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Top 6 IT Outsourcing Trends and Market Overview for Business Commissioned

The complete IT outsourcing market overview 2020-2021. Take a look at the key trends, statistics, reasons to outsource, and what functions are mainly delegated to third-party contractors.

2020 trends on enterprise automation revealed

Automation, robotics AI is poised to revolutionize the way we work in 2020 according to Tonkean, a leader human-in-the-loop RP. The company, has released their predictions for 2020 mobile industry trends.

Tartan, hats and nipped waists: the big trends from Paris fashion week

Paris - Tartan, nipped waists and lots of hats.... We pick out the biggest style trends in the autumn winter collections as Paris women's fashion week reaches it climax.- Return of the waist -Paris fashion has found its shape again.

A look back at the top electric vehicle news of 2018

As we reach the end of 2018, there has been an increased focus on global climate change, while electric vehicle manufacturers have been developing policies and EV targets that will be in line with tighter fuel emissions standards across the globe.

How can hospitality brands undergo digital transformation?

Digital transformation in the hospitality industry is a very human-focused effort, with leading brands leveraging technology to cater to the whims and wants of their guests.

The five big trends from Paris fashion week

Paris - Balaclavas, headscarves, feisty feminism and the warming glow of yellow and burnished gold... We pick out the biggest trends in the autumn-winter 2018-2019 collections as Paris fashion week finishes late Tuesday.

Dior channels surrealist chic in Paris haute couture show

Paris - Fashion house Christian Dior went all surrealist in the first big show of Paris haute couture week Monday with a collection that was a feast for the eyes as well as the imagination.

Get your legs out for the girls, guys!

Paris - As Paris men's fashion week comes to a close Sunday, one trend for spring summer 2018 and could not be clearer -- bare legs.

Get your legs out for the girls, guys!

Paris - As Paris men's fashion week comes to a close Sunday, one trend for spring summer 2018 and could not be clearer -- bare legs.

Emojipedia adds trends to let you check which emoji are popular

A new emoji tool hopes to help you avoid digital embarrassment by letting you know when your most frequented symbols are heading out of fashion. The current trends suggest you should be accompanying your tweets and messages with dog icons today.

Review: Latest hot trends from London Fashion Week Festival Special

London - London Fashion Weekend Festival has been playing out to packed audiences over the last weekend in February. The catwalk models have been dazzling audiences with the latest trends and Digital Journal was there to see the action.

Top 10 trends on the New York catwalk

New York - New York fashion week wrapped with designers unable to agree on the season, the future of the runway in jeopardy and anti-Donald Trump political outrage palpable.

Five key technology trends for 2017

From a fitness app linked to an exercise mat to a predicted big advance in Cloud computing, we select five technology innovations that could help to shape technology in 2017.

Oval TVs, smart kitchen hoods: top trends at IFA tech fair

Berlin - Berlin's mega consumer electronics fair IFA opens its doors to the public Friday, offering a dizzying array of high-tech goods from home robots to surround sound systems to drones.

Android still has most app downloads — but iOS makes more money

Android's Google Play Store has surged ahead of Apple's App Store in terms of raw app downloads this quarter, exhibiting 85% growth. Unfortunately for Google, Apple still leads for revenue though, indicating a more profitable store-front.

Op-Ed: The importance of social media in promoting website content

In a world where social media increasingly decides what internet users see and do and with SEO becoming less reliable, it is more important than ever for websites to use the technology effectively to communicate with users and market their own material.

Muslim population could catch up with Christians globally

Washington - The Muslim and Christian populations could be nearly equal by 2050, with Islam expected to be the fastest-growing faith on the planet, according to projections released Thursday.

'Vaping' and the rise of a new culture

Along with the rise of vaping comes a distinct culture as well. Vaping smokers have new options and new places to gather with this trend.

RSPCA says cat owners only want cats that look good in 'selfies'

Officials with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) have released reports stating that black cats are not being adopted since they aren't popular in "selfies."

'Apes' outplays 'The Purge' and takes down 'Planes'

It was a repeat performance for "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" as it wins the box office race. It held off three new wide releases as the turnstiles continue on a slow pace.

There's nothing old-fashioned about some of these remedies

Medicine has come a very long way, especially in the last century, in finding remedies for the afflictions of mankind. It was thought that the days of using home-remedies were long gone, a thing of the past, to be read about in history books.

/newsrooms coverage of mesh, Toronto's digital media conference

Toronto - In Toronto the mesh digital media conference wrapped up on Thursday. The mesh team gathered together leading thinkers and talented innovators who have earned their stripes accomplishing impressive digital work.

Op-Ed: Trends in journalism to look for in 2013

Thanks to the Internet, just about anybody can be a journalist, photographer and publisher. This is one of the most obvious factors at play in the changing world of journalism.

Springtime for fashion

Uncovering spring 2012's most affordable, wearable and trendiest trends and translating them from the runway into everyday looks.

Op-Ed: June 2021 — Ten Predictions for the Coming Decade

Ten predictions for the forthcoming ten years. You thought you had it bad in the first decade of this century? You ain't seen nothin' yet!

Study: More women in power, more Muslims heading West by 2050

An unprecedented number of women will be in positions of power, Muslim immigration to the West will rise, and office workers will be unchained from their cubicles ― all in the next 40 years, says a consultancy set up by the author of "Future Shock."

Vancouver’s TRENDS Fashion Group hosted by local celebrity Special

Richmond - Kwantleen Polytechnic University in Richmond was a place of another project by the teenage group of TRENDS. The May 13 night event called “Beauty with a Purpose” was featured by local celebrity and former Miss Canada Nazanin Afshin-Jam.

Hikers in Iran demonstrate dangers posed by adventure travel Special

The Iranian government may decide to go ahead with an espionage trial for three American hikers who mistakenly crossed into Iranian territory. Adventure travelers may be taking on too much risk.

What Facebook, Twitter, PayPal can teach us about going viral Special

Going viral isn't a finger-snap way to achieve mass popularity. In fact, as author Adam L. Penenberg explains to, some of the top tech companies found viral success by creating a product that had to be shared to be useful.

Twitter launches new-look homepage, focused on search and trends

Twitter has overnight released its new homepage for, now featuring a prominent search box and a list of all current Twitter trends.
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People attending the 2018 London Fashion Week.
People attending the 2018 London Fashion Week.
A selection of clothes  adorned by models  at the autumn 2016 London Fashion Weekend.
A selection of clothes, adorned by models, at the autumn 2016 London Fashion Weekend.
Google searches for  VPN  in the U.S. over the past five years
Google searches for "VPN" in the U.S. over the past five years
YouTube is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an A-Z of the best videos in its history
YouTube is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an A-Z of the best videos in its history

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