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Transformers News

'Smart' transformers prepared for smart electricity grids

Technologists have devised a computer model to show how smart solid-state transformerscan form a stable, reliable 'smart grid' for the supply of electricity to businesses and homes.

Real life Transformer introduced at Tokyo expo

Tokyo - If you are a Transformer fan who dreams of someday owning your own transforming robot, Project J-deite will soon make your dream a reality.

Blu-Ray/DVD Essentials: Freddie Highmore checks into Bates Motel Special

The one-time child star of ‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory’ says portraying the pathologically troubled Norman Bates on ‘Bates Motel’ — a modern-day prequel series based on the film ‘Psycho’ — feels completely natural to him.

MIT researchers create transforming origami robot

Origami creates the body of a new robot from MIT researchers. Technology experts have written about the device heavily since it can actually change the shape of the pieces which make up its body.

Op-Ed: Mr. Kruger please don't do to Dumbo what you did to Optimus Prime

Some things just make you lose hope in the world, little by little. One of those things for many of us today is the fact that a "Bayformers" writer is going to be tackling the script for Disney's live-action Dumbo movie.

UK Military designers demonstrate concept for 'The Transformer'

A military research team in the UK has released plans for a three-part plane which can detach into faster planes then reform when the enemy has been shaken off. The concept so far looks quite impressive.

'Transformers 4' takes down 'Tammy'

Usually a holiday box office is something to get excited about. However, when that holiday falls on a Friday like the Fourth of July did, not so much.

Chinese farmers make 'Transformers' out of used cars

Beijing - A group of farmers have brought to life the "Transformers" films, toys and TV series and built giant robots out of old car parts, in rural China.

Op-Ed: First full length Transformers 4 trailer hits the Internet

The new Transformers movie trailer has just hit the Internet and with nearly 5 million Youtube hits already, it looks like it will be another success for the franchise.

Hong Kong brothers jailed for trying to blackmail 'Transformers 4' crew

A Hong Kong man was sentenced to 2-1/2 years in jail and his brother got six months on Wednesday over an attempt to extort nearly $13,000 from American director Michael Bay and his crew during filming of "Transformers 4".

Natalie Portman is Forbes's most bankable star

Los Angeles - In Hollywood the dollar is the ruler, so when Forbes magazine publishes their annual list of most bankable stars you may be certain that producers and writers from around the world listen and book accordingly.

Oscar winning sound man Michael Hopkins drowns

Sound engineer Michael Hopkins, who won Oscars for his work on the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy and the 2005 'King Kong' remake, has died in a rafting accident.

Injured extra from the set of 'Transformers' gets $18.5 million

It is nice to to get that call which says you get a chance to work on a major motion picture. It is also nice to get paid to be an extra when doing so. An added bonus is when it is being filmed in your backyard of Chicago.

Shia LaBeouf's Vancouver bar fight

Shia Labeouf was said to have been swaying into other patrons inside a Vancouver bar and when a customer complained, they took things outside.

Op-Ed: Selena Gomez dumps 'immature' Justin Bieber

We all experience young love throughout our lives, but unfortunately for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, their relationship has come to an abrupt end.

Answers differ on transformers and health concerns

Could two transformers in Ontario be the root of health concerns? That's the question posed by a family during a recent article. How likely is it that those concerns can be linked to TransAlta's substation near Orangeville?

Transformers 3 accident stops flight of the Bumblebee

Washington - A car chase being filmed for the Transformers 3 movie ended with an unscripted accident when one of the cars being used in the movie and a real-life police SUV collided.

'Transformers 3' information leaked, JFK to make an appearance?

The children's toy gone big screen, 'Transformers 3' is set to be released July 1, 2011, ahead of director Michael Bay's projected release date.

Transformers 3 to be released in July 2011

It has been confirmed that the third "Transformers" film will be released in theaters on July 1, 2011 and Michael Bay has also promised to Megan Fox that "no alien robots will harm you."

'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' rises to top at box office

The results are in. After a $60.6-million opening night, Michael Bay's "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" is a huge hit at the box office.

Actress Megan Fox addresses 'recreational drug use' issue Special

In an interview with British GQ, "Transformers" beauty Megan Fox talked about recreational drug use. But after the interview, Fox explained her quote was taken out of context.

Summer Movie Preview: From Depp to Tarantino to Transformers 2

The summer of 2009 will give movie lovers Transformers 2, the queer-friendly Bruno, a new Tarantino flick, and Johnny Depp going gangster. Read on to learn what hot films will be hitting the cinema starting in June.

Review: Transformers Movie Delivers Explosive Action and Robotic Eye Candy

Digital Journal reviews the July 4 blockbuster that features robot wars, delicious special effects, and weaponry that would make the Pentagon envious. Entering the world of Transformers has never been so entertaining

Transformers Timeline, from then to now

Transformers is a franchise that has been around and kicking ever since its introductory to the world in 1984. As the news heightens about the new found fondness for the franchise, it is important to know the history.

Return of the Transformers

Optimus Prime. Steven Spielberg. Put these ingredients together and you have one of the most highly anticipated live-action cartoon remakes this decade. It’s time to relive your youth with Transformers.

Granny-stomping in Transformers game?

The first in-game screen of Transformers:The single in-game screenshot shows Bumblebee towering above trees and a factory and... a person?

See the new Optimus Prime

These images show the toy figures made f, giving us a good idea of how Michael Bay's - director of the all-live-action Transformers movie - redesigned robots in disguise will look in the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC videogame released this summer.

TRANSFORMERS, robots in disguise...the game

Transformers: The Game is being developed by Traveller's Tales - the team behind Lego Star Wars. Having proved themselves entirely capable with miniaturizing the world's best loved film series, we're glad they're on board.

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Transformers Image

Accident during filming of Transformers 3.
Accident during filming of Transformers 3.
YouTube screen capture
Stanley Tucci talks with Mark Walberg and Nicole Peltz on set of Transformer: Age of Extinction
Stanley Tucci talks with Mark Walberg and Nicole Peltz on set of Transformer: Age of Extinction
Tyrone Slu Reuters
Transformers stored in an outside yard
Transformers stored in an outside yard
A scene from  Bumblebee
A scene from 'Bumblebee'
Paramount Pictures

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