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Thanks to Markle's dad, Mexican town swept up in royal wedding frenzy

Rosarito - A sleepy Mexican resort town has found itself swept up in the frenzy around the royal wedding thanks to the antics of the once-anonymous American retiree who is now its most famous resident: Meghan Markle's dad.

Brazilian border town tires of Venezuelan refugees

Pacaraima - The remote Brazilian town of Pacaraima is used to outsiders -- tourists curious about spectacular nearby mountains -- but a sea of Venezuelan refugees is pushing locals' hospitality to breaking point.

'We're in Spain', say residents in Catalan town of Santa Coloma

Santa Coloma - "To the rest of Europe, we look like fools": In the Catalan town of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, residents are staunchly against a declaration of independence they say doesn't represent them.

Peace trumps fear for voters in French town where priest slain

Saint- - In the working-class French town traumatised by last summer's jihadist murder of a priest, voters feel more in tune with radical left "peace" candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon than with anti-immigrant firebrand Marine Le Pen.

Shadow of executed cleric looms in Saudi town

Al `awamiyah - The bearded face of executed Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr is on every lamp post along the road leading towards his hometown of Awamiya, in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province.

'IS' axe attack awakens fears in idyllic German town

Deutschland - Wuerzburg, a sleepy German university town nestled amid vine-covered hills, has become the unlikely focus of global media attention following a brutal axe attack.

Flood, then earthquake: Ecuador town suffers double disaster

- First came the flood and then the "long, long" earthquake, a shaking so hard the two-story, covered market came down in a heap in this small town in western Ecuador.

Hometown of California shooters reels after attack

Los Angeles - Residents of Redlands, a small town east of Los Angeles, are trying to come to terms with their newfound fame as the site of one of the deadliest mass shootings in America.

Life returns to Syrian town after IS ousted

- Outside her home in a town of northeast Syria, four-year-old Baydaa scribbles on a leaflet of religious rules left behind by the Islamic State group as they fled earlier this month.

Suicide bombers force soul-searching in British town

Dewsbury - Ten years after the ringleader of the London bombings set out from his Dewsbury home to blow up a train, the small English town is again grasping for answers after a local teen-turned-suicide bomber staged a deadly attack in Iraq.

'The Walking Dead' town is being sold

Grantville - The town that was featured in season 3 the show 'The Walking Dead,' is on the market, and you can buy it for $680,000 on eBay.

Police in town in New Hampshire awarding good behavior

Farmington - In the town of Farmington, New Hampshire, the police have been handing out different types of tickets, as a way to award good behavior.

Small French town Lunel's oversized jihadist recruitment

Lunel - For insight into why France is increasingly worried about large sections of its society becoming fertile turf for jihadist recruiters, the southern town of Lunel offers a singular example.

Town bans Winnie The Pooh mascot for 'dubious sexuality'

Tuszyn - The Polish town of Tuszyn were deciding who to use as a mascot for its playground, but decided that Winnie The Pooh was not a good choice.

Entire ghost town in Connecticut is on sale for $800,000

Johnsonville, a village in Connecticut, has been a number of things in the past, including a movie set, theme park and ghost town, but now it is for sale.

Former mining town of Bradian, B.C., up for sale

Bralorne - Bradian, a small town in British Columbia, is about 70 miles north of Whistler, B.C. and it is for sale. For just under $1 million, someone can own Bradian.

St Ives, Cornwall: A charming seaside town Special

Saint Ives - St Ives is a seaside town and port in Cornwall, England. The town is famous for its beaches and booming art community. This summer, Digital Journal paid a visit.

Photo essay: Schwäbisch Hall, Germany Special

Schwäbisch Hall is a town in the German state of Baden-Württemberg and capital of the district of Schwäbisch Hall. Digital Journal paid a visit in early July.

Waters recede in Serbia to reveal a ghost town

Obrenovac - The roar of an armoured vehicle ploughing through muddy water was the only sound on the deserted streets of Obrenovac, a Serbian town hit by some of the worst flooding of the past week.

Photo Essay: The regeneration of the coastal town of Margate Special

Margate - Margate is considered to be one of the most socially deprived areas of England. It has however been the focus of inward investment in an attempt to reverse the downward spiral of deprivation and is starting to look like it may have potential.

Ghost town surfaces again

Buenos Aires - A ghost town that has spent around a quarter century underwater has surfaced for air once again. The town, Epecuen, is located in the Argentine farmlands southwest of Buenos Aires.

Alaskan town considers banning public defecation

Bethel - A rural Alaskan town, Bethel, is considering whether to borrow from state law and make it against the law for people to urinate or defecate in public.

French town offers refuge to Mayan apocalypse believers

Bugarach - Bugarach, one of the least populated areas of France, is becoming a popular destination among people who believe that the end of the world is near.

Meet Talkeetna's mayor, a cat named Stubbs

Talkeetna - A 15-year-old cat named Stubbs, has been mayor of Talkeetna for most of his life. The cat has been the mayor of the small tourist town in Alaska with about 900 residents for more than a decade.

Pranksters promise fake Taco Bell to Alaskan town

People in a town in Alaska were pretty excited after seeing fliers announcing that a Taco Bell was going to be opening up there. It ended up being a prank though.

Grammy winner Alan Jackson performs benefit for WV Coal Miners Special

Grammy Award Winner Alan Jackson hit the stage in Charleston West Virginia Saturday night in a benefit concert for the families of the 29 coal miners killed in April at the Montcoal Mine explosion.

Op-Ed: The weirdest, funniest, and most bizarre town names in the U.S.

The following fifty town names can be found in almost all fifty states in the U.S. They are the weirdest, funniest, and most bizarre in the entire nation.

Town resold on eBay for twice the price paid in 2007

Wauconda, Washington is on the western slope of the CascadeMountains, 3 kilometers west-north-west of Old Wauconda, in the midst of the Okanagan National Forest. The four acre town has been auctioned on eBay, twice.

Google Launches 'Model Your Town' Competition

Google announced an international, open competition for the best 3D town model. The models can be built using Google tools SketchUp or Building Maker and have to be uploaded by the end of February 2010.

Government aid for Scottish local high streets

Friday the 13th was very lucky day for 41 Scottish towns, as today they get government money to revitalise their town centres.
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Town Image

The town of Bradian in British Columbia
The town of Bradian in British Columbia
View of the small town by the old castle and army base
View of the small town by the old castle and army base
Apex is a town in Wake County  North Carolina and a suburb of Raleigh.
Apex is a town in Wake County, North Carolina and a suburb of Raleigh.
Seth Ilys
Schwäbisch Hall: the first part of the name   Schwäbisch   refers to the name of the region  Swabi...
Schwäbisch Hall: the first part of the name, "Schwäbisch", refers to the name of the region, Swabia.
A cafe at the town of Çanakkale
A cafe at the town of Çanakkale
A view of the town and mosque above the Ottoman castle
A view of the town and mosque above the Ottoman castle
The town of Crested Butte with Mt. Crested Butte behind it.
The town of Crested Butte with Mt. Crested Butte behind it.
Chris Segal
A view of the small town and mosque above the seaside Ottoman castle
A view of the small town and mosque above the seaside Ottoman castle
Sailing past the Çanakkale town lighthouse on the way across the Marmara Sea to the army base memor...
Sailing past the Çanakkale town lighthouse on the way across the Marmara Sea to the army base memorial and castle