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Q&A: Demystifying reverse logistics with new tracking solutions Special

In the past decade, brick-and-mortar store sales have taken a major hit, but so too have e-commerce retailers. Return deliveries in the U.S. alone will cost $550 billion by 2020, a 75.2% increase from 2016.

Q&A: How technology is revolutionizing shipment tracking Special

Chicago - Tracking technology improves the security of the shipping of goods, giving more accurate data for customers. An example of this digital transformation is provided by Hub Group for end-to-end visibility, and the company's CIO explains more.

Big growth in people-finding websites

Want to run a background check on some one? Wish to know what your neighbour is up to? There are solutions for that in terms of people-finding search engines and this market is becoming big business, despite the privacy issues that come with it.

3D printed objects track and store how they are used

Washington - 3D printed objects have been developed which can track and store how they are used without using batteries or electronics. Instead a process called backscatter is deployed.

Fighting back on poaching: Fitting tracking collars to wildlife

As part of its conservation work, the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WFF) is fitting Tanzanian Elephants with satellite-trackable collars. The aim is to track the movement of the elephants at all times.

Firefox's new tools seek to prevent Facebook tracking

Apple and Firefox have both announced plans to thwart the tracking of an individual's data by social media firms like Facebook. This is to prevent targeted adverts.

Google updates site to clarify location tracking policy

In light of a recent investigation outing the fact that Google doesn't actually stop tracking users and storing their location data when they ask it to, the company has updated their website.

Microsoft Windows could soon track everything you do on your PC

Microsoft has patented a technology that would see it almost continually spying on Windows users. The company's software would be constantly listening for "triggers" and sending data home. Microsoft thinks it would be beneficial to customers.

Watch out: Wi-Fi can track your movements

A new science study has shown how it is possible to track where someone walks each day when someone's smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi.

Leaked renders of Microsoft Band 2 show a more cohesive wearable

Images of Microsoft's upcoming second-generation wearable device have emerged online just weeks before the company's New York launch event. The Band 2 appears to be a much more developed design that loses the "concept" feel associated with the original.

Some Android apps are sending your data to 2,000 websites

Researchers have found that some Android apps send data to over 2,000 different servers every time that they are run. Across 2,000 apps tested, 250,000 servers were connected to in total as apps tracked their users or downloaded adverts.

Video: DARPA tests guided bullet for American military

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) organization was created to help integrate new technology into America's defensive organizations. Their latest project is a guided bullet which can track a target after being fired.

New software can track animals anywhere and everywhere

An advanced computer program, developed by animal behavior researchers, automatically tracks individuals in a group, like fish in a school or ants in a colony.

Where in the world is NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden?

The whereabouts of the whistleblower at the heart of the recent U.S. phone and Internet surveillance controversy are unknown. Edward Snowden checked out of his Hong Kong hotel Monday night, BBC News reports.

Facebook to be sued for $15 billion in class-action privacy suit

Facebook had better do well on the stock exchange. It may need the money to pay off a class action suit on behalf of users who were tracked on the Internet by Facebook after logging out.

Apple issues Q&A in response to concerns about data-tracking

Apple has been facing tremendous heat in the tech world after it was recently revealed iPhones and 3G-enabled iPads are keeping track of location information from its users. Concerns were raised about why, how and if that data was being used.

Huckabee, felons, clemency and tracking Special

On the heels of Maurice Clemmons ambush of four police officers Sunday morning reports are surfacing that while Mike Huckabee was governor of Arkansas pardons were given to those claiming to be 'born again.'

Tracking H1N1 Influenza A Online

The last time a pandemic type flu hit the globe the public had to rely solely on public health officials. The times have changed with the Internet. It's possible to track the spread of disease fairly easily with the right tools. The question is should we?

Stolen Laptop Tracking Program Adds Google Maps Locator Feature

Laptops are stolen at a rate of one every 12 seconds. Once lost, only 3 per cent of them are recovered. But there's a program using Google's tracking capability to locate lost laptops.

US privacy advocates support ad-tracking opt out list

With Google's sophisticated ad-tracking system, one which places personalized ads on people's computers as they surf the web, privacy advocates have pushed for an ad-tracking opt out list.

Rattlesnakes: Coming To A Yard Near You?

With the growth of housing and industrial developments, the turf that made a safe haven for rattlesnakes is dwindling. This means that these snakes are starting to move into developed areas, and more people are finding them too close to their own homes.

One Year FREE Laptop Tracking Service from Dell

Dell is set to become the first laptop provider to offer free tracking service for their customer's laptops.

Tracking Sex Offenders

Ever felt a bit yucky about that guy who moved in down the street? Want to know whether you are moving into a "safe" neighbourhood?

Sex Offender Tracking

If you're a parent, you might or might not want to be able to use this...

GPS Dog Tracking Garmin Astro device for Hunters

A GPS Dog tracking system from Garmin for Hunters.

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