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Trees News

Image analysis and AI tech used to study branches

The technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used by botanists to study plant structures, particularly the variations in branching. The technology can assist with agricultural improvements.

Instead of trees, this startup is making paper out of stone

Tokyo - Nobuyoshi Yamasaki's TMB Co. doesn't use trees to make paper. Instead, it uses limestone, which he says is almost inexhaustible.

Why the answer is not to plant more trees

Growing plants and trees is not sufficient to counteract emissions from burning fossil fuels, according to a new study. This is because the plantations would need to be so large they would not be economically viable.

Italy goes bananas over tropical trees next to Milan Duomo

Rome - The sudden appearance of a cluster of palm trees next to Milan's famous cathedral has sparked a row over the use of non-native plants beside an iconic Italian landmark.

New wind power generator uses trees as inspiration

Scientists have developed a system that is based on the branches and leaves of a cottonwood tree. The device produces energy as its artificial leaves sway in the breeze, harnessing wind power to generate electricity.

Bangladesh plants million trees to cut lightning toll

Dhaka - Bangladesh has begun planting one million palm trees nationwide to help prevent hundreds of people being killed by lightning strikes every year, a top official said Tuesday.

Strengthening materials through nano-extracts from trees

Could parts of a tree be used to strengthen car bumpers and fenders? Could these biological parts be recycled from trees felled in the rainforest? This idea may seem bizarre but it has the potential to protect cars from bumps and crashes.

Some ash trees could resist deadly fungal disease

Norwich - Some good news for the fight to protect Europe’s ash trees from the disease ash dieback. Several trees have been found to carry a genetic resistance to the pathogen and this may offer hope for protecting future tree populations.

Which areas are most at risk from deforestation?

The Earth has lost the equivalent of 1,000 football fields of forests per hour for the last 25 years, leaving some three trillion trees left. Some parts of the planet are hit more heavily than others.

Ash trees set to become extinct in Europe

The Ash tree is set for extinction in Europe. Ash trees have long-faced two serious threats: fungal disease ash-dieback and an invasive beetle called the emerald ash borer.

Call for a new charter for trees

London - Several environmental and conservation groups are calling for a new national charter to protect trees and woods from the risks associated with development, disease and climate change.

Climate change making it harder for trees to recover from drought

San Francisco - Past studies of drought's impact on forests have always led to the assumption that trees recover almost immediately after a drought ends. But with droughts becoming more common, basic structures in trees will make recovery more difficult.

Earth's 3 trillion trees are falling at an alarming rate

Earth has trillions of trees, including redwoods in California, olive trees in Tunisia, cherry trees in Japan and many more. However, they are falling at a very high rate.

Australians plant 1.2 million trees on National Tree Day

More than 1.2 million trees were planted across Australia on Sunday during National Tree Day. This year's tally brings the total number to over 22 million trees planted by more than 3.5 million participants since the campaign began in 1996.

Southern pines in U.S. doing better than expected

Atlanta - In the U.S., Southern tree farmers have been worried about a spate of unexpected pine tree deaths. University researchers have concluded that the rate of decline will slowdown and that farmers have little to worry about.

Pollution may be good for trees

Washington - Bizarre as it may seem, trees growing in soils known to have a high level of environmental pollutants appear better equipped to fight pests than trees growing in soils with a lower level of pollutants.

Bacteria can be used to manufacture terpenes

Bacteria are a source of terpenes. These are natural compounds used to make drugs, food additives, perfumes, and other useful products. Research indicates that there could be other terpene products, as yet undiscovered, hiding in the genomes of bacteria.

Photo essay: Top 10 new species for 2014

An appealing carnivorous mammal, a 12-meter-tall tree that has been hiding in plain sight and a sea anemone that lives under an Antarctic glacier are among the species identified as the most interesting "new finds" discovered last year.

Red squirrels under increased risk from ‘squirrelpox’

Red squirrels native to the U.K. are being devastated by an insidious pox virus. A new study has found the situation may be worse than previously thought, as the disease appears to have multiple modes of potential transmission.

Some species of crocodiles can climb trees

The belief that you can climb a tree to escape a hungry crocodile has been proven moot by The University of Tennessee that says some species of crocodile can climb trees.

