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Protest over Ferguson violence halts Bay Area transit service

Oakland - Dozens of San Francisco Bay Area residents tied up regional transit service for more than an hour Friday with a peaceful protest that closed a major station serving transbay commuters.

Chinese government requires alternative fuel in state vehicles

Thirty percent of vehicles used by the government will be required to run using alternative fuel sources. This number will have to be met by 2016 when more sectors of the country will have to meet these numbers as well.

World's most expensive taxis? — Not where you might think

Christchurch - Which metropolitan destination has the most expensive taxis in the world? London? Barcelona? Los Angeles? A taxi ride may cost a pretty-penny in these international hubs, but not one of them owns the top spot.

Solar road idea sets online support record

A project to create roads that generate solar power, among other things, received the highest number of supporters that Indiegogo has seen.

Huge queues for commuters as Beijing steps up subway security

Beijing - Tens of thousands of Beijing commuters are being forced to queue for up to an hour morning and night by stepped-up subway station security imposed this week after several deadly attacks and ahead of the June 4 Tiananmen crackdown anniversary.

Intelligent transportation & the future of stopping drunk driving

Intelligent transportation is the future to prevent drunk driving incidents in the future. Google as well as many other car companies are creating self-driving cars these days to save lives.

Airlines cheer US spending bill sparing flight fee hike

Washington - Air travelers will avoid some new taxes this year after Congress scrapped a proposal to raise fees on international tickets, a move the industry applauded as a victory for passengers.

The old ‘Baquedano’ Station and Railway Museum, Chile Special

Antofagasta - The old Baquedano railway complex, located 90 kilometers northeast of the city of Antofagasta in the arid Atacama Desert in northern Chile, was the converging point of Chile’s North-South railway line and the East-West Antofagasta-Bolivia Railway.

Photo Essay: Transportation in Turkey Special

When traveling in Turkey, you can face adventure or adversity. Whether you take a taxi, bus, train, or ferry, keeping your sense of humor is important.

Virginia Dept. of Transportation proposes new toll on I-95

Emporia - The Virginia Dept. of Transportation (VDOT) is proposing a new toll on I-95. If approved on the federal level, cars and trucks traveling on this busy interstate highway would be charged when driving both directions.

Truckers in BC can earn carbon offset credits by saving fuel

Vancouver - Truck drivers in British Columbia can earn carbon offset credits by reducing the amount of diesel fuel they burn annually through the actions of a new Co-op.

How do you get around Toronto? Special

Toronto - In Toronto you have several means of getting around the city: public transit, cycling, walking or using a vehicle. What is the best one for your needs?

Passengers face late arrivals caused by low gas pressure Special

Kohat - With natural gas-run vehicles more commonly used for traveling between cities, passengers in Pakistan are getting late in arriving at their destinations as gas pressure remains low in winter.

Obama pulls high speed rail projects in Wisconsin and Ohio

Citing disinterest from newly-elected Republican governors, President Obama has redirected federal high-speed rail dollars from Wisconsin and Ohio to other states in need of the infrastructure investment.

Bixi Toronto bike share service ready to roll?

Toronto - Bixi Toronto held its first official launch party on Wednesday July 28th at the Gladstone Hotel. It appears the bike share program is ready to roll, or is it?

Plane crashes into Arizona school killing four people

Eagar - Four people have died in a small plane crash yesterday when a Cessna appeared to be having trouble crashed into a high school in Arizona. NTSB is on the scene investigating the accident and trying to recover what remains of the planes and its passengers.

Ultrasound of Jesus-like image with halo chosen for holiday ads

Wolverhampton - By using the concept of an ultrasound and the images created, ChurchAds has chosen an image of a fetus with a halo for their 2010 holiday advertising campaign. These will be placed in public transportation sites across the United Kingdom and the US.

Southers out as Transportation Security Administration Nominee

Erroll Southers has withdrawn his name as the nominee to lead the Transportation Security Administration. The announcement was made on Wednesday.

