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Toxic algae News

Toxic algae blooms are spreading across the U.S.

From Oregon to New York, Virginia, and Florida, including many locations in between, toxic algae blooms in reservoirs lakes, and waterways have led to state officials issuing emergency declarations.

Alaskan whale deaths in 2015 could have been due to toxic algae

Anchorage - Researchers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are saying a toxic algae bloom could have caused the deaths of 44 whales in 2015 in the Gulf Coast of Alaska, but they are not ruling out other possibilities.

Toxins in Maine shellfish prompt recall and ban on harvests

Maine's health department and Department of Marine Resources has closed certain portions of the state's coastline to the harvest of shellfish and issued a so-called "harvest recall" because of a finding of high domoic acid levels in samples tested.

California lakes turn a slimy green due to toxic algae

Oakland - Toxic algae blooms have shown up in more than 40 lakes and waterways in California, from Los Angeles to the northern reaches of the state this summer, the worst ever seen.

Blue-green algae adapting easily to rising carbon dioxide levels

Rising CO2 levels will eventually force many of the Earth's life forms to adapt or end up being lost. One species, the blue-green algae, of which there are many toxin-producing varieties, is adapting very quickly, and that is not a good thing.

Northern California crab season to open as toxic algae retreats

San Francisco - Northern California crabbers and crab lovers start eating it up at midnight when the long-delayed commercial crab season opens.

Chile salmon farms lose 23 million fish due to toxic algae bloom

An ongoing and deadly toxic algae bloom off the coast of Chile, the world's second largest salmon exporter, has sent the country's salmon industry into a tailspin.

Algae toxin found in 39 percent of streams assessed in S.E. U.S.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) announced on Wednesday that in a survey of 75 small streams in five Southeastern states, microcystin toxins were found in 39 percent of the waters tested.

Have scientists discovered reason for baby right whale deaths?

From 2005 until 2014, the massive die-off of baby right whales off Argentina's Patagonian coast had experts puzzled. While several causative events were suggested, scientists now think they have found the culprit, and it may be toxic algae.

Oregon authorities warn of toxic algae in Willamette River

Portland - After a blue-green film was discovered on the surface of the Willamette River earlier this past week, health officials in Oregon have now confirmed the culprit to be Microcystis aeruginosa, a toxic algae dangerous to humans and animals.

Warming climate is helping to spread toxic algae on Lake Erie

Toledo - A warming climate, coupled with questionable soil management practices, has created ideal conditions for an explosion of toxic blue-green algae growth on Lake Erie. Alarm sirens blare as government officials work to find a solution to the algae problem.

Project underway to create plastics from algae

A new type of bioplastic could be produced from algae. Technologists are considering whether such a plastic can be manufactured on an industrial scale.

Op-Ed: Freeloading social algae and plants that eat other plants

Sydney - Algae are plants. You could be forgiven for thinking otherwise when you see what the Golden Algae are capable of doing. This species has developed a range of toxic and non-toxic members. They also hunt prey and have an interesting social life.

Orlando residents sickened by blue green algae bloom

Orlando - Officials in the Lake Buchanan area of Orlando, Florida are investigating whether a potentially toxic algae bloom is making residents in the area sick.

Toxic algae spreading through ocean and coastal food chains

A new report indicates that toxic algae are spreading through the ocean environment in both coastal and open ocean waters. That's not good news for the fisheries industry, because these algae spread contamination through the whole food chain.

Toxic Algae Sickens, Strands Marine Mammals on Southland Beaches

Scientists believe the approximately 20 marine mammals -- sea lions and dolphins -- and birds that have washed ashore along the California coast have been sickened by eating fish that feeds on toxic algae.

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The opening of the dungeness crab season was delayed in California in 2015. Above: A very large dung...
The opening of the dungeness crab season was delayed in California in 2015. Above: A very large dungeness crab.
Matt Withans
Algae found floating in Orlando  Florida s Lake Buchanan.
Algae found floating in Orlando, Florida's Lake Buchanan.
Screen capture
Raphael Kudela  the Lynn Professor of Ocean Health at UC Santa Cruz  leads a team of researchers stu...
Raphael Kudela, the Lynn Professor of Ocean Health at UC Santa Cruz, leads a team of researchers studying the unprecedented bloom of toxic algae along the west coast in 2015.
Tim Stephens/UC, Santa Clara

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