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Trash News

Philippines ships dumped trash back to Canada

Manila - Tonnes of garbage sent to the Philippines years ago was shipped back to Canada on Friday after a festering diplomatic row, as Asian nations increasingly reject serving as dumping grounds for international trash.

Philippines' Duterte orders garbage shipped back to Canada

Manila - President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered tonnes of garbage dumped in the Philippines years ago to be shipped back to Canada, his spokesman said Wednesday, escalating a festering diplomatic row.

Turning New York City's trash into treasure

New York - For 30 years, sanitation worker Nelson Molina kept New York clean -- and in the process found beauty in other people's garbage, rescuing enough condemned items to fill a warehouse.

8-year-old girl with cancer cleans up trash with her Make-A-Wish

Kansas City - A 8-year-old girl from Missouri was given the chance to wish for anything she wanted, so she chose something that would inspire other people.

57 tons of garbage removed from national marine monument

Imagine if you will, a 57 ton pile of garbage sitting in your front yard. It's not a pretty sight. Now, imagine a beautiful underwater world, teeming with living corals and sea creatures, all trying to survive with 57 tons of garbage on top of them.

Man cuts penis off and throws it away after girlfriend dumps him

Kocani - A 22-year-old man, from Macedonia, was dumped by his girlfriend causing him to make the decision to chop off his own penis.

Woman picks up others' trash and uses it against them

A video of a woman on a motorcycle surfaced on Monday, and it shows her witnessing drivers littering. She then picks up the garbage and confronts them and exacts some interesting revenge.

Up to half our food ends up in the trash, says new British study

Buy one get one free, often means buy one and bin the other one reports a new British study on food waste from the UK’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers titled Global Food, Waste Not Want Not.

Op-Ed: A Mideast conflict could turn garbage into energy

As the globe searches for superior power sources to become less dependent upon desert oil barons, the US has developed technology that converts fuel from garbage. This fuel source could become more necessary during the coming Mideast conflicts.

Junk It- Television's trash crew

Have you ever watched reality shows that feature some type of room or building that needs renovated? Have you ever wondered where all of their old décor, furniture, construction waste, or even their just plain trash goes?

Sweden seeks to import trash due to shortage

Sweden has recently found itself in a shortage, but not the typical items you'd ordinarily think of when you hear the word shortage. What they are short on is trash.

They are so good at recycling, Sweden actually imports garbage

That's right, you heard it. Sweden is just so good at recycling, it actually needs to import trash from other European countries to power its waste-to-energy program.

Billions of pounds of plastic garbage being dumped in our oceans

Billions of pounds of garbage is thrown in the sea every year. A massive rise in the past 40 years in the amount of plastic debris floating around in the Pacific Ocean may have ecosystem-wide consequences.

Review: ‘Trash’ not just home video refuse

‘Trash’ is a French-Canadian film about a not-so romantic Montreal plagued by crime and one man’s determination to turn things around in his neighbourhood. It’s available on DVD Feb. 14.

Op-Ed: Our park animals shouldn't have to deal with our trash

Toronto - This year Toronto residents were outraged when City Hall said that our city park's could be affected by budget cuts. We screamed that we want our parks and how important that the green space is important to us.

Elderly New York woman fined for throwing old newspapers in trash

New York - An 83-year-old Upper East Side woman is upset after a local sanitation worker fined her $100 last month for throwing a bag of old newspapers in a green trash can. The lady said she “froze” and “scared me to death.”

Is your toilet a trash can?

Do you flush hair, food, cigarette butts or other things down your toilet? According to the fourth annual Canadian Water Attitudes Study, half of Canadians do. That half is also flushing six to 20 litres of clean fresh water away.

Garbage, more worries as trash piles up in New York City

New York - As New York City recovers from the accumulated December snow, "blizzard garbage" has become the next removal nightmare.

UK woman who dumped cat in trash charged with animal cruelty

Coventry - It is now official. Mary Bale of Coventry, UK, has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty for dumping a cat into a garbage bin.

Op-Ed: Montreal City Chronicles ( Part 2) Special

Montreal - Another installment in the life of a major Canadian city. Looking at its urban decor and degradation of the environment due to trash and "urban art".

Indiana sculptor turns trash into artistic animals Special

Fort Wayne - Sculptor Sayaka Ganz doesn't look at garbage bins and spatulas like everyone else does; she sees art in everyday objects, turning a set of spoons into colourful fish. Her artwork will be installed in the Educational Wing of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.

Trash turns to treasure for man rummaging through garbage

Dumpster diving paid off for a Florida man who found treasure buried in the collection of refuse, but he'll have to wait to cash in.

Rose Parade trash forced 'green' Pasadena to go gray

The residents of Pasadena, California, take pride in being one of the “greenest” cities in the country, but even they were stymied by the overwhelming amount of trash left behind by Rose Parade goers.

Lots of trash talk in Metro Vancouver Special

Trash has been a major point of discussion in Metro Vancouver lately, and that will continue with a series of forums on garbage, recycling, and sustainability from November 18 to November 20 in Coquitlam, Langley, and Vancouver.

Trash still not being picked up from some Toronto locations

The city worker strike may be over in Toronto but some in the city have yet to see their garbage picked up. The building at 150 Femanagh Avenue has not had service for two weeks.

Toronto worker's strike is over, services slowly coming back

The Toronto strike has ended after over more than a month. During the time that workers worked the picket line, 25,000 tonnes of garbage has been taken by city residents to make-shift dumps around the city.

Homeless man sleeping in dumpster picked up by garbage truck

A homeless man crawled into a dumpster on Sunday night to get out of the rain. He fell asleep and Monday morning he woke up while being dumped into a garbage truck.

Toronto City Workers Strike May Be Coming To An End Soon

After 36 days of dealing with piling trash and the loss of city pools this summer Toronto could see picket lines disappearing as early as Thursday.

Op-Ed: Volunteers Clean Up a Flood of Trash From Los Angeles Riverbed

To call the Los Angeles River a "river" is an insult to what we think of as “real” rivers with gently sloping banks that have actual water flowing between them.

Tons of Garbage Removed from Oceans and Waterways

Close to seven million tons of trash thrown into our oceans and waterways around the world have been removed by non-government organizations led by Ocean Conservancy, a science-based advocacy group.
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Hassan Murad  CEO of Intuitive AI  believes that sorting trash more effectively will save money and ...
Hassan Murad, CEO of Intuitive AI, believes that sorting trash more effectively will save money and help the planet.
The endangered Hawaiian monk seal inhabits the marine refuge.
The endangered Hawaiian monk seal inhabits the marine refuge.
Not everyone recycles. A waste bin.
Not everyone recycles. A waste bin.

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