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Traffic News

Patients die as Manila traffic jams block ambulances

Manila - Gridlock in Manila is costing lives as ambulances stuck in traffic face severe delays in the race against the clock to reach the city's hospitals, medics warn.

8 dead in Iran bus accident

Tehran - Eight people were killed and 36 wounded when a bus overturned on Friday on Iran's Qom-Tehran highway, the semi-official ISNA News Agency reported.

Choking hazard: air pollution hangs over Asian Games

Jakarta - Indonesia is about to open the Asian Games but its traffic-clogged capital Jakarta remains shrouded in a haze of air pollution that threatens to mar the world's second-biggest multi-sport event.

Review: Dave Mason and Steve Cropper bring Rock & Soul Revue to Tarrytown Special

Tarrytown - On July 15, Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Dave Mason and Steve Cropper brought their "Rock & Soul Revue" to the exquisite Tarrytown Music Hall in New York.

Drivers rejoice as Damascus dismantles checkpoints

Damascus - In his beloved yellow taxi, Abu Ayman zigzags through the streets of Syria's capital Damascus, delighted that the security checkpoints that choked the streets for years have been removed.

Dave Mason talks 'Rock & Soul Revue Tour' with Steve Cropper Special

Tarrytown - Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dave Mason of Traffic chatted with Digital Journal about his "Rock & Soul Revue Tour" with veteran rocker Steve Cropper.

Choc-a-block traffic after tanker spill in Poland

Warsaw - A tanker truck turned a stretch of highway into Poland's sweet spot when it spilt 12 tonnes of liquid chocolate after crashing through a traffic barrier.

Helicopter taxi apps offer escape from traffic-choked megacities

Fpo - Within minutes of using an app to book a ride, Agostino Fernandes was looking down on lush greenery from a helicopter taxi high above Bangalore -- one of several Uber-style chopper services taking off to help commuters tackle increasingly congested meg...

Gas spill sparks highway inferno in China

Bejing - A Chinese highway transformed into a raging inferno after an overturned tanker coated the road in liquid natural gas, creating a potential deathtrap for unsuspecting motorists.

Singapore rolls out tough measures to keep cars off the roads

Singapore - In the battle against the car, space-starved Singapore has deployed road tolls, massive spending on public transport, and a licence fee that bumps the cost of an average vehicle to over $80,000.

Underground rail system on track to ease Jakarta's crippling traffic

Jakarta - Deep below Jakarta's traffic-choked streets, a warren of transit tunnels could prove the key to easing the city's crippling gridlock.

Elon Musk gets serious about digging a tunnel under Los Angeles

Elon Musk wants to build a tunnel to cut down on traffic in Los Angeles — and it looks like he's actually going to make it happen.

No hawking. No trading. Lagos bans street selling

Lagos - Every morning, Mama Biliki prepares small bags of popcorn outside her ramshackle house in Ajegunle, one of Lagos' poorest neighbourhoods, to sell by the roadside for 50 naira each.

California agrees to spend another $150 million to fix Bay Bridge

San Francisco - The agency that oversaw construction of the new $6.4 billion eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge voted Thursday to spend another $150 million to help keep the structure safe in a major earthquake.

Mice blamed for eating plans to fix traffic problems in Brussels

Brussels - Officials in Brussels said municipal laziness was not the reason for delays in repairs to the city's streets. They say mice are to blame.

Big dreams but little action for Manila's traffic nightmare

Manila - Web designer Maria Zurbano kisses her three-year-old daughter goodbye and sets out in the pre-dawn darkness for a torturous commute through the Philippine capital.

Op-Ed: Keeping your company off life support Special

Today's business is an ever-changing world where spiraling complexity is a daily expectation - no longer a surprise. I sat down with branding whiz Kirill Storch, CEO of Electric Web Marketing, and this is what I discovered about the future of branding.

Residents fear for health in car-clogged Albanian capital

Tirana - With her sick daughter in the arms, Mira Lela pushes her way through the hallway of the doctor's clinic, crowded with patients ailing from heavy pollution in Albania's capital.

