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Two members of a 'fish mafia' jailed over sandwich war in Germany

Two organized criminals who fought for the right to sell fish sandwiches to tourists in a German town have been sentenced to jail after a series of violent attacks started by the licensing of the fish snacks.

Despite Middle East turmoil Turkey is still a tourist destination

The terror treat from the Middle East may be expected to have had a negative impact on tourism in the area but reports from tourist boards show this isn't true for neighbouring Turkey as 42 million are expected to visit the country by the end of the year.

The Australians make some pretty weird travel insurance claims

A new report has shown how Australian insurance companies have been seeing an increase in the number of extraordinary claims made by travellers in recent years as Australians begin visiting new areas.

Tourists find python in trunk of rental car

Two women on their way to a vacation in Maine Wednesday got the scare of their lives when they opened the trunk of their rental to find a python curled up against their luggage.

Hot-air balloon will take tourists 20 miles above earth

On Tuesday, World View Enterprises, a Tucson-based space-tourism company, announced that they completed a test flight of a hot-air balloon and a capsule that is being developed to bring tourists 20 miles about earth.

South African elephant euthanized after attacking tourist

An elephant in South Africa's Kruger National Park was put down after it attacked a British tourist, ripping open the woman's thigh with its tusk. The woman and her male friend were filming the elephant, when suddenly they were both attacked.

Boxing Day sales: The bargain rush

London - Everyone knows December 26th is Boxing Day. As usual, this is the day shops around the country offer special deals and special offers, and discounts from 40 percent, up to 70 percent off the original price!

British man arrested on suspicion of killing his father in Spain

Girona - A 45-year-old British man has been arrested on suspicion of beating his father to death while on a family holiday at a campsite on the Costa Brava in Spain.

Critics slam Barcelona's decision to charge entry to Parc Güell

Barcelona - Critics are angry over the decision to charge a tourist fee for entry to the iconic Parc Güell, which is currently the only site displaying the work of Antoni Gaudí without charge.

Turkey: Police attack tourists in Taksim Special

Istanbul - On Sunday afternoon, Turkish police attacked tourists who were peacefully walking through Taksim, Istanbul. Police used so much pepper spray that it came into the cafe where I was having tea with friends.

Tourists dining on Icelandic iceberg washed out to sea

A small group of American tourists dining on top of an ice glacier in frozen Iceland had to be rescued when the ice broke away from the land and began to drift out to sea.

23 people poisoned by gas in major Istanbul hotel

Istanbul - Around 23 people, mainly tourists, have been hospitalized after a gas leak in the Modern Sultan Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey.

Russian volcano eruption attracts tourists (video)

­Plosky Tolbachik on Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula has been dormant since its most notable eruption in 1975. Now it is active again a spewing clouds of ash nearly 3,000 meters into the air, and attracting some extreme tourism.

New tourism trend: Israeli tourists head for Syria border (video)

The latest destination on the Israeli tour map is the border with Syria. Tourists are flocking there, armed with cameras and binoculars, hoping to catch a glimpse of the action.

Video: Bulgaria suicide-bomber caught on CCTV at Burgas airport

Burgas - The suicide bomber who blew up a tourist bus carrying Israeli tourists in Bulgaria has been caught on the CCTV camera in the Burgas airport.

Explosion on Israeli tourist bus in Bulgaria kills 7

Burgas - A massive explosion on board a busload of Israelis, at the airport in Burgas, Bulgaria has left 7 dead and many more injured.

Video: Bus rolls off cliff in Taiwan, 15 people injured

A bus carrying tourists from South Korea was visiting Taiwan's Taroko National Park in Hualian county when the accident occurred.

Tourists fined after stealing penguin during drunken holiday

Two men that admitted to stealing a penguin from a Sea World park in Australia while they were on a drunken bender have been fined for their actions.

Op-Ed: Will the French ever stop worshiping Napoleon?

The French are planning to build a “Napoleonland” theme park, in the south of Paris, with daily re-enactments of some of the Napoleonic Wars battles to which visitors will be able to take part, with battlefields filled with bodies of soldiers...

Op-Ed: Why are tourists still flocking to Mexico?

