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Trapped Miners News

Miner trapped for 17 years found in China - Hoax

Xinjiang - While excavating a gallery, workers opened an abandoned mine and found a miner who had survived there since a collapse in 1997.

Scores dead, hundreds trapped in coal mine disaster in Turkey

Soma - More than 150 miners are dead and hundreds more missing Tuesday after an explosion and fire crippled a coal mine in western Turkey.

Chile: 'Rescuers' defeat 'Miners' in friendly soccer game

Following a ceremony at the presidential palace Team "Operation Rescue" (the government) and Team "Hope" (the miners) played a friendly soccer game at Chile’s National Stadium. The Rescuers won 3-2, but the Miners had the Most Valuable Player.

Name of the first miner to be rescued released: Avalos

Copiap - Florencio Ávalos would be the first worker to leave the site of the San José mine where he has been trapped for 69 days along with 32 other miners.

Trapped miners: Capsule test successful, rescue starts tonight

Santiago - Following a successful test of the rescue capsule, lifting of the 33 miners to the surface is expected to start at midnight tonight or perhaps even sooner. They have been trapped at the San José mine following a cave-in since August 5.

Rescuers may reach trapped Chilean Miners today

Rescuers are one step closer to reaching the 33 miners that are still trapped in a Chilean mine. Drills are cutting an escape shaft through the final section of rock this afternoon.

Wives, mistresses anxiously wait for trapped Chilean miners

Santiago - A few of the miners that have remained trapped inside a copper and gold mine in northern Chile for almost a month may not be in a big rush to be rescued.

Trapped Chilean miners are not being paid

The 33 trapped Chilean miners may not receive any wages while they are trapped underground, a union official has claimed.

Contact with trapped miners invigorates Chile

Santiago - The hopeful signs began early Sunday when the probing machine broke ground to a tunnel 688 feet deep. When the tip of the probe brought back evidence of life, excitement and emotion infected relatives, authorities and Chile as a whole.

Chilean miners: Message stuck to end of probe: ‘We are all alive’

Santiago - A message in a plastic bag written in red ink on a paper stuck to the end of the probe that carries out rescue operations brought extreme joy to the families of 33 miners trapped 17 days ago at the site of the San José mine in the Atacama Desert of Chile

Chilean trapped miners: renewed expectation, probe reaches tunnel

Copiap - After 16 days of round-the-clock work, the most advanced of eight working drilling probes arrived this morning to an empty area 688 meters deep and 20 meters from the shelter where the 33 trapped miners may have found shelter.

Precision drilling fails to reach trapped miners in Chile

Santiago - The relatives of the 33 miners trapped for nearly two weeks at a depth of about 700 meters inside a copper and gold mine in Chile were overwhelmed with dismay today after recent attempts failed to reach the site where they may have found refuge.

Rescue efforts of trapped Chilean miners hindered by landslides

Santiago - Additional recent landslides within the San José mine in northern Chile are delaying access to the site, 300 meters underground, where 34 miners remain trapped since Thursday, risking the safety of rescuers and forcing to stop work.

Cave-in leaves 34 miners trapped in northern Chile

Santiago - The collapse of a tunnel at a mine near the city of Copiapó, 834 miles north of Santiago, has left at least 34 workers trapped since last night without communication and information on their condition.

After eight days, 115 trapped Chinese miners rescued

Beijing - For eight days, dozens of Chinese miners were trapped in a flood coal mine but rescue teams pulled out the 115 miners. Officials have called their survival "a miracle."

Utah Mine Rescue Effect Nears The End

Unless there is evidence of life when the sixth borehole is completed on Saturday the miners trapped in Utah's Crandall Canyon will remain there. The mountain of death has proved too unstable to bring out remains.

Last Borehole Drill In The Utah Mine Tragedy

As the families wait for word the final borehole has been drilling into the Crandall Canyon mine. The five other boreholes have not produced any sign of life for the trapped miners who were sealed into the mountain over two weeks ago on August 6.

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Gleision Colliery Rescue Operation
Gleision Colliery Rescue Operation
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People stand in front of a hospital as they wait for news from her relatives after a coal mine explo...
People stand in front of a hospital as they wait for news from her relatives after a coal mine explosion in the Turkish province of Manisa, on May 14, 2014
Bulent Kilic, AFP

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