New York City seeks the 'Taxi of Tomorrow'

New York City's Taxi and Limousine Commission is seeking proposals for development of a unique "Taxi of Tomorrow" to replace the current fleet of 16 models from nine different companies.

China Launches World's Fastest Train with Speed of 350 KPH

China launched a new rail service that reduces travel time from Guangzou in nearby Hong Kong to Beijing by more than seven hours. The train runs at 350 kilometers per hour, setting travel time from Guangzou to Beijing to only three hours

'Last minute' deal in Manitoba means Greyhound will keep running

Just days before a deadline was reached, the Manitoba government worked out an unspecified funding arrangement with Greyhound Canada to keep intercity bus service running in the province.

Study examines environmental costs of travel

Trains, planes, buses and automobiles do not only effect the environment via their exhaust pipes. There is a full life-cycle of processes associated with getting from a to b.

St. Louis Cuts 2,300 Mass Transit Lines Special

Mass transit service in St. Louis Missouri has suspended 2,300 of its 9,000 buses and trains. Residents say a move like this can stall a large city.

Phoenix Launches Light-Rail Service

After four years of construction, the city of Phoenix has finally begun operation of it’s long anticipated Light Rail service, connecting the central phoenix corridor and the east valley.

Texas franchise tax could see more changes

Texas state Rep. Jim Pitts and state Sen. Royce West agree that the Texas franchise tax will get serious review next year from the Texas Legislature.

MTA plans to take over 'Star'

Nashville’s bus system plans to take over the Music City Star. Officials say this move is necessary to put the troubled commuter train on a more solid financial path.

A Most Unusual Hitchhiker: Peacock Hits The Road in PA

Even in northeast Pennsylvania, picking up hitchhikers can be risky business. Not so, however, for an unsuspecting pair who found an unexpected pal standing by the edge of a roadway. Read all about this bird of a different feather, to say the least.

Curry Grounds Plane: Or Was It Smelly Terrorist Subterfuge?

A British Airways jet was forced to make an emergency landing. Was it terrorists or too much spice? Read on for the smelly details.

Op-Ed: What's your breaking point for gas prices?

With gas prices seemingly on an endless rise, and no alternatives in sight in the near future, our society is at a critical point; so I ask, how much is too much to pay for gas?

Texas Transportation Officials Still Denying Existence of NAFTA Superhighway

Townspeople seeking info about the planned TTC-69 link of the NAFTA Superhighway find sales pitch, disinformation but no hard answers to their concerns over issues like property seizure and tolling of public roads
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Transportation Image

A woman transports her goods on a donkey on Mount Elgon slopes in Kapchorwa  eastern Uganda on Octob...
A woman transports her goods on a donkey on Mount Elgon slopes in Kapchorwa, eastern Uganda on October 20, 2010. Transportation is a problem in the area which has poor roads.
QUIET TIME: San Francisco Muni s West Portal Station is seen in a photo from 2005.
QUIET TIME: San Francisco Muni's West Portal Station is seen in a photo from 2005.
Charles Haynes/Wikimedia Commons
A donkey transports firewood on the Mount Elgon slopes in Kapchorwa  eastern Uganda October 20  2010...
A donkey transports firewood on the Mount Elgon slopes in Kapchorwa, eastern Uganda October 20, 2010. Transportation is a major problem in the area which has a poor road network.
Log booms on southern bank of Fraser River  New Westminster  BC  Canada.
Log booms on southern bank of Fraser River, New Westminster, BC, Canada.
Mass transit is a value in Portland  Orgon
Mass transit is a value in Portland, Orgon
A donkey transport grass thatch on the Mount Elgon region of Kapchorwa in eastern Uganda on October ...
A donkey transport grass thatch on the Mount Elgon region of Kapchorwa in eastern Uganda on October 20, 2010. Transportation is a problem in the area which has a poor road network.
Log booms on Fraser River  New Westminster  BC  Canada.
Log booms on Fraser River, New Westminster, BC, Canada.
Ian Britton
An old train engine
An old train engine