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US to tighten rules for visa-free visits: White House

Washington - After recent extremist attacks, the United States is to tighten security procedures for its visa waiver program for visitors from friendly countries, the White House said Monday.

Russian tourists run out of sunny options as Turkey tensions rise

Moscow - Tensions following Turkey's downing of a Russian fighter jet have shrunk the horizon for Russian tourists in search for sunnier climes -- and for battered tour operators.

U.S. issues global travel alert due to 'increased terrorist threats'

Washington - The United States issued a worldwide travel alert on Monday warning American citizens of "increased terrorist threats" in the wake of the Paris attacks.

Jihadists in Europe stir visa debate in U.S.

Washington - US lawmakers, on edge after the Paris attacks launched by French and Belgian jihadists, are calling into question a program that allows Europeans to travel to America without a visa.

Airport passenger profiling key to thwarting attacks: Analysts

Barcelona - Contested in some quarters, air passenger profiling is gaining ground among watchdogs as a defence against terror attacks following two bloody assaults in less than a month.

Eiffel Tower closed indefinitely after Paris attacks

Paris - The Eiffel Tower will be closed indefinitely following the wave of deadly attacks in Paris, the iconic landmark's operator said on Saturday.

Precarious future: The battle to save Taiwan's Queen's Head

- Scientists are battling to save Taiwan's ancient "Queen's Head" rock from erosion -- but the island is split over whether technology should be used to preserve the precarious natural masterpiece.

Sharm nightspots deserted as tourists vanish from Egyptian resort

Sharm Al Shaikh - Usually buzzing with foreigners on holiday, Sharm el-Sheikh's tourist nightspots have been deserted after thousands left the Egyptian resort following the crash of a Russian airliner.

SeaWorld to do away with killer whale show

Los Angeles - US theme park SeaWorld announced that it planned to phase out its signature killer whale show, which has come under intense criticism in recent years.

Cross-dressing Chinese man with selfie stick arrested at Japan spa

Toukyo - A Chinese male tourist in drag has been nabbed after he entered the female section of a seaside public bath to take selfies, local police said Monday.

Frustration grows as stranded Britons wait to leave Egypt

Stranded in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, British tourist Joanna Baker is growing increasingly frustrated despite her luxurious surroundings.

11,000 Russian travellers fly home from Egypt: Deputy PM

Moscow - Some 11,000 Russian tourists have returned home from Egypt in the past 24 hours after Moscow suspended flights to the country over the Sinai plane crash, an official said Sunday.

Egypt tourism dealt body blow by Russia airliner bomb fears

Cairo - Concerns raised by Britain and the United States that a bomb may have downed a Russian airliner in Egypt have cast a shadow over a once popular holiday destination already hit by years of political turmoil.

Sharm el-Sheikh: Jewel of Egypt's tourism industry

Cairo - The Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, where British tourists were stranded Thursday after flight cancellations over fears a bomb downed a Russian plane, is the jewel of Egypt's tourism industry.

Ancient warrior's tomb and huge treasure hoard found in Greece

Atenas - US archaeologists in Greece have uncovered the skeleton of an ancient warrior that has lain undisturbed for more than 3,500 years along with a huge hoard of treasure, the Greek culture ministry announced Monday.

Milan celebrates World Expo, though critics doubt social impact

Milan - Dedicated to the problem of feeding the planet, the World Expo in Milan winds up Saturday amid celebrations over visitor numbers but doubts regarding its contributions to the global food debate.

Brazilians have a beef with UN meat warning

Rio De Janeiro - At Rio de Janeiro's famed Churrascaria Palace restaurant, the sizzling of steaks, the swish of carving knives and sighs of satisfied diners drowned out a UN warning that meat can cause cancer.

Jerusalem unrest has tour operators praying for calm

Jerusalem - In good years, Vittorio Di Cesare's tours of Jerusalem's holy sites for November and December are booked up well in advance. This year, he doesn't have a single booking.

Violence killing tourism in Acapulco

Acapulco - American college students used to visit Acapulco during their holidays by the thousands, but they are now shunning the beach resort as it has become Mexico's murder capital.

France's Corsica: From 'isle of beauty' to 'isle of trash'

Ajaccio - Corsica, France's lush and feisty Mediterranean "isle of beauty", as it's known, has another nickname, the "scented isle" for its dense fragrant shrubs.

Soulless roundabout at EU's heart awaits transplant

Brussels - On a blustery afternoon three German tourists emerge from the Brussels metro, seeking the very heart of Europe in all its grandeur.

