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Party time in the cemetery as Bolivians fete skulls

La Paz - Some wear glasses. Others have sombreros and a cigar. These are Bolivia's "natitas" -- human skulls with miracle-working powers.On Wednesday thousands of people and their skulls converged on La Paz's oldest cemetery as part of a pre-Hispanic tradition....

Tribes, tradition stand in way of Iraq police

Baghdad - Policeman Ahmad regrets the day he detained a motorist at a checkpoint for possession of a gun without a licence, bringing the weight of Iraqi tribal customs down on his head.

Nepal's feared demon dancer dances again

Kathmandu - Kathmandu's feared Demon Dancer finally performed again after a two-year break at this year's Indra Jatra festival, an annual celebration that marks the end of the monsoon and the beginning of the harvest.

In Chinese community, one-night stands are getting old

- Nimble after years of practice, Trinley Norbu is used to hoisting himself three stories up the side of a stone house and through the window for a one-night stand in his southwest China community.

S.Africa circumcision ritual: a dangerous route to manhood

Umtata - Naked, covered in white clay mud, and with his penis wrapped in leaves, Abongile Maqegu, 20, sits in a hut in South Africa recovering from his circumcision -- a traditional ritual that can prove fatal.

Chinese deities end SE Asia luxury tour

Singapore - A statue of a Chinese goddess that became a social media sensation after being pictured flying business class for a Southeast Asian tour has headed home after putting her feet up at a premium airport lounge in Singapore, organisers said Monday.

Thousands in Cuzco celebrate Incan festival of the sun

Cusco - At the highest point of the Coricancha temple in Cuzco at dawn, an indigenous actor interpreting a ceremony of the ancient Inca raises his hands to receive the sun's first rays.

Gripping tales lure war-weary Syrians to Damascus cafe

Damascus - With a slender sword in one hand and an antique storybook in the other, Ahmad al-Lahham captivates a packed Damascus coffeehouse with tales of ancient kingdoms and brave conquerers.

Cardinal cut: Italy's tailor to the stars of the Church

Rome - Raniero Mancinelli cannot afford to drop a stitch. Pope Francis is creating five new cardinals next week and the race is on to have their scarlet robes ready in time.

Hawaiian canoe comes home after epic round-the-world odyssey

Los Angeles - A traditional double-hulled canoe has returned to Hawaii after concluding a three-year epic journey around the globe, the first trip of its kind by such a boat.

At the end of the world in Chile, a culture on the brink

Puerto Williams - Just outside the southernmost settlement in the world, an 89-year-old woman is the last native speaker of her people's ancient language and struggling to ensure she does not take it to her grave.

Dutch clog-makers hoping to put a stamp on the future

Rixtel - Just decades ago there were thousands. Now only about 30 Dutch clog-makers remain, fighting to save a dying craft with the wooden shoes more often found today as fridge-magnets rather than footwear.

What's in a Chinese name? Ancient rites and growing business

Bejing - In a one-room shop tucked inside a Beijing alley, a bearded 74-year-old fortune-teller in crimson tunic offers what Chinese parents have sought for centuries: an auspicious name for their newborn.

What's in a Chinese name? Ancient rites and growing business

Bejing - In a one-room shop tucked inside a Beijing alley, a bearded 74-year-old fortune-teller in crimson tunic offers what Chinese parents have sought for centuries: an auspicious name for their newborn.

What's in a Chinese name? Ancient rites and growing business

Bejing - In a one-room shop tucked inside a Beijing alley, a bearded 74-year-old fortune-teller in crimson tunic offers what Chinese parents have sought for centuries: an auspicious name for their newborn.

Iran pre-nups land thousands of men in jail

Tehran - When Sadegh married his college sweetheart, he never thought he'd end up as one of those Iranians facing ruin and even prison because of huge sums demanded by his wife's family.

Mexico firework village parties again after tragedy

Tultepec - A Mexican village specializing in making fireworks that was devastated by a deadly pyrotechnic explosion moved to put the tragedy behind it with a spectacular fiery fiesta.

Motorcycle pilgrims pay homage to Guatemala's 'Black Christ'

Guatemala City - Some 30,000 motorcycle-riding Catholics left the Guatemalan capital Saturday on a pilgrimage to the eastern city of Esquipulas to venerate the so-called Black Christ.

Russians plunge into freezing water for Epiphany

Moscow - Hundreds of thousands of Russians braved freezing temperatures to plunge into lakes and rivers on Thursday, a wintry tradition observed during the Orthodox celebration of Epiphany.

Spain readies for Epiphany under unprecedented security

Madrid - As Spain readies to celebrate Epiphany Thursday with hugely-popular parades, authorities have implemented unprecedented security measures such as banning trucks from Madrid and Barcelona to avoid attacks like those in Berlin and Nice.

Uganda charges tribal king, 151 others with treason

Kanpala - A Ugandan tribal king and 151 others have been charged with treason for allegedly seeking to overthrow the government, their lawyer said Wednesday.

Nigeria's new Oba of Benin: the coronation of a lifetime

Benin City - The rainy season is supposed to be over in Nigeria, but on Thursday just before midnight, torrential rain and crackling lightning let loose over Benin City.

Inspired by 007, Mexico to hold Day of Dead parade

Mexico - The opening scene of the movie "Spectre" shows James Bond chasing a bad guy through a Day of the Dead parade in Mexico City -- except there has never been such a procession.But life is about to imitate art.

US envoy casts first 'straw' vote at Paris's Harry's Bar

Paris - Harry's New York Bar, a Paris institution since 1911, launched its traditional "straw poll" for the US presidential election on Wednesday, with the American ambassador casting the first ballot.

Dutch 'Black Pete' violates children's rights: ombudswoman

Den Haag - The Dutch children's ombudswoman ruled Friday that "Black Pete," the Christmas sidekick of Saint Nicholas, violates UN conventions and children's rights and could incite bullying and discrimination.

Papuan tribe preserves ancient rite of mummification

Wamena - Cradling the centuries-old remains of his mummified ancestor, tribe leader Eli Mabel lays bare an ancient tradition that has all but vanished among the Dani people in the Papuan central highlands.

Britain's remaining milkmen keeping tradition afloat

Saint Albans - Once a daily sight on every British street, a dwindling but resilient band of milkmen still go out at the crack of dawn to deliver bottles of fresh milk to the nation's doorsteps.

Two dead, hundreds hurt in Philippines religious festival

Manila - Two people died and hundreds were injured during a huge religious festival in the Philippines, where barefoot crowds hurled themselves at a statue of Jesus believed to have healing powers, authorities said Sunday.

Philippine Catholics join huge parade, pray for miracles

Manila - Barefoot men and women praying for miracles hurled themselves above mammoth crowds in the Philippines Saturday to touch a religious icon in a frenzied Catholic parade that rescue workers said left one person dead.

Indonesian tattooists revive tribal traditions

Jogjakarta - Men in tribal dress stand amid dense jungle on the Indonesian island of Java, their bodies covered in elaborate, traditional tattoos inspired by cultures in distant corners of the vast, tropical archipelago.
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Andersonville Prison from   Andersonville Diary  Escape and List of the Dead    by John L. Ransom. P...
Andersonville Prison from ''Andersonville Diary, Escape and List of the Dead'', by John L. Ransom. Published: September 29, 1882
Pope Francis  one of many personalities to become  caganers  in Catalonia  Spain for Christmas 2013.
Pope Francis, one of many personalities to become "caganers" in Catalonia, Spain for Christmas 2013.

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