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Transplant News

First US recipient of partial face transplant dead at 57

Washington - Connie Culp, the first US recipient of a partial face transplant, has died at age 57, according to Ohio's Cleveland Clinic, where she underwent the delicate operation nearly 12 years ago.

US performs first kidney transplant from living donor with HIV

Washington - The kidney of a 35-year-old HIV-positive woman has been transplanted into another patient with the virus that causes AIDS, US surgeons announced Thursday, in a major medical breakthrough.

New investment into transplantation research in Canada

Canadian politicians and health agencies have announced $3.3 million additional investment for transplantation research. The aim is to increase the availability of transplants and to raise standards to promote long-term post-operative survival.

'Life support' for transplant livers better than freezing: study

Paris - Keeping transplant livers on "life support" at body temperature preserves them better than the prevailing method of near-freezing, and could reduce the number of donor organs thrown away, a study said Wednesday.

'The man with three faces' has second transplant

Paris - Jerome Hamon is getting used to his new soubriquet "the man with three faces".He remains in a Paris hospital, three months after undergoing his second face transplant, but has quickly accepted his new "identity".

The man with a young woman's heart

Cape Town - Fifty years ago South Africa stunned the world: A surgeon in Cape Town, Christiaan Barnard, successfully transplanted the heart of a woman into the chest of a dying man.

World's first child double hand transplant a 'success'

Washington - The first child in the world to undergo a double hand transplant is now able to write, feed and dress himself, doctors have said, declaring the ground-breaking operation a success after 18 months.

First human head transplant set for 2017

The idea of a human head transplant may seem like science fiction. However, the proof-of-concept study is edging closer to reality, with one surgeon claiming that he plans to undertake the procedure next year.

Frenchwoman who received first face transplant dies

Lille - The world's first face transplant recipient, Frenchwoman Isabelle Dinoire, died in April "after a long illness", a hospital said Tuesday.

First U.S. penis transplant performed on 64-year-old man

Washington - A 64-year-old man who lost most of his penis to cancer is recovering well after undergoing the United States' first penis transplant operation, doctors said Monday.

U.S. doctors perform first HIV-to-HIV liver transplant

Miami - The world's first liver transplant from a donor infected with HIV to an HIV-positive recipient was announced Wednesday by US doctors, three years after a US ban on such operations was overturned.

First ever uterus transplant takes place in U.S.

New York - A pioneering surgical process has taken place in the U.S. A uterus has been transplanted into a woman's body. The success offers hope to many infertile women.

Almost all donated organs unused in China: Report

Bejing - Almost all human organs donated for transplant in China go unused, state-run media said, after years of controversy about the use of body parts from executed prisoners.

Man who received penis transplant impregnates girlfriend

Cape Town - Last year an unidentified 21-year-old underwent a penis transplant, which was the first successful one ever performed, and he just made a huge announcement.

Human skull transplant carried out for the first time

A Texas man is "feeling great" after undergoing the world's first successful skull and scalp transplant. At the same time, doctors also gave him a new kidney and pancreas.

France's second artificial heart recipient says 'recovered'

Paris - A man who in August became the second person in France to receive a much-hyped new-generation artificial heart said in his first interview Sunday he had "recovered", to the point of going on bike rides.

Doubts over China prisoner organ harvesting ban

Bejing - China has banned the harvesting of transplant organs from executed prisoners, a senior official said, but international medical practitioners warn that inmates' body parts may simply be reclassified as "donations" instead.

Surgeon says first head transplant could be only 2 years away

Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero predicts that he will be ready to carry out the first head transplant in just two years from now. He says the various medical techniques already exist and he only has to bring them together to succeed.

China renews pledge to stop using executed prisoner organs

Bejing - China will stop its controversial practice of using executed prisoners as a source of transplant organs from next month, a Chinese newspaper reported Thursday, a promise it has made repeatedly in the past.

Australian doctors transplant 'dead' hearts in surgical breakthrough

Sydney - Australian surgeons said Friday they have used hearts which had stopped beating in successful transplants, in what they said was a world first that could change the way organs are donated.

Woman gives birth to world's first womb transplant baby

Paris - A 36-year-old Swede has become the world's first woman to give birth after receiving a womb transplant, doctors said Saturday, describing the event as a breakthrough for infertile women."It was breathtaking.

Woman has baby after womb transplant in world first

Paris - A 36-year-old Swede has become the world's first woman to give birth after receiving a womb transplant, doctors said Saturday, describing the event as a breakthrough for infertile women."It was breathtaking.

Heart cell transplants show 'less promise'

London - A new report argues that using bone marrow stem cells to treat heart disease is less promising than other research findings have suggested.

Swiss team scent breakthrough in nose implant surgery

Paris - Surgeons in Switzerland on Friday said they had carried out the first-ever operations to repair cancer-ravaged noses using tissue grown from the patient's own cartilage cells.

Four women with transplanted wombs receive embryos

Stockholm - Four Swedish women with transplanted uteruses have received test-tube embryos in a cutting-edge bid to fall pregnant, Swedish researchers said Monday."I cannot verify if any of them are pregnant or not," Mats Braennstroem, head of the research team at ...

Could lung transplant rates improve?

Organ transplant patients routinely receive drugs that stop their immune systems from attacking newly implanted hearts, livers, kidneys or lungs, which the body sees as foreign. However, the drugs used might actually trigger the organ rejections.

Canadian transplant survivor launches omega-3 shake Special

Paul Underhill has recently launched a shake that’s formulated with omega 3's, which makes it the first beverage of its kind on shelves in Canada. He developed the shake based on his own formula, designed to help him to recover for a major illness.

Bone marrow transplant did not cure HIV

The HIV virus is back in two patients in Boston who received bone-marrow transplants. The patients did not have detectable levels of virus for months and were thought, by some, to have been 'cured'.

Doctors denied disabled baby a heart transplant

Maverick, six months old, was born with a severe heart defect. He has received two surgeries, but still went into heart failure. Doctors discussed a heart transplant with parents Autumn Chenkus and Charlie Higgs. However, Maverick ended up being denied.

Bone marrow transplant for Gaurav Bains following Asian appeal

Tipton - An appeal for more Asian bone marrow donors in the UK has resulted in a huge increase to the donor register and one little boy looking at a life-saving operation.
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