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Translation News

AI Translation-as-a-Service provider Unbabel raises $23m funding

Unbabel, a startup developing an AI-powered translation network, has raised $23m in Series B funding. The company combines AI translation with human refinements provided by 55,000 linguists around the world. It targets its service at global enterprises.

The rise of the real-time translation apps

Translation apps on the internet and phones have got much better at their jobs in recent years and are now used frequently by tourists. A major question remains though: how reliable are they and do they work? A recent BBC report attempts to answer this.

Twitter opens up multi-language advertising

Twitter has introduced a new feature that will allow advertisers to target users on its platform based on their language.

Alligator Pie comes to the stage Special

Toronto - Alligator Pie is a book beloved by generations of kids and parents since its publishing in 1974. Now a theatre group in Toronto is translating Dennis Lee's work to the stage.

Jamaican New Testament published

The Bible has been translated into many languages over the centuries. The people of Jamaica now have the New Testament in their own vernacular. The achievement is the culmination of twenty years' academic work.

Clinton Congo outburst blamed on 'nervous' audience member

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's ill-tempered outburst to a question from a student in the audience leads to a scramble from aides to explain her embarrassing behavior.

Google lets you suggest a better Translation

Google lets users suggest a better translation in their Language translation tool.

Tired of Laughter Beijing Tries to Clear Up Bad English Translations

Beijing doesn't want to appear foolish in the eyes of Olympic visitors, so it's out to improve the quality of the English on it's signs. "Show Mercy to the Slender Grass" anyone?

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Gabe MacIntyre s photo illustrates the risks of relying on machine translation.
Gabe MacIntyre's photo illustrates the risks of relying on machine translation.
English to Arabic translation of No God but Allah
English to Arabic translation of No God but Allah
Screen Capture
Houston  TX  October 14  2005 -- Charley Henderson  lead PIO in Houston and a Vietnamese language li...
Houston, TX, October 14, 2005 -- Charley Henderson, lead PIO in Houston and a Vietnamese language linguist, appears with Kiem Vu, on Little Saigon, a Houston radio station targeted at the local and evacuated Vietnamese population. FEMA provides language services for most languages in the super DRC. Photo by Ed Edahl/FEMA