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Corruption seen rising in Trump's US: watchdog

Frankfurt Am Main - The United States last year slid down the rankings of a global corruption index as America's system of checks and balances faced growing threats on Donald Trump's watch, Transparency International said Tuesday.

Disclosing the financial impacts of climate change

A number of leading institutions in non-financial reporting – have formed a two-year project to drive better alignment between the different corporate disclosure reporting frameworks for climate change risks and sustainability.

Most big exporters failing to check foreign bribery: report

Frankfurt Am Main - Countries that strictly enforce a worldwide pact against foreign bribery are far outnumbered and outweighed by those that turn a blind eye, a report published Wednesday by watchdog Transparency International found.

EU observers voice concern over Pakistan election process

Islamabad - The EU expressed concern over a "notable lack in equality of opportunity" in Pakistan's election, which was "not as good" as the country's previous vote, according to observers who presented a preliminary assessment in Islamabad Friday.

Powering the digital world at the expense of the planet — Part 1

Since the 1990s, the Internet has become an omnipresent part of everyone's lives, with its user base annually doubling in size and its user-generated content growing uncontrollably. But, facilities that store all that data are now an environmental threat.

Transparency International sees graft fight at global standstill

Berlin - Governments are not doing enough in the global fight against graft, anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International (TI) said Wednesday as it presented its annual corruption perceptions index.

Businesses need to assess and disclose climate change risks

Extreme weather events not only disrupt the economy but have a major impact on the operating and financial performance of businesses worldwide. However, risk management and disclosure of climate risks can only take place when the risks are defined.

Trump White House will no longer publicly identify visitors: reports

Washington - The Trump administration is ending the practice of disclosing the identities of most visitors to the White House, saying that to do so posed "grave national security risks and privacy concerns," US media reported.

MAR-A-LAGO Act would have president's visitor logs published

Senate Democrats want President Trump to be as transparent as his predecessor, Barack Obama was. They think it's not too much to ask of the leader of the free world who uses his own private club to conduct official business, to publish his visitor logs.

Rise in populism risks worsening corruption: watchdog

Berlin - The rise of populist politicians around the world risks undermining the fight against corruption, an anti-graft watchdog said Wednesday, warning that it feared a backslide in the US under new President Donald Trump.

Five things to know about WikiLeaks

Paris - WikiLeaks has made global headlines for 10 years by releasing millions of classified documents, embarrassing governments worldwide but also raising fears that the revelations may have put lives in danger.

WikiLeaks vows to release 'significant' material on US election

Berlin - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange pledged Tuesday to publish "significant" new material on the US election before the November 8 vote, speaking on the 10th anniversary of the online leaking platform.

WikiLeaks marks 10th birthday with vow of key US vote leaks

Berlin - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange vowed Tuesday to publish new "significant" documents related to the US presidential election ahead of the November 8 vote, as the online leaking platform celebrated its 10th birthday in defiant mood.

Ten years on, WikiLeaks and Assange as controversial as ever

Berlin - Celebrating its 10th anniversary this week, anonymous whistleblowing platform WikiLeaks can look back on a decade that saw it turn classified documents into global headlines and inspire a host of copycat leaks.

Perceived corruption worsens in Arab states: Transparency

Berlin - Ordinary people feel that corruption has worsened in nine Arab countries and territories over the last year, especially crisis-hit Lebanon and war-torn Yemen, a study by graft watchdog Transparency International said Tuesday.

Virginia bill to withhold all officers' names shot down by panel

Richmond - In Virginia, a bill that would allow the government to keep the names of police officers out of the public eye was killed by a legislative committee Thursday. The bill sparked furious debate between open records advocates and law enforcement groups.

Brazil in steep slide on corruption index: Transparency International

Berlin - Brazil, plagued by a scandal surrounding state oil giant Petrobas, registered the biggest plunge on the corruption index of watchdog Transparency International, which warned that emerging economies are struggling to shake off graft.

Chipotle briefly closing all restaurants to talk food safety

It's been a bumpy year for Chipotle after frustrating outbreaks of E. coli and norovirus, so the company has decided it's time to take a short break and have a meeting with employees to discuss this unpleasant situation.

Lawyer quits amid police scandal in Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Chicago

Chicago - A top attorney in Mayor Rahm Emanuel's administration stepped down Monday after a federal court judge alleged he hid evidence in a fatal police shooting. This is the latest wrongdoing allegation amid scrutiny about how the city handles such cases.

G20 fails to deliver on anti-graft pledges: Transparency

Istanbul - World powers have failed to deliver on bold pledges to close down corporate loopholes that allow the corrupt to easily hide their ill-gotten gains, Transparency International said on Thursday.It said in a report that up to $2 trillion (1.

Op-Ed: Should your B2B company be as transparent as possible?

It used to be that when a company was privately owned, things were, well, mostly private. A company may have disclosed the number of employees and maybe annual sales but all other information was kept behind closed doors.

Corruption on rise in Turkey, China: Transparency Int'l

Berlin - Corruption is feared to be worsening in China, Turkey and other fast-growing economies, an anti-graft watchdog warned Wednesday, also urging the world's banking centres to help combat sleaze and money-laundering.

Canada sets deadline for rules on resource payment transparency

The Canadian government is giving the country's provinces until April 1 next year to create rules making it mandatory for mining and oil and gas companies to disclose payments to governments, Natural R...

Interview: MP Don Davies discusses the Canada-China pact FIPPA Special

Vancouver - MP Don Davies (Vancouver Kingsway) discusses implications of the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPPA or FIPA), encourages transparency and consultation with Canadians and First Nations before it’s ratified.

Privacy group files FOIA request over cybersecurity directive

Washington - The Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a Freedom of Information Act request Wednesday after the Washington Post revealed Obama’s signature on a secret cybersecurity directive.

Op-Ed: USDA agrees to labeling for 'pink slime', optional for beef firms

As the clash over 'pink slime' continues, some meat producers asked the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture for the ability to label packages of beef treated with ammonia, also known as lean finely textured beef (LFTB) or "pink slime".

Ron Paul chairs congressional investigation on US gold reserves

In a congressional hearing chaired by Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul on Thursday, a remarkable investigation on the transparency of the US Treasury's gold reserves was pursued.

Corruption: TI report calls for more international collaboration

Transparency International, the global anti-corruption organization has released its 2010 report on corruption around the world and the usual suspects are still on parade.

New Google tool reveals increasing government censorship

Part of its effort to promote a transparent and uncensored Internet, Google has introduced a new tool designed to show which governments request data about users and who makes the most requests for the removal of content from the Web.

Op-Ed: Best and worst state standings in stimulus money transparency.

Illinois, Utah, and Kentucky score dead last in a state ranking of stimulus transparency with 0 out of a possible 100 points in an ARRA website audit for transparency of stimulus funds use.
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Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks
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Graph showing the surge in piracy takedown requests sent to Google from 2011 to November 2015
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Jeff Jarvis speaking in 2010
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