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Toxins News

Time to get clean on pharma pollution?

Most countries do not have any legal limits for the control of pollution from drugs during their manufacture, use and disposal. Some people are now calling for urgent action.

The strange case of the peanut factory fire

Northampton - England’s health agency has issued a new review into chemical hazards and poisons. Deep within the report is an interesting case of a peanut factory fire. Here there was an unusual risk.

Drinking and recreational waters under threat from toxic algae

Toxic cyanobacteria blooms, or blue-green algae blooms are often poorly monitored and have become an under-appreciated health risk, not only in the U.S. but worldwide. There are several factors contributing to the concerns.

Pollution from mine worse than previously estimated: EPA

Durango - An abandoned Colorado mine has polluted regional streams and rivers with some 3 million gallons of toxic wastewater, Environmental Protection Agency officials acknowledged Sunday.

Cracking down on recreation water infection

Bethesda - The weather’s getting hotter and many people like to play and swim in public pools. Sometimes these communal areas can be sites of contamination and infection. The CDC has offered new advice.

New insight into how bombardier beetles attack

By deploying advanced super-speed X-ray videos, scientists have revealed how bombardier beetles use and fire their toxic sprays.

Gut bacteria by-products can trigger heart failure

A chemical produced by intestinal bacteria has been linked to heart failure, according to a new study. The chemical and heart risk link has been established previously, but the association with bacteria is new.

Deadly toxins found improperly stored, forgotten in NIH, FDA labs

Bethesda - Officials are confirming that an alarming number of improperly stored vials containing highly dangerous pathogens have been located in various federal government laboratories.

Biblical plague of Locusts hits Madagascar three years in a row

As in the eighth plague described in the Bible's Book of Exodus, locusts are swarming over Madagascar for the third year in a row. Thick, black clouds blot out the sun as they gobble up crops and ravage the countryside until nothing is left.

Huge, venomous new jellyfish found off of Australian coast

With huge spiders and deadly snakes nature in Australia is already a bit unforgiving. Keesingia gigas is the name of a new type of jellyfish which is adding to the danger with venomous stings.

Tar-sands may be an unwanted part of many Canadian diets

Many Canadians, and even possibly some Americans, may be ingesting tar-sands from water and the meat of animals who had already been poisoned by it.

Fighting food-poisoning: taking on botulism

Irvine - The means by which bacterial toxins that cause food-borne botulism are absorbed through the intestinal lining and into the bloodstream has been discovered by researchers. This could lead to a new way of blocking the toxin.

Why did Illinois ban microbeads?

Illinois legislators recently banned microbeads in soap and not without reason. These tiny structures have a tendency to soak up toxins and fish love to eat them.

Protecting plants from toxins

Lisbon - Zinc is essential for plant growth and development, but if too much of the metal are present in the soil, it can become toxic to the plant. Researchers have discovered a novel genetic mechanism that protects plants from toxic zinc levels.

Detoxifying role of Earth’s bacteria

Bacteria can do something that is quite unusual, they are able to detoxify a class of amino acids produced by plants and animals. Without this process occurring, the planet would be poisoned.

Venom from deadly sea snail may be cure for chronic nerve pain

A recent study lead by Australian researcher has shown that proteins discovered in Cone Snail venom could potentially prove to be a stronger pain killer than morphine, and have fewer side effects and lower risk of abuse.

Biodiversity loss can lead to toxin build up in soil

A new study suggests that a moderate loss of less than 5 percent of soil microbes may compromise some key ecosystem functions and could lead to lower degradation of toxins in the environment.

Does sleep 'wash out' the brain?

Does sleep help the body to wash away toxins and other unwanted chemicals? New research suggests that sleep clears out interstitial clutter in the mouse brain.

Secrets of typhoid fever revealed

Typhoid is one of the world's oldest and most deadly diseases. Until recently scientists have not fully understood why it is so potent. New research sheds some new light on the old killer.

The glowing eel can help assess blood toxins

The Japanese freshwater eel is the only vertebrate known to produce a fluorescent protein. This protein is the basis of a new test to assess dangerous blood toxins that can trigger liver disease.

Tests show 9 in 10 French wines contain pesticides, fungicides

Bordeaux - A recent study by a French laboratory shows that nine out of every ten French wines contain pesticide and fungicide chemicals.

Dietary supplement contains harmful ingredients

A dietary supplement called Reumofan Plus, manufactured in Mexico and sold in the USA, has been found to contain 'unlisted ingredients' which are harmful to human health.

Super-fungus developed to clean-up harmful toxins

A research team have discovered that a fungus that is common in polluted water produces environmentally important minerals as it reproduces. By utilizing this, scientists can develop a mineral that can be used to clean-up toxic residues.

Unhealthy surprises found in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Researchers have found some potentially toxic ingredients in samplings from traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). They also found traces of endangered animals, with the help of new DNA sequencing technology.

Cancer causing toxin found in Chinese milk

China's biggest milk producer, Mengniu Dairy Group, has recently been found to have excessive levels of toxin present in its milk.

Drs: Toxins in baby products, plastics, meat, dangerous for kids

New York - Environmental contaminants that leech onto countless products, plastics and our meat are a danger for children and expectant mothers, according to a doctors meeting at the NY Academy of Medicine. They noted that these toxins are a danger to everyone.

Suicidal father poisoned son, held on $1 million bail

Miami - Jorge Barahona, 53, was placed on a $1 million bail Thursday by a Florida judge after he attempted to kill his 10-year old adopted son by soaking him in toxic chemicals.

Canada sets the bar high by declaring Bisphenol A toxic

Health Canada scientists have just concluded a four-year study of Bisphenol A, and their findings prompted the federal government to list Bisphenol A as a toxin. Bisphenol A is used to make polycarbonate plastic.

Couple found dead in car believed to have met on suicide forum

Braintree - It is believed that the couple found dead in a car, which had signs warning of toxic chemicals inside, met on an internet forum for people thinking about suicide.

Notes warning of toxins left on car with dead couple inside

Braintree - A man and a woman were found dead in a car to which notes, warning of toxic chemicals inside, had been attached. The car was parked in a remote area of an industrial estate in the UK.
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The health coach in a demonstration at a workshop in Lagos
The health coach in a demonstration at a workshop in Lagos
Skiatook Lake  Okla. site showing the damage caused by  produced water.  The damage to the land is u...
Skiatook Lake, Okla. site showing the damage caused by "produced water." The damage to the land is untold, monetarily, but is obvious.
Blue-green algae in waters of Lake Erie
Blue-green algae in waters of Lake Erie

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