Climb every mountain - but not the trees

Never mind climbing every mountain, or searching high and low.

Couple charged with stealing nearly 2,000 trees

Meadowlands - Quick action from a Minnesota conservation officer prevented a couple from stealing 1,970 trees from Meadowvale county-managed forest land.

Citrus disease takes hold of U.S. fruit trees

A disease affecting citrus fruit trees called citrus greening is spreading across the U.S., according to new data. Scientists are working on a way to minimize the infection.

Bacteria help fruit trees to grow

Scientists have used different strains of fungi and bacteria to promote development and health in trees, which have enabled them to accelerate growth of different species up to 40 percent.

Turks protest for freedom Special

Istanbul - Protests that began earlier this week in Istanbul because of a park threatened by bulldozers have spread throughout Turkey as Turks call for the saving of democracy and not just trees.

Peaches can help with biofuel production

Scientists have managed to use a study of the peach genome to identify genetic aspects of other trees used for biofuels. This is to look for ways to make source materials more efficient for biofuel production.

Dutch elm disease 'mapping' might lead to cure

Scientists have successfully mapped the genes in the fungus that causes Dutch elm disease. This development could help scientists figure out how to prevent the fungus from destroying elm trees in the future.

A changing of the seasons — Fall to Winter Special

Nashville - As the month of December grows near, and autumn turns to winter, the landscape in and around Nashville, Tennessee begins to change.

Dying hurricanes over Britain forming gold and yellow autumn hue Special

Across Britain and Ireland, one of the wettest autumns on record has produced vivid green and red colours among its autumn foliage. The inclement weather is a result of decaying hurricanes sweeping over Ireland, Britain and parts of northern Europe.

Israel orders removal of 1,000 olive trees from Palestine

Nablus - The olive branch may be a symbol of peace, but Israeli authorities in the West Bank have told Palestinians that one thousand trees must be uprooted.
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Trees Image

Ball s Falls  fall scenes.
Ball's Falls, fall scenes.
This tortoiseshell cat basks in afternoon breezes.
This tortoiseshell cat basks in afternoon breezes.
Various weeds along the side of a driveway.
Various weeds along the side of a driveway.
Trees along the road...a huge contrast from Kuala Lumpur
Trees along the road...a huge contrast from Kuala Lumpur
A crow stands out to caw neighborhood news.
A crow stands out to caw neighborhood news.
An area of woodland at Woburn Abbey  Bedfordshire  England.
An area of woodland at Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire, England.
Close-up of the burned trees
Close-up of the burned trees
Is there an orange maple species?
Is there an orange maple species?
Tree planting is a great way for residents and neighborhood to get better acquainted. Trees enhance ...
Tree planting is a great way for residents and neighborhood to get better acquainted. Trees enhance the quality of life and provide a richness to concrete urban landscapes.
Courtesy of Friends of the Urban Forest, SF, CA
Oak Memorial at Auburn University.  Auburn  Ala.  Feb. 17  2011
Oak Memorial at Auburn University. Auburn, Ala. Feb. 17, 2011
Auburn University Facebook photo
Hawker fighter trainers roared over the crowd  as glimpsed here through the trees.
Hawker fighter trainers roared over the crowd, as glimpsed here through the trees.
General pictures.
General pictures.
Radolfzell   is the third largest town  after Constance and Singen  in the district of Konstanz  in ...
Radolfzell, is the third largest town, after Constance and Singen, in the district of Konstanz, in Baden-Württemberg.
Auburn University  Auburn  Ala.
Auburn University, Auburn, Ala.
Auburn University Facebook photo
Eric Dominick Coates  a tree climber for Weber Jerman  decides how to cut apart a downed tree near M...
Eric Dominick Coates, a tree climber for Weber Jerman, decides how to cut apart a downed tree near Mapes Road and Leonard Drive in Fort Meade, Virginia
Fort Meade
Suddenly a crow seemed to flow into flying.
Suddenly a crow seemed to flow into flying.
Bark of madrona tree  San Francisco  CA.
Bark of madrona tree, San Francisco, CA.
As the sun sets at Hyères the blue sky fades and the pinks and reds replace it for a few moments of...
As the sun sets at Hyères the blue sky fades and the pinks and reds replace it for a few moments of intense color.