New restrictions in Tehran after 18th day of bad air

Tehran - More than two weeks of heavy pollution led Iranian officials to ban all outdoor sport and announce new traffic restrictions Wednesday as persistent cold weather exacerbated Tehran's air quality problems.

Thirteen killed, 34 injured in Cuban truck collision

Havana - Thirteen people were killed and 34 more injured when two trucks retrofitted as passenger buses collided in eastern Cuba, local media reported.The deadly crash took place in Santiago de Cuba province, Agencia Cubana de Noticias reported.

Networking flaw lets hackers attack companies by sending email

A major security flaw in FireEye networking equipment could have let a hacker gain full access to all the connected devices just by sending an email. The flaw, now fixed, wouldn't even need the recipient to open the mail to be successful.

Streaming services rule the Internet, games threaten to break it

Streaming services now account for the vast majority of the data transmitted over the Internet during peak hours in the U.S. Netflix continues to be the most popular provider and represents 30 percent of all peak downstream traffic.

Giant Kenya traffic jam stretches to third day

Nairobi - Kenyan police said Friday they have begun clearing a three-day traffic jam stretching for tens of kilometres on the main highway between the capital and the country's only port of Mombasa.

650,000 Chinese smartphones behind massive web server outage

It has been discovered that a massive DDoS attack that took out a web server was fuelled by spam requests originating from the combined might of 650,000 Chinese smartphones. The server was forced offline by the massive overload.

Reports: Google creating a special 'China-compatible' Play Store

Reports have indicated a relaunch of Google's services in China could be imminent. The company is believed to be preparing a special version of the Play Store that will fully comply with the strict Internet regulation in the country.

AT&T found injecting adverts onto webpages through Wi-Fi hotspots

Mobile carrier AT&T has been found to be injecting extra advertisements into webpages when users connect to its free Wi-Fi hotspots. The company employs a variety of techniques to ensure that the adverts are always displayed.

Review: Dave Mason from Traffic amazing at The Paramount in New York Special

Huntington - Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dave Mason brought his "Traffic Jam" tour to The Paramount in Huntington on July 25, and he was able to deliver.

NYC council asks Google to discourage left turns to save lives

New York City - New York City has reportedly asked Google to eliminate left turns from its navigation directions on Google Maps where possible. It is thought that this could save many lives over the course of the year as left turns are notoriously dangerous in NYC.

Scientists overcome the major issue of large fibre optic networks

Scientists have discovered a way to keep data moving at high speeds over very long fibre optic networks by preventing the signals from weakening. It removes a key limitation of fibre today and could make future networks faster and significantly cheaper.

India recruits a German Shepherd army to protect wild tigers

Bhopal - The newest soldiers in India's fight against wildlife poachers walk on four legs and bark their commands. These new soldiers, German Shepherds actually, are known as wildlife sniffer dogs, and they were officially inducted into their new jobs on June 20.
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Traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard in Nevada
Traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard in Nevada
Traffic in Santa Cruz
Traffic in Santa Cruz
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Cars driving on I-66 in Northern Virginia
Cars driving on I-66 in Northern Virginia
The stats for a BuzzFeed article
The stats for a BuzzFeed article
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Traffic on L.A. s 405 Freeway
Traffic on L.A.'s 405 Freeway
EXPRESSION: Photograph taken from the Ferry Building the San Francisco waterfront shows the The Bay ...
EXPRESSION: Photograph taken from the Ferry Building the San Francisco waterfront shows the The Bay Lights installation on the Bay Bridge to Oakland. The 25,000 lights that create a kind of electronic waterfall 500 feet above the bay will be remade into a permanent fixture in 2016.
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Getting around Toronto
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Traffic in Northern Virginia
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The spike in's online traffic in February 2011
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A red light in L.A.
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Stopped by the police.
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Visibility was down in London as the severe winter storm intensified as it moved into the city.
Visibility was down in London as the severe winter storm intensified as it moved into the city.
The Florida I-75 highway near Gainesville
The Florida I-75 highway near Gainesville
Africa has 48 cities with populations of more than one million people.
Africa has 48 cities with populations of more than one million people.
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The cover of 'Future's Past'.
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Busy New York City street
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The main intersection in McAdenville, North Carolina, looking up as the traffic comes down to view the lights through town.

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