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Transportation Security Administration News

U.S. airports plagued by long waits in security lines

Washington - Peter Neffenger, top administrator of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), told members of the House Homeland Security Committee that passengers will likely continue to experience longer than normal wait times over the summer.

TSA confiscates 73 guns from carry-on bags in one week

It's a new record. In just one week the US Transportation Security Administration confiscated 73 guns passengers had in carry-on luggage. Of the 73, 68 were loaded and 27 had a round in the chamber.

Man detained for 20 hours after filing TSA complaint

Philadelphia - A man who was detained for more than 20 hours at Philadelphia International Airport has sued the Transportation Security Administration.

TSA says 2,212 firearms found in carry-ons in 2014

Despite the fact that firearms are not allowed in carry-on luggage, a new report from the Transportation Security Administration shows the number of attempts continues to increase.

Op-Ed: U.S. introduces extra security measures at overseas airports

Washington - The U.S. Department of Homeland Security reports that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will implement "enhanced security measures" at airports overseas with direct flight to the United States.

Mexican cartel caught smuggling weed in fake watermelons into USA

Tucson - Forget the Trojan Horse — it reportedly only fit 30 soldiers. But a drug cartel's watermelons? Let's just say they held enough weed to knock Wiz Khalifa out.

Artist wearing unusual watch arrested by the TSA

San Francisco - Geoffrey McGann, 49, is an artist and an art teacher from Southern California. He was arrested by the TSA, and the bomb squad was called, because he was wearing a "weird watch".

CNN's Dana Loesch physically molested by TSA in Phoenix airport

Phoenix - CNN contributor and conservative radio host, Dana Loesch, says that TSA agents molested her over the weekend at the Phoenix airport, while refusing her a public screening.

TSA agents caught performing security checks at Romney event

Van Meter - In what appears to be a growing trend, TSA agents were seen conducting screenings at an Iowa campaign event for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Tuesday.

TSA screener accused of intentionally slapping flier's testicles

A frequent flier is speaking out about an incident in which a TSA agent allegedly slapped his testicles as punishment for opting out of the naked body scanner at a Nevada airport.

Flight attendant's gun discharged at airport security checkpoint

Philadelphia - Over the weekend a flight attendant's gun discharged at a Philadelphia Airport security check. The gun, which had been in the attendant's carry-on bag, was found as the individual was going through security prior to working a flight to Denver.

Video: TSA now checks drinks purchased inside the airport

Columbus - In a case of "from the sublime to the ridiculous", the TSA is now apparently testing drinks that have been purchased inside the secure area of the airport for explosives.

Op-Ed: Airport security — How much is too much?

As acts of terrorism and other crimes have occurred over the past decade, government entities across the globe continue to tighten airport security.

Man boards flight without a ticket, avoids TSA security

San Diego - Earlier this week, a man recently released from prison and on parole boarded a flight at the San Diego International Airport which was headed to Los Angeles.

Ex-priest accused of child sex abuse gets job with TSA

Philadelphia - A former Catholic priest, expelled from the ministry over child sexual abuse allegations, now holds a position with the TSA at Philadelphia International Airport.

Ex-TSA Chief: Eliminate airline baggage fees for security

A former head of Transportation Security Administration says air travel is not safer with oppressive airport security checks and in-flight restrictions. He urges politicians to embrace risk and relax some of the restrictions.

Two Dulles Airport TSA staffers recently arrested for sex crimes

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is making headlines again. Increasingly the agency has been criticized for many actions, and now alleged off-duty sex crimes have been added to the list.

Blogger claims to have found major flaw in TSA screening process

A major flaw in the TSA's screening process has been unmasked by a blogger. As shown in the video below, a person could get a metal object through the TSA body scanners by placing the item to the side of the body, rather than the front or back.

TSA finds $400K in loose change at security checkpoints in 2010

The Transportation Security Administration shared they found close to $410,000 in loose change at security checkpoints during 2010.

TSA officer deemed woman's cupcake a security threat

Las Vegas - A woman traveling last week experienced a cupcake confiscation at Las Vegas-McCarran International Airport after the food was determined to be risky.

TSA strip-search 84-year-old grandmother at JFK International

Jamaica - An 84-year-old grandmother is seeking an apology after being strip-searched by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents at John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport last week.

TSA to upgrade body scanners to eliminate nude images

Washington - Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Administrator John Pistole announced today that the TSA will begin installing new software on the Advanced Imaging Technology scanners "designed to enhance privacy by eliminating passenger-specific images."

TSA advertises security job openings on pizza boxes

Washington - The TSA is trying a new angle to fill dozens of screener positions: they're advertising on pizza boxes. "A Career Where X-Ray Vision and Federal Benefits Come Standard," boasts the ad on the cardboard pizza boxes being delivered around the DC Metro area.

Op-Ed: TSA search abuse: When terrorism and Security Theater collide

The TSA's invasive security policies for air travelers -- going through potentially unhealthy, humiliating body scanners or sexual abuse to coerce and intimidate you to go through the scanners -- are terrorism as defined by the PATRIOT Act

TSA to start swabbing passengers' hands

TSA has announced that they are planning to swab the hands airline passengers' in order to search for explosives in light of the December attempted attack.

Southers out as Transportation Security Administration Nominee

Erroll Southers has withdrawn his name as the nominee to lead the Transportation Security Administration. The announcement was made on Wednesday.

Transportation Security Administration will reduce the size of No-Fly list

The Transportation Security Administration is checking the accuracy and reducing the number of names on its ‘no-fly’ list.

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