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Devotees flock to Philippine church for miracle from Catholic icon

Manila - Thousands of devotees thronged a church in the Philippine capital Saturday for a glimpse of a centuries-old statue of Jesus Christ believed to have miraculous healing powers, after an annual Catholic parade was cancelled due to Covid-19.

Devotees flock to Philippine church for miracle from Catholic icon

Manila - Thousands of devotees thronged a church in the Philippine capital Saturday for a glimpse of a centuries-old statue of Jesus Christ believed to have miraculous healing powers, after an annual parade was cancelled due to Covid-19.

Pandemic rains on Spain's glittering Epiphany parades

Madrid - For children, it's the most wonderful time of the year, when Spaniards turn out to welcome the gift-laden Three Kings. But this year's glittering parades have been torpedoed by the pandemic.

Private protection: Croatian codpiece is hit with tourists

Plitvicka Jezera - Once used to warm men's private parts during harsh winters in rural Croatia, the woollen codpiece or 'nakurnjak' is making a comeback as a popular souvenir, thanks to a handful of women preserving traditional handicrafts from oblivion.

Festive Filipinos trying to save Christmas from coronavirus

Manila - The Philippines boasts one of the world's longest Christmas seasons, kicking off in September with fairy lights and artificial trees decorating malls, festive tunes on the radio and party-packed calendars.

Pandemic-hit Mexico marks somber Day of the Dead

Mexico - In Mexico death is usually a cause for celebration during the Day of the Dead festival, but this year parades are canceled and cemeteries closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Filipinos flock to cemeteries ahead of Day of the Dead closure

Manila - Thousands of people wearing masks and face shields poured into cemeteries in Manila Wednesday for their last chance to visit dead loved ones ahead of a government-ordered closure of graveyards for All Saints' Day.

Changing economy and climate hit Austria's Alpine pastures

Pertisau - With tender care, Sepp Rieser adorns the bulky heads of his reluctant cows with flower wreaths, adds some more fir twigs, and adjusts the large bells around their necks.

Mexican Mennonites learned of pandemic through rare online foray

Arroyo Del Agua - When an isolated Mennonite community in the deserts of northern Mexico timidly opened up to the outside world through the internet, it discovered that a pandemic was sweeping the planet.

Manhood must wait: virus delays South African circumcision rituals

Port Elizabeth - South African 17-year-old Sinoyolo was looking forward to becoming a "man" this year.His uncle had made arrangements for him to travel to the mountains overlooking the South African city of Port Elizabeth in December for his initiation.

Myanmar's last generation of tattooed headhunters

- Ngon Pok remembers his father and grandfather returning triumphantly to his tribal village in Myanmar's far north with a human head -- and the agony of the tattoo he was given to celebrate their victory.

Airline ad about imported Scandi traditions sparks turbulence

Copenhagen - A new commercial from airline SAS challenging the authenticity of Scandinavian traditions has provoked furore in the form of cyber attacks, a wave of social media anger and bomb threats against the ad agency behind it.

UK ditches flags for Prince Andrew's birthday

London - The British government said Thursday it had changed the policy of flying flags on royal birthdays, with local authorities no longer required to raise the Union Flag for scandal-hit Prince Andrew.

Malaysia's hand-made incense craftwork a declining art

Kubang Semang - Thousands of giant incense sticks, many decorated with dragon heads, line the walls at a Malaysian business where they are made by hand ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday.

Deadly kite strings kill 150 birds in India

Sanand - More than 150 birds have been killed by razor-sharp kite strings in an annual religious festival in western India that attracts millions of revellers.

One dead, dozens injured at India bull-taming festival

Madurai - A villager was gored to death during a traditional bull-taming festival in southern India, underlining the dangers of the bloody sport.P.

Dutch man arrested for 'Black Pete' suicide bomb threat

Den Haag - Dutch police have arrested a man who threatened in a social media post to blow himself up over plans to sideline "Black Pete", a Christmas-time character provoking accusations of racist stereotyping.

Day of the Dead: Mexico's colorful cult festival

Mexico - Death can be a morbid and solemn subject in many cultures, but in Mexico, it's a cause for celebration -- at least for two nights a year.

Spaniards paraded alive in coffins in gratitude for defying death

Vigo - Six open coffins are paraded around a church and its cemetery as onlookers sing religious songs -- but their occupants are all perfectly alive.

Lisbon fetes 'saint of love' with free deluxe weddings

Lisbon - It is Lisbon's wedding of the year. Crowds gather at the cathedral, hoping to catch a glimpse of the newlyweds as cameras lie in wait.Suddenly, the organ music grows louder and photographers get into position in front of the imposing entrance.

New Nigeria versus old as governor cuts emir's power

Kano - When the emir of Kano returned from pilgrimage this month, dancing supporters lined the streets to welcome a monarch commanding millions as one of Nigeria's principal Islamic leaders.

Activists petition court to halt Japan dolphin hunt

Apo - Campaigners on Friday urged a court in Japan to halt so-called "drive hunting" of dolphins in the country as part of an unprecedented lawsuit that argues the practice violates Japanese law.

What are the traditions for a British royal birth?

London - Prince Harry and Meghan are a modern couple but their first-born child will still be a senior royal. And certain traditions must be respected.

One dead during Orthodox Easter celebrations in Greece

Atenas - Greece's celebration of the Orthodox Easter on Sunday, hailed by the government as a moment of hope for the post-bailout resurrection of the country, was marred by the death of a cameraman hit by a flare during a show.

Rare oarfish, seen as harbingers of doom, snagged in Japan

Apo - Two rare oarfish, giant deep-sea serpents long believed by locals to be a harbinger of earthquakes and tsunamis, have been caught off the Japanese island of Okinawa.

India milks a profit in quest to bump camel numbers

Rani - On the edge of the Indian desert, Lakshman Raika boils tea with fresh milk from one of his camels, gently stirring the brew his tribal herdsman have consumed for generations.

Axes, armour, torches: Vikings feast on Scottish island

Lerwick - Vikings partied in Scotland's Shetland Islands on Tuesday in the annual "Up Helly Aa" festival, featuring a parade of men in suits of armour torching a wooden ship.

Epiphany in Portugal: pipes, drums -- and cigarettes for the kids

Vale De Salgueiro - Bagpipes, drums -- and kids smoking cigarettes: in this Portuguese village, locals celebrate the Christian festival of Epiphany in a fashion that raises eyebrows elsewhere.

New Year's dip: Europe enjoys a frosty tradition

Paris - From Edinburgh to Lisbon by way of Berlin, the chilly thrill of a New Year's dip appealed to many looking for a bracing way to ring in 2019. How cold?

Young Russian fashion designers take inspiration from history

Moscow - In her workshop in a Moscow attic, Maria Andrianova is using a sewing technique she learnt from elderly women in the forested Karelia region of northwestern Russia."For me, sewing is a way to learn about my origins," said the 31-year-old designer.
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Andersonville Prison from   Andersonville Diary  Escape and List of the Dead    by John L. Ransom. P...
Andersonville Prison from ''Andersonville Diary, Escape and List of the Dead'', by John L. Ransom. Published: September 29, 1882
Pope Francis  one of many personalities to become  caganers  in Catalonia  Spain for Christmas 2013.
Pope Francis, one of many personalities to become "caganers" in Catalonia, Spain for Christmas 2013.

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