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Afghanistan bans toy guns to curb culture of violence

Kabul - Afghanistan banned the sale of imitation Kalashnikovs and other toy guns Tuesday after they caused injuries to more than 100 people during Eid celebrations, as it seeks to curb a culture of violence.

Op-Ed: Crayons found to contain asbestos, sparks health warning

A consumer group has triggered an alert after asbestos was found in children's crayons and a toy lab kit. The products were imported into the U.S. from China and not checked by a range of major retail outlets.

Amazon goes gender neutral in toy department by removing labels

The Online retail giant Amazon, has decided to remove the labels 'boys' 'toys' and 'girls' 'toys' from its search filters.

Khloe Kardashian buys personalized dolls for North West

Khloe Kardashian recently shared pictures of the personalized dolls she bought for her niece, North West. The dolls are miniature versions of North’s parents, Kanye and Kim.

Barbie and Ken dolls as Mary, Christ and Kali stir controversy

Two Argentine artists Marianela Perelli and Pool Paolini have modeled Ken and Barbie dolls as 33 major figures from major religions including Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.

Missing 3-year-old boy found in an arcade claw machine with toys

A three-year-old boy crawled up into a claw machine and enjoyed playing with the toys inside while his mother searched for him.

Lego's monsters and zombies 'tools of Satan,' says Polish priest

A Polish priest has a dire warning for parents: Lego's new line of Monster Fighters and Zombies figures are tools of Satan that can destroy your children's souls.

Lego builds up profits, hunts global talent

Billund - Toy maker Lego posted rising annual profits and revenue on Thursday and said it would set up global management hubs to attract more foreign talent to the group's management."I'm very excited that it's the ninth consecutive year of organic growth," chie...

Toy story: old favourites fight rise of the tablet

London - The big players in the traditional toy market have come out fighting in Britain as little fingers are increasingly occupied by iPad-type devices at playtime.

Pathogens lurking in children's toys

Two common bacteria that cause colds, ear infections, strep throat and more serious infections have been found to survive for long periods on children's toys and books, according to a new study.

Review: New on DVD — Films from the '90s Special

The new releases include a number of films from the ‘90s; a rich and seductive vampire picture; and a lesson in scaring.

Suspension reversed for 5 year old with toy cap gun

An interrogation over his toy cap gun led the child to wet himself but his suspension is now being reversed and will not appear on his record.

Human claw game Stockpile evokes carnival nostalgia in Toronto Special

Toronto - A performance art installation at Toronto's Brookfield Place returns us to those carnival days where you'd try to fish out a toy from a glass box using a mechanical claw. This time, though, you can control a human instead of a robotic claw.

Op-Ed: The struggle against lead poisoning, young children most at risk

While lead in paint has been banned in Europe and the US for years, certain companies still produce lead paint and sell it abroad. There, yet also at home, young children still suffer the consequences: lower IQ, slowed body growth, failure at school.

Video: Two-year-old bedtime bandit picks lock to steal toys

The parents of a two-year-old may have reasons to be worried about their little boy after they captured his night time burgling activities on camera.

Artist creates 'creepy' pregnant doll

Seeking to make a social statement on the nature of toys marketed to young girls, UK-based artist Darren Cullen has created 'Baby's First Baby' - a pregnant baby doll.

'LEGO' movie to star voices of Morgan Freeman, Elizabeth Banks

Hollywood – Kids have loved it for more than sixty years, and its popularity has inspired theme parks, video games and more. So it shouldn't be a shock that there's a feature film in development about everybody's favourite Danish toy: LEGO.

TSA finds gun parts in boy's stuffed toys at Rhode Island Airport

Transport Security Officials (TSA) at T.F. Green International Airport in Warwick, Rhode Island, say a man traveling with his 4-year-old son claims he did not know that the boy''s stuffed toys contained parts that could be assembled into a loaded gun.

Health Canada warning: Do your kids have these lead-tainted toys?

Health Canada's latest announcement has parents on high alert: two children's playset toys manufactured in China are said to contain dangerously high levels of lead.

Occupy Wall Street-inspired toys?

Occupy Wall Steet toys. Could they help the movement or hurt the movement? Prankster Sucklord is making these toys avaliable for one night only.

LeapFrog to release tablet for children

The retail market indicates that generations hardly remain separated by leisure through technology. Luxurious gadgets are being designed for an unbelievably young demographic, yet they model the same gadgets that serve purpose to millions of elders.

Breast Milk Baby doll teaches young girls how to breastfeed Special

The recent release of a new baby doll that encourages young children to simulate the act of breast-feeding has stirred a controversy across the U.S. and has some adults branding the manufacturers as perverts and pedophiles.

Thieves steal toys from playgroup

Bulwell - Thieves made off with a large metal container filled with toys and other equipment belonging to a playgroup in the UK on Tuesday.

Is the iPhone a child's toy of choice?

An article in the New York Times this past Sunday called the iPhone "the most effective tool in human history to mollify a fussy toddler."

Several Fisher Price toys being recalled

Fisher Price is recalling several toys, including trikes, that could pose a risk of injury to children. All of the products were made in Mexico.

A sad, sad day for the Happy Meal and its toys

Santa Clara - A lot of sad kids will soon be seen in Santa Clara County's McDonald's restaurants. So, why are Happy Meals to blame for all the long faces?

Barbie's next gig? Computer engineer

Barbie has always been a career trendsetter so when Mattel decided it was time for new careers for their star doll they went to Facebook and Twitter for inspiration.

Pink Ouija Board game aimed at young girls prompts boycott

A pink version of the Ouija Board game, made by Hasbro and sold at Toys R Us locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, has been targeted by Christian groups concerned that it is encouraging young girls to communicate with the spirits of the dead.

Toys R Us places elf toys in science section

The Internet is abuzz with a lighthearted mistake by one of the country's biggest toy retailers. One Christmas shopper found an odd display in the store's 'science' section.

Uxbridge teen lands playful job at Toys 'R' Us

When it comes to executives Daniel M.P. Wilson doesn't fit the profile. He lives in a small Ontario, Canada town and enjoys acting, hockey and golf. He does math homework. And just barely a teen, Wilson has a unique job at one of the top toy stores.
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LEGO models of Prince William and Katharine Middleton share a romantic kiss in front of their loyal ...
LEGO models of Prince William and Katharine Middleton share a romantic kiss in front of their loyal subjects as part of the new Miniland Royal Wedding scene at LEGOLAND Windsor which has been unveiled to celebrate the park opening on 1st April
Courtesy LEGO
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Go kart built out of wooden blocks.
Go kart built out of wooden blocks.
Zipblocks LLC
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