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Tree News

The pine and the poplar: a tale of two trees in the DMZ

Seoul - The last time South Korea's President Moon Jae-in was on duty for a tree-related event in the Demilitarized Zone, it involved 813 troops, 27 helicopters, B-52 bombers with fighter escorts -- and an aircraft carrier prowling offshore.

Deforestation from a tree's perspective at the TED conference

Vancouver - A pair of filmmakers at the prestigious TED Conference used virtual reality to allow people to experience the ravages of deforestation -- from the perspective of a tree.

Original Bramley apple tree has fungal infection

Nottingham - The tree, thought to be the first to give rise to bramley apples, is dying of a fungal infection. The tree is 207 years old and it is located in Nottinghamshire, England.

Removing a tree in Vancouver? You'll have to replace it or pay

The city of Vancouver wants its residents to pay a security deposit of $500 or $750 when they remove a tree from their property. The money won't be refunded until owners can prove they’ve planted a new tree and cared for it for at least a year.

Old tree in Ireland blows over and reveals medieval skeleton

Collooney - The remains of a young man was discovered by archaeologist after a 200-year-old tree blown over during a storm in Ireland.

Pub customers 'appalled' as Christmas tree goes up in July

Milton Keynes - A British bar and restaurant has sparked outrage from customers after putting up a Christmas tree over five months before the big day. The pub was apparently using it as a "training exercise" for staff but drinkers weren't happy.

Girl uses Facebook to save her father's life (VIDEO)

Henlawson - A frightened 10-year-old girl turns to social media for help when a tree crashes on top of her father during a thunderstorm.

Naked man climbs tree and tells police he is making it his home

Over the weekend a 40-year-old man climbed a 40-foot pine tree in Arab, Alabama, with no clothes on. He told police that he was cleaning it up and going to make it his home.

Daily Relief: Wednesday 26 March

A light-hearted look at the odd events happening in the world. Today includes a unique way of controlling a math class, an auto-correct fail and a Star Wars twist to Pharrell William's song Be Happy.

Older trees grow faster than young ones

Mature trees soak up more carbon dioxide than younger ones, resulting in them growing faster, a new study finds. This finding applies to various types of trees.

Deceased South African actor found hanging from a tree

Pretoria North - Fifty-nine-year-old South African actor Nico Liebenberg was found dead Sunday, hanging from a tree close to his home in Pretoria North.

The coconut palm: A tree of life

The coconut palm has existed since man can remember. Its roots dig into the sand, planting itself in soft terrain, yet able to withstand the worst of storms. Bending with the winds and surf, a coconut palm may live 100 years.

Busy beaver causes huge traffic jam in Sweden

Borensberg - Doing what beavers do best, a Swedish beaver felled a tree near Borensberg in Östergötland on Friday, completely blocking traffic on a busy road and causing long queues of vehicles.

Video: Golfer Sergio Garcia hits ball from tree at Bay Hill

What does a pro-golfer do when his ball ends up in a tree? In the case of Sergio Garcia, he climbs up there and hits it, one-handed.

Compound from the ‘toothbrush tree’ may treat TB

A compound extracted from the South African toothbrush tree appears to inactivate tuberculosis in a previously unseen way.

Tips for an allergy-free Christmas

People affected by allergies to dust, nuts and other substances can often suffer worse at Christmas time compared to other times of the year. To help reduce the allergy impact the Gottlieb Memorial Hospital has issued some tips.

National Tree Day 2012 celebrated in Australia Special

Sydney - The National Tree Day event at Federal Park, Jubilee Park and Harold Park on the Glebe foreshore was attended by the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore.

Woman arrested for burning down 3,500-year-old tree

The fifth oldest individual tree in the world, as well as the largest Pond Cypress in America, ended up being burned from the inside out on January 16.

Founder Isadore Sharp celebrates 50 years of Four Seasons Hotel legacy Special

Toronto - In a special event in Toronto, Four Season Hotel Isadore Sharp looked back to 1961, when he first brought one of the world's most recognized brands to the hospitality industry. How is Sharp and the Toronto hotel honouring its past?

