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'Holy Spirit' asks for donations of Russian computer users

When the "Holy Spirit" speaks, most people listen and take heed of what is said. But if that same spirit takes over our computers, and then asks for a donation for church repairs before it will let you have your computer back, what would you do then?

Trojan asteroid sharing Earth's orbit discovered

[url= t=_blank]Trojan asteroids[/url] - objects that share gravitational pulls with larger bodies, like planets - have been discovered hovering in space along with Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, Saturn and no...

NYC officials pull the plug on planned vibrator giveaway

New York - As a long time New York resident said, "only in New York". She was referring to a planned two day vibrator giveaway being canceled by city officials.

Facebook video scam claims U.S. attack on Iran and Saudi Arabia

A new scam is making the rounds on Facebook, reports one security company. Not unlike previous scams, this one uses the lure of an attention grabbing "breaking news" story in order to try and snare victims.

Trojan virus steals thousands from UK bank accounts Special

It was reported on Wednesday that a new variant of the Zeus Trojan virus has affected thousands of computer users in the UK. The Zeus V3 virus is estimated to have cost bank account holders up to £675,000 and affected 3000 customers.

Computer virus infects Alberta's Health Services network

The Alberta Health Services (AHS) has notified the Alberta Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner that a virus was present on the Alberta Health Services network in Edmonton.

Fake parking tickets used by hackers

Fake parking tickets are being used in the U.S. to dupe users into visiting fraudulent websites and downloading a Trojan virus.

Be Aware Of A New Storm Worm Tactic Using Chinese Earthquake and Olympics

A new malicious web site that will infect your computer with a Trojan has sprung up using the recent earthquake in China and the Summer Olympics as bait.

Online Banking Users Urged to Beware of the New 'Silentbanker' Trojan

Experts are calling the new trojan, one of the most sophisticated that they have encountered, capable of intercepting an online banking session and draining the victim's bank account.

Monster Attack Steals Private Data from Online Job Site

A malicious attack stole personal information from hundreds of thousands of users on one of the biggest online job sites, a security firm discovered. suffered a serious breach of data that exposed members to file ransom, a new phishing scam.

Buyer Beware: Those Trojans You're Wrapped in Might Be Fakes

"It's not right, but what can you do about it?" said Badu Sall, 22, of Harlem. "When you need condoms quick, you buy them where you can." Fake condoms are flooding the streets of Harlem, much to the dismay of the manufacturer.

Valentine's Day e-mail hides Trojan

Are you looking for love? Well, Trojan has got it for you.

Tricky new malware unnerves security vendors

Just when ya thought it was safe out there on the Internet...

Did worm infect Alaska candidates' site?

More than likely this story can be ended by saying the webmaster did not do his job and secure the site to prevent this incident...

Zombies continue to chase Windows PCs

Very interesting Stats and just another reason to keep all your Anti Virus and Malware Utilities updated...

The future of malware: Trojan horses

Looks like it will never stop.

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Don Hankins
Don Hankins
A Trojan Vibrations Pleasure Cart is seen in Times Square as part of a giveaway of 10 000 Trojan vib...
A Trojan Vibrations Pleasure Cart is seen in Times Square as part of a giveaway of 10,000 Trojan vibrators across New York City, August 8, 2012 in New York, N.Y.
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