday dismissed a claim by the United States that Moscow has sent "thousands" of troops to fight alongside pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine.

Russia denies U.S. claim of 'thousands' of troops in Ukraine

Moscow - Russian officials on Thursday dismissed a claim by the United States that Moscow has sent "thousands" of troops to fight alongside pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine.

Putin says rebels want encircled Ukraine troops to surrender

Minsk - Russia's President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that pro-Russian rebels had encircled up to 8,000 Ukrainian troops and expected them to surrender ahead of a ceasefire.

Ukraine claim 700 Russian troops cross border to help rebels

Kiev - Ukraine's military claimed that some 700 Russian troops crossed into the country Monday to aid rebels fighting for control of the country's east.

Chad army vehicles head for Cameroon to fight Boko Haram

Ndjame - Dozens of Chadian tanks headed out of the capital Friday south towards Cameroon to help fight Nigeria's dreaded Boko Haram insurgents.

500 extra soldiers to be deployed in greater Paris: Ministry

Paris - France will deploy some 500 extra military personnel in the greater Paris region, the defence ministry said on Saturday, the day after twin sieges sowed fear on the streets of the capital.

U.S. may send additional troops to Afghanistan next year

Washington - The U.S. military likely will keep a slightly larger force in Afghanistan in 2015 than first planned and American troops will have authority to come to the aid of Afghan forces if necessary, officials said Tuesday.

50 U.S. troops arrive in western Iraq: Pentagon 

Washington - U.S. troops have deployed to Iraq's frontline western province of Anbar for the first time in the fight against Islamic State jihadists, with 50 preparing the way for a larger contingent, the Pentagon said Monday.

Putin moves to scrap option of invading Ukraine

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday asked the upper house of parliament to revoke a resolution allowing him to send troops into Ukraine, a Kremlin spokesman said.

Review: Jessie James Decker honors troops this Memorial Day in new video Special

Singer-songwriter Jessie James Decker has released a special music video today for "Coming Home," the title cut of her new EP.

Soldiers 'surround' Thai pro-government rally

Bangkok - Soldiers on Tuesday encircled a pro-government "Red Shirts" protest in Thailand's capital, the rally leader said, after the military declared martial law to quell months of political unrest.

1,500 troops sent to retake rebel stronghold in Mali

Bamako - Mali has sent 1,500 troops to retake the rebel stronghold of Kidal after Tuareg separatists staged a siege in local government offices, sparking a gun battle in which dozens of people were killed.

U.S. and Philippines to sign 10-year security pact

Manila - The United States and the Philippines plan to sign a new security pact on Monday to allow a larger U.S. military presence amid ongoing territorial disputes with China.

Putin admits Russian troops in Crimea during referendum

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday admitted for the first time that Russian soldiers were present on the Crimean peninsula before and during the referendum that backed rule from Moscow.

White House 'very concerned' by Russian troop movements

The Hague - The White House is "very concerned by the potential for escalation" after Russia massed its troops on the border with Ukraine, a close aide to US President Barack Obama said Monday."We are watching very closely, we believe that Russia stands an enormou...

Edmonton: Raising banners for peace Special

Edmonton - March 12, 2014 was the date of the return home for the final 100 Canadian troops from their military mission in Afghanistan.

Dalai Lama is hoping for new Chinese attitude towards Tibet

Shillong - On every stop along the Dalai Lama’s speaking tour this week in India, he expressed hope for better relations between China and the Buddhist region of Tibet. Today, the Chinese military began increasing security forces in the region.

The United States Army plans on using 'Iron Man' armor for troops

The United States' army is working to develop smart armor, which would give soldiers "superhuman strength". The army has called upon the technology industry, government labs, as well as academia to help them build the armored suit.

South Korean troops kill man trying to swim to North Korea

The South Korean military shot and killed a man who was trying to swim across a river to North Korea Monday. The man had reportedly ignored multiple warnings to turn around.

Interview with Joe Bachman: 'A Soldier's Memoir' Special

On July 2, I chatted via phone with country newcomer Joe Bachman, who opened up about his new single “A Soldier’s Memoir (PTSD Song),” which will he will release independently on July 16.

Russian forces will provide security at events in the US

Big news is now coming out for any American wary of foreign troops on U.S. soil. Russia recently signed a deal with the United States that would allow Russian troops to provide security at major events in the U.S.

First batch of Nigerian West African troops arrive in Mali

Bamako - The Voice of Nigeria (VON) reports that the first batch of Nigerian troops arrived in Mali on Thursday to reinforce French and Malian troops fighting to halt the advance of al Qaeda-linked rebels from the north of the country.

Central African rebels agree to truce, demand S.Africans leave

Bangui - Representatives of the Central African Republic (CAR) government and rebel groups have agreed to a one-week truce, with the rebels demanding the CAR's president, Francois Bozize, step down, and that South African troops leave.

South Africa sends troops to Central African Republic

Bangui - South Africa has deployed 400 soldiers to the troubled Central African Republic, where a rebellion threatens to overthrow the elected government.

U.S. sending troops and missiles to Turkey

The U.S. will be sending two batteries of Patriot missiles as well as four-hundred troops to Turkey as part of a NATO force meant to protect Turkish territory from possible missile attacks from Syria.

Somali islamists attack Ethiopian troops

Mogadishu - The Islamist militant group al-Shabaab attacked an Ethiopian military base in Somalia Saturday killing at least 23 people, witnesses said.

London prepares for 2012 Olympics, announces use of 13,500 troops

London - The U.K. Ministry of Defence said more than 13,500 military troops will be deployed to help provide security for the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics. Also, the ceremony's budget recently doubled from initial estimates.

Chinese and Australian International Relations 101

Is the growing presence of The United States military in Australia good for Australian – Chinese relations? The Gillard and Obama administrations recent announcement of a new deal between the two sixty year strong allies.

Colbert: President Obama 'is wiping out Christians' in Uganda

In response to President Obama's decision to send 100 American troops to the Uganda region in pursuit of the Lord's Resistance Army, Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert detailed how the White House move was akin to 'wiping out Christians.'

Fierce fighting continues in Tripoli

Today's unfolding developments : Tripoli woke up to heavy fighting this morning outside Gaddafi's compound and in two other districts. Rebels say Gaddafi still controls 20 percent of the city and the situation remains very volatile.
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A Eurocopter BK 117 helicopter deploys troops.
A Eurocopter BK 117 helicopter deploys troops.
US troops in Iraq.
US troops in Iraq.
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Israeli soldiers filing into a helicopter
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French troops in Indochina.