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Trip News

Op-Ed: 4 great camping destinations in Arizona

Arizona offers the intrepid outdoors enthusiast high adventure in one of the most environmentally diverse places on the planet.
In the Media by Daniel Taibleson - 1 comment

'Spain to Space': Balloon ride of a life-time coming soon

Marbella - You too can have the chance of a six-hour round-trip, 36 km up into the stratosphere in a high-tech balloon, as long as you have a cool €110,000 to spare.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 7 comments

George W. Bush Switzerland visit cancelled over legal issues

Geneva - Former United States President George W. Bush has cancelled an engagement to speak at a Jewish charity event in Geneva due to possible legal action against him for alleged human rights violations.
In the Media by William Charles Baker - 7 comments

Op-Ed: TIFF 2010 - British humour, lush scenery the stars of The Trip Special

Watching The Trip, screening at the Toronto International Film Festival, is like listening in on a conversation between two comedian buddies who can't wait to annoy each other. It's an enjoyable film, but it could've been tighter.
Digital Journal Report by David Silverberg - 5 comments

Men plan to push wheelbarrows full of rock to aid depression

Warrnambool - Three Australian men plan to make a 100-kilometre trip while each is wearing a weighted vest and pushing a wheel barrow filled with crushed rock. They are doing this to raise awareness about depression and to raise money for a non-profit organisation.
In the Media by Lynn Curwin - 1 comment

Church group heading west to aid flooded communities Special

Pemberton, NJ – A group of 56 volunteers, including 23 from Pemberton, will hit the road tomorrow to help two Midwest communities rebuild after devastating floods last year.
Digital Journal Report by Charles W. Kim - 1 comment

Obama visit to Canada costing a pretty penny

If U.S. President Barack Obama took a commercial plane to Ottawa this morning, taxpayers would shell out only about $5,000 for a round trip first class seat, compared to the $2 million it will really cost.
In the Media by KJ Mullins - 3 comments

Op-Ed: Fact Finding or Fraudulent Use of Taxpayers Money?

Sen. Obama has gone on a globe trotting fact finding tour. Fact finding tours are one of the perks CONgress gave themselves for summer recess and to showboat their concerns for...something, anything which would get them out of Washington D.C.
In the Media by Gar Swaffar - 7 comments

Drugs For Your Tongue: Flavor Tripping Berries

The Miracle Fruit is becoming a hit at posh parties across the United States. The tiny berry can make beer taste like a chocolate milkshake.
In the Media by Samantha A. Torrence

Thruster May Shorten Mars Trip from Months to Week

Young Bae’s amplified photon thruster could possibly shorten the trip of future missions to Mars from the current six months duration to just a week. This technology has reportedly attracted the attentions of NASA, DARPAR and other aerospace agencies.
In the Media by Chris V. Thangham - 1 comment
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Lvov is an ancient W. Ukrainian city populated traditionally by different nations settled on this Eu...
Lvov is an ancient W. Ukrainian city populated traditionally by different nations settled on this European road-crossing. A photo exhibition "Uman Rash Hashanah" by local artist Max Dondyuk is interesting testimony to a traditional Jewish life resurgency in Uman (U-m-a-n'), a traditionally Jewish schtattle in the Eastern Ukraine famous for Jewish cultural sights survived communist epoch and Holocaust.

Trip Blogs

Little does the Tortoise Cat know...

How far we will fly soon, from lush, weedy, buggy Dane County, Wisconsin. Soon, we will be continuing this...
Jun 1, 2012 by Elizabeth Cunningham Perkins - 6 comments

A Dead Parrot Nest

I don’t believe visitors to Australia wouldn’t export the predominantly most excellent impressions amazing nature,...
Feb 15, 2012 by mkwrk2

Klezfest in Lvov, the Ukraine: Jewish Wedding et All

Known aka Lvov and Lemberg since it was established in 1256 and afterwards belonged to different political entities,...
Jul 25, 2011 by mkwrk2 - 2 comments

My bus trip to Washington D.C. & New York City!

In about a week, I'll be heading downtown (here in Detroit, Michigan) to catch the Megabus to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania....
Jun 5, 2011 in  Travel Addicts by Matt Harding - 3 comments

Birthday in New York

By Michael Kerjman What birthday might be more time-life memorable and exiting than one happened in New York? Well,...
Sep 29, 2010 by mkwrk2


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