Suspense mounts over fabled Nazi gold train

Varsovia - The mystery surrounding a fabled Nazi gold train allegedly buried in southwestern Poland intensified Friday after a week of tests by an army unit including a bomb squad appeared to have produced no clues.

Tunisia lifts state of emergency imposed after tourist massacre

Tunis - A state of emergency imposed in Tunisia after a jihadist gunman massacred 38 foreign tourists in June is set to be lifted, the president's office announced Friday.

Australia makes huge area around Uluru protected indigenous land

Sydney - More than five million hectares (12.35 million acres) of Outback surrounding Australia's famed tourist attraction Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, was Thursday declared an indigenous protected area.

Tourists held overnight by indigenous group in Peru highway protest

- Some forty people, mostly foreign tourists, were held overnight Wednesday by indigenous Peruvians protesting the halt in construction of a highway through an area known for its protected natural areas and gold mining.

Eiffel Tower closed for hours after intruder spotted

Paris - Paris's Eiffel Tower was closed for several hours on Sunday after an intruder with a backpack was spotted inside the iconic monument before its daily opening hours, officials said.

Havana spruces up for pope visit

Havana - Havana has received a rush makeover ahead of Pope Francis's arrival in Cuba on Saturday with newly paved streets, a renovated cathedral, repainted buildings and billboards of the pontiff plastered across the city.

Egypt pledges 'transparent' probe into Mexican tourist killings

Cairo - Egypt on Wednesday pledged a quick and "transparent" probe into the accidental killing of eight Mexican tourists by security forces, as Mexico's foreign minister visited the country seeking answers.

Mexico slams Egypt 'air strike' after tourists killed

- Mexico called on Egypt to swiftly investigate why tourists were mistakenly targeted in what witnesses described as an air strike that left at least two Mexicans dead and six unaccounted for.

Egypt kills Mexican tourists in desert strike error

Cairo - Egyptian security forces have killed 12 people including Mexican tourists in error while chasing jihadists in the vast Western Desert, sparking condemnation of what Mexico called a "deplorable" air attack.
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Views of Ronda  Spain
Views of Ronda, Spain
The last viewpoint of the Bear’s Hump trail in Waterton Lakes National Park  Alberta.
The last viewpoint of the Bear’s Hump trail in Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta.
Coastal Route Viña del Mar - Concon.  Playa Amarilla  (Yellow Beach) enjoys active sea and a gentle...
Coastal Route Viña del Mar - Concon. "Playa Amarilla" (Yellow Beach) enjoys active sea and a gentle beach slope, particularly suited to children.
Beaches of Fuengirola  Spain
Beaches of Fuengirola, Spain
Andrew and his wife Molly _Feng Chao Bar _ Leshan City.
Andrew and his wife Molly _Feng Chao Bar _ Leshan City.
Chicago: Millennium Park.
Chicago: Millennium Park.
City of Chicago
Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol  Spain
Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol, Spain
Scotland - Inveraray Bridge - Loch Fyne
Scotland - Inveraray Bridge - Loch Fyne
Neil Gunn
Arab Baths  Ronda  Spain
Arab Baths, Ronda, Spain
Tourists explore the  living museum  at the restored Antarctic base at Port Lockroy. Re-opened in 19...
Tourists explore the 'living museum' at the restored Antarctic base at Port Lockroy. Re-opened in 1996, the site is now the most visited on the Antarctic Peninsula.
Moorish bridge  Ronda  Spain
Moorish bridge, Ronda, Spain
View from the top  Ronda  Spain
View from the top, Ronda, Spain
Ōkunoshima island is a part of the Japanese city of Takehara which is located in Hiroshima Prefectu...
Ōkunoshima island is a part of the Japanese city of Takehara which is located in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan.
The New Bridge  Ronda  Spain
The New Bridge, Ronda, Spain
A marketing campaigns from Tourism Australia
A marketing campaigns from Tourism Australia
Tourism Australia
Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol  Spain
Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol, Spain
Wildflowers on the Bear’s Hump hiking trail in Waterton Lakes National Park  Alberta.
Wildflowers on the Bear’s Hump hiking trail in Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta.
Coastal Route Viña del Mar - Concon. The Radisson Hotel  Concon  offers accomodation right on the r...
Coastal Route Viña del Mar - Concon. The Radisson Hotel, Concon, offers accomodation right on the rockeries.
Feng Chao Bar
Feng Chao Bar
Kayak In crystal clear waters.
Kayak In crystal clear waters.
Hawaiian Airlines