Sheila Nabb, who was found badly beaten in an elevator in a five star hotel, is just the latest Canadian to become a victim of violent crime while staying in a luxurious Mexican resort.

Niagara Falls a vacation spot for any price range Special

Niagara Falls - Niagara Falls, Ontario is a tourist town. The first tourists came early to see the wonder of nature but today the Niagara Falls are only part of the draw to the area.

King Biscuit blues festival Special

Little Rock - Hundreds of thousands of people from as far away as Madrid come to pay their respects to The King Biscuit Blues Festival.

Tourist plane crashes in Nepal killing 19 passengers and crew

At least 19 passengers and crew of a small tourist plane were reported killed as the aircraft they were boarding crashes while on sight seeing tour in Nepal

The well known and the lesser known sights of Greece Special

Greece has many popular sights a first timer will want to visit promptly: There are the ancient sites, standing tall after thousands of years, like the Acropolis and Parthenon. Or maybe you'll retreat right away to the islands for a bit of beach hopping.

Vietnam tourist boat sinks, 12 passengers dead

At least 12 passengers of a Vietnamese tourist boat were killed by drowning when the boat they were riding sank in Halong Bay in Vietnam.

Chernobyl disaster site becoming a tourist attraction

The site of a major nuclear disaster may not be the first spot most people think of when planning a holiday, but those interested in such a visit will soon be able to take part in government-approved tours of the area around the Chernobyl power plant.

Bus crash in Germany, 13 reported dead

There has been 13 fatalities following a bus crash in Germany. The bus, containing Polish tourists, collided with a car and then hit a bridge.

Manila bus driver says Hong Kong tourists shot by hostage-taker

The Manila bus driver who was handcuffed by the hostage-taker during the bus hijacking incident in Manila last August 23 revealed before the Philippine investigating committee, the sacked police hijacker shot the Hong Kong tourists inside the bus.

Hostage crises strains Hong Kong-Philippines relations

The recent hostage crises in Manila which claimed the life of eight Hong Kong tourists has reportedly strained diplomatic ties between Manila and Hong Kong.

Hong Kong police starts own investigations on Manila hijacking

The Philippine government has allowed Hong Kong crime investigators Monday to conduct its own probe into the hostage-taking incident in Manila last Monday where eight Hong Kong tourists were killed during the rescue operations.
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Tourists in Italy taking photos
Tourists in Italy taking photos
Digital Journal
Pamphleteers solicit both Japanese and American tourists  wearing tee shirts with signs on the back ...
Pamphleteers solicit both Japanese and American tourists, wearing tee shirts with signs on the back advertising shooting guns for gun in Waikiki, Hawaii's fabled tourist destination.
Tourists leave Tiananmen Square to pass beneath the famous gate to the Forbidden City
Tourists leave Tiananmen Square to pass beneath the famous gate to the Forbidden City
KOMAKI  Japan — It s springtime in Japan and that means one thing. Actually  two things. Penis fes...
KOMAKI, Japan — It's springtime in Japan and that means one thing. Actually, two things. Penis festivals and vagina festivals. It may sound like a sophomoric gag. But these are folk rites going back at least 1,500 years, into Japan's agricultural past. They're held to ensure a good harvest and promote baby-making. Maybe they should hold more such festivals.
group of tourists whale watching when humpback breaches near San Luis Obispo  California
group of tourists whale watching when humpback breaches near San Luis Obispo, California
Bill Bouton
Feng Chao Bar _ Leshan City_ China.
Feng Chao Bar _ Leshan City_ China.
Tourists stand near the lighthouse at the harbor entrance on a stormy Antalya day
Tourists stand near the lighthouse at the harbor entrance on a stormy Antalya day
Leshan City
Leshan City
Leshan City_Sichuan Province_China.
Leshan City_Sichuan Province_China.
Leshan City
Leshan City
Dahab  Sinai  one of the popular beach and diving resorts in Egypt
Dahab, Sinai, one of the popular beach and diving resorts in Egypt
The last viewpoint of the Bear’s Hump trail in Waterton Lakes National Park  Alberta.
The last viewpoint of the Bear’s Hump trail in Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta.
Feng Chao Bar
Feng Chao Bar

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