Students create Christmas tree from plastic spoons

Taichung - Students in Taiwan won an award for the best Christmas tree created from recycled materials with their 12 metre high tree made of plastic spoons.

Emirates Palace Hotel regrets $11M Christmas tree

Abu Dhabi - The Emirates Palace Hotel's extravagant Christmas tree, decorated in jewelry, gold and gems, and recently unveiled in Abu Dhabi, will be remembered as the most expensive Christmas tree in history, as well as the seven-star hotel's greatest regret.

Thieves destroy Birmingham Christmas tree in holiday fire

Birmingham - The Grinch may have stolen Christmas, but in Birmingham, Alabama, the culprits were copper thieves in a bungled theft that set the city Christmas tree on fire in downtown's Linn Park on Wednesday.

Tate Britain's Christmas tree decorated with nothing

London - Many people may be left wondering where the decorations are when they view the Christmas tree located in London's Tate Britain this year, as the tree is bare.

Giant chocolate Christmas tree will help raise funds for charity

Sceaux - A chocolate lover’s ideal Christmas decoration, a ten-metre-high tree made entirely of chocolate, has been created in France to help raise funds for charity.

Indian man climbs tree to escape from wife's medical bill

Bhubaneswar - Paying medical bills can certainly be stressful, but one man from India flipped his lid and climbed a tree to avoid paying his wife's bill.

Sophia Bush feels right back at home on 'One Tree Hill' Special

With the start of Season 8 just weeks away, the leading lady of "One Tree Hill" reveals the secret of the show’s success -- its fans. Bush also talks about the possible future of the series and why she's continually making movies during her hiatuses.

Tree which inspired Anne Frank comes down

Amsterdam - The chestnut tree that cheered Anne Frank during her period of hiding from the Nazis has toppled over in Amsterdam. The iron which had been supporting the tree also fell.

Trees migrating North due to warming

A study conducted by U.S. Forest Service has found that some tree species in the Eastern United States are migrating North at a rate not seen before. Some of them are moving at an average clip of 62 miles (100 kilometers) a century.

Unsuspecting Horse Gets Head Stuck Up A Tree

A curious horse got caught in a rather precarious position recently when a passer by couldn't believe what he saw. The poor horse had managed to get it's head stuck in a tree.

The Extraordinary Life of Tree-man Could Return to Normal

We are stunned, amazed and sometimes even frightened by what nature throws at the human body, yet nothing has been more intriguing or shocking as the man who has grown into a tree, with branches for arms and now roots growing out of his feet
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Tree Image

Christmas lights shine in the darkness
Christmas lights shine in the darkness
A beautiful winter sky
A beautiful winter sky
This squirrel teased anyone passing his maple tree.
This squirrel teased anyone passing his maple tree.
Chocolate Christmas tree
Chocolate Christmas tree
screen capture from news video
Immature cacao pods on tree.
Immature cacao pods on tree.
Heather Annette Miller, Penn State
Anne Mouyeos
An uprooted tree in New Orleans  caused by Hurricane Isaac
An uprooted tree in New Orleans, caused by Hurricane Isaac
Via Instagram user sbonnot
Capturing the mystery of old England  this tree has been turned into a mystical forest woman.
Capturing the mystery of old England, this tree has been turned into a mystical forest woman.
Squirrel in a tree eating food at Kananaskis Village  Kananaskis Country  Alberta.
Squirrel in a tree eating food at Kananaskis Village, Kananaskis Country, Alberta.
England: A large tree with elongated branches in front of a lush green lawn. Hanbury Manor in the au...
England: A large tree with elongated branches in front of a lush green lawn. Hanbury Manor in the autumn.
A crow soars between bare and evergreen branches to join the flock in the cloudy midwinter dawn.
A crow soars between bare and evergreen branches to join the flock in the cloudy midwinter dawn.
Hawk in a tree at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary  Calgary  Alberta.
Hawk in a tree at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, Calgary, Alberta.
Squirrel on a tree
Squirrel on a tree
Palm tree in a windstorm.
Palm tree in a windstorm.
Suddenly a crow seemed to flow into flying.
Suddenly a crow seemed to flow into flying.

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