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Trademark News

Expanded UN geographical trademarks to take effect

Geneva - An international system that broadens protections for brands which identify their products based on geographical origin, like Scotch whiskey or Tequila, will come into force after the EU signed on, the UN said Tuesday.

Fighting in exile: who makes the real Cuban rum?

Washington - It's a fight over ownership, heritage, revolution and rum.

Apple could lose $500m as patent in Samsung lawsuit ruled invalid

The United States Patent & Trademark Office has ruled that a patent held by Apple on the design of the iPhone 3GS is actually invalid. The decision will prove critical in the company's lawsuit against Samsung, alleged to have infringed on Apple's patents.

Rockstar Games' parent company sues BBC over upcoming GTA drama

The BBC has been hit with a lawsuit by Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Grand Theft Auto creators Rockstar Games, over allegations of potential trademark misuse in the broadcasting company's upcoming drama about the GTA franchise.

Microsoft told that Skype logo is too similar to Sky's

An EU court has ruled that Microsoft-owned video messaging software Skype's name and logo is too similar to that of broadcaster Sky, preventing Microsoft from trademarking the Skype branding and allowing Sky to pursue Microsoft for licensing if it wants.

Kim Kardashian's sister, Kylie, wants to trademark her first name

Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian's sister, is trying to trademark her first name and she has already filed an application to do so.

Op-Ed: 'Hands Up Don't Shoot', 'I Can't Breathe', protests & trademarks

Protest chants and slogans catch on quick as supporters take to the streets chanting and marching for their cause, while others see it as a money-making opportunity.

Op-Ed: Trademark bidding — Is it still an issue?

Among the many challenges online marketers face today is trademark bidding. As recently as a few years ago, this practice represented a significant problem for businesses.

Jay Z named in $600 million lawsuit over Brooklyn Nets trademark

New York - Hiphop mogul Jay Z has been named as a defendant in a $600 million lawsuit filed by Dr. Francois de Cassagnol, an entrepreneur who claims he trademarked the "Brooklyn Nets" name before the team moved out of New Jersey.

Apple 'iWatch' trademark spree hits Mexico, Taiwan, and more

The smart watch concept has been rumored for quite some time and several small start up companies have been designing these concept devices.

NFL star Tim Tebow trademarks 'Tebowing'

It's official. After a year-long legal battle, NFL star Tim Tebow has been awarded the trademark on his signature move, commonly known as "Tebowing."

Olympians spanked for using wrong headphones

London - The International Olympic Committee (IOC) warned numerous athletes Thursday against wearing unapproved headphone brands, including Beats by Dr. Dre.

Japanese restaurant denied trademark over name deemed 'immoral'

The Japanese restaurant 'Fuku' is set to open next month in Florida, however a controversy over their name disrupted the attempt for a trademark.

Hotel owners want to call ‘Mount Washington’ their own, legally

Owners of the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, NH, don’t want anyone else using that name, so they’re trying to trademark it. There’s nothing unusual in that, except they’re only claiming the Mount Washington part, and therein lies the rub

'Face' of Facebook to be trademarked?

The social networking giant hits the patent and trademark office again, this time to try and claim a common word: "face." Facebook is also taking on a small business over the word "book."

Op-Ed: The battle over the 'bing' name

Thoughts that can occur when one gets to read about Bing! (almost unknown) taking on Bing! (Microsoft) over the name issue …

Brawny Vs. Bounty Vs. Paper Products Period

Who ever knew that a simple pattern located in a product was just a war-causing trademark. Something as small as a diamond or bowtie can cause million dollar damage to the paper industry.

Apple Expands Trademark into Gaming Industry

Recently, Apple applied to extend its trademark into gaming. While an Apple-branded gaming console is unlikely, the trademark extension could mean casual games may soon appear on iPods and Apple TV units.

Larry Birkhead Files Trademark

Larry Birkhead has filed a trademark application for the phrase, "Goodnight My Sweet Anna Baby."

Digg May Lose Their Trademark to Lucasfilm

Lucasfilm files a lawsuit against for trademark violation.

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