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Hole is where the heart is for Chinese cave dwellers

Bejing - High in the misty hills of southwestern China, an hour's hike from any road, the lowing of livestock echoes through Zhongdong village, where a group of 18 families live inside an enormous natural cave.

Spectacular water show opens Venice Carnival

Venice - The Carnival of Venice, which each year draws thousands of revellers dressed in masks and period costume, got under way in the iconic Italian city on Saturday with a stunning show staged on its famous canals.

Pompeii unveils Roman kiss for Valentine's day

Pompei - The lava may have cooled 2,000 years ago but Pompeii is a hot destination this Valentine's day with a special opening of the exceptionally preserved House of the Chaste Lovers.

Eiffel Tower to be shielded by 2.5-metre glass security walls

Paris - The Eiffel Tower, the symbol of Paris, will soon be protected by bulletproof glass walls 2.5 metres (eight feet) high, part of a plan to prevent attacks at the monument, the city said Thursday.The walls costing some 20 million euros ($21.

Mexico's 'Corruptour' visits nation's dark underbelly

Mexico - Packed with sightseers eagerly snapping pictures on their cameras and cell phones, this looks like any other tour bus in the world -- or almost.

European roaming charges to end in June as EU inks deal

Brussels - European travellers will no longer have to pay roaming charges for using their mobile phones within the EU after the bloc reached a deal Wednesday that will take effect in June.

Turkey tourism income slumps after attacks, coup

Ankara - Turkey tourism revenues fell almost 30 percent in 2016, the country's statistics office said Tuesday, after visitors stayed away following multiple terror attacks and a failed coup.In 2016 income from tourism fell by 29.

Macedonians send out SOS from Europe's oldest lake

Ohrid - A fishing boat glides across the shimmering surface of Europe's oldest lake, a haven of biodiversity and a UNESCO World Heritage Site -- one that conservationists warn faces multiple development threats.

Russians rally against cathedral handover

Sanktpeterburg - Over a thousand people rallied in Russia's Saint-Petersburg Saturday to protest the decision by authorities to hand over the city's famous St. Isaac's cathedral to the Orthodox Church.

Barcelona bans new hotels in city centre

Barcelona - The mayor of Barcelona on Friday banned the opening of new hotels in the saturated city centre, to end the flow of locals out of the area due to pressure on housing from the tourism sector.

12 bodies found in Mexican tourist town: officials

Guadalajara - A dozen bodies -- including seven that were headless and mutilated -- were discovered over the weekend in western Mexico's seaside resort of Manzanillo, apparent victims of the country's epidemic of drug violence, local officials said.

Mexican resort area reels from back-to-back shootings

Canc - A tranquil Mexican seaside region reeled Wednesday from two shootings that left nine people dead and shattered the peace in a beach resort area beloved by US and European tourists.

Vienna's homeless show tourists life on the street

Vienna - On a wintry afternoon, tourists huddle around their guide outside Vienna's central train station.

'This time is different': Istanbul tourism reels after attacks

Istanbul - Yavuz Indere has worked as a hotel receptionist in Istanbul for nearly half a century, witnessing coups, unrest and economic crises.

With tourists scarce, Egypt struggles to maintain heritage

Cairo - With a shaky economy following years of unrest and a huge drop in tourists, Egypt is struggling to preserve its fabled archaeological heritage.

Cuba reports banner tourism year in 2016

Havana - Cuba welcomed a record four million tourists in 2016, up 13 percent over last year, with much of the increase thanks to a crush of visitors from the US and Europe, officials said on Saturday.

First woman named to head Vatican Museums

Vatican City - Pope Francis on Tuesday named Italian Barbara Jutte as the next head of the Vatican Museums, making her the first woman to take charge of the Catholic Church's artistic treasures.

Tourists turn out at Berlin markets: 'otherwise they've won'

Berlin - Rattled but determined tourists hit Berlin's landmark attractions Tuesday, saying that to keep away after the Christmas market rampage would hand victory to the attackers.

Eiffel Tower reopens after five-day strike

Paris - The Eiffel Tower reopened to the public on Sunday after a labour strike closed the Paris landmark for five days.

Eiffel Tower strike extends into holiday season

Paris - The festive season in Paris kicked off Saturday without any tourist trips to the iconic Eiffel Tower, where a labour strike ground on for a fifth day.

Costa Rica scraps entry for EU Schengen, Japan visa holders

San Jos - Costa Rica this week abruptly changed its migration policy to stop visitors using visas for the EU's Schengen zone or for Japan from entering the country, causing many "problems," according to one official.The decision was not explained.

'Full French experience' at strike-hit Eiffel Tower

Paris - Tourists discovering Paris for the first time this week have had an unwelcome introduction to France's strike culture: a four-day stoppage at the Eiffel Tower has left thousands disappointed.

Rio gets UNESCO world heritage status

Rio De Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro, nicknamed the Marvelous City, officially entered the UN's list of world heritage sites Tuesday in recognition of its soaring granite cliffs, urban rainforest and beaches.

Eiffel Tower shut by third strike of 2016

Paris - Workers at the Eiffel Tower concerned over an upcoming paint job at the famous landmark went on strike Tuesday, the third stoppage at the monument in six months.

Italian tourist shot dead by drug traffickers in Rio

Rio De Janeiro - Drug traffickers shot an Italian tourist in the head and killed him Thursday, after he and his companion strayed into a slum in Rio de Janeiro, police said.

Spain smashes another fake police ring that robbed tourists

Barcelona - Spanish police said Wednesday they had smashed a criminal gang of Iranians and Pakistanis who preyed on tourists in Barcelona by posing as police, just days after dismantling a similar ring in Madrid.

Airbnb imposes limit on London home rentals

London - Airbnb will impose a 90-day limit on the sharing of private homes in London, the home rentals website has revealed amid fears over the British capital's housing market.

With Castro gone, US presence in Cuba grows

Havana - Fidel Castro spent his life combating US capitalism, but by the time he died, American cruise ships, regular flights and even the embassy had returned to the communist-ruled island.

Airbnb agrees 60-day limit on Amsterdam home rentals

Den Haag - Amsterdam has reached a pioneering agreement with home rentals website Airbnb to limit the sharing of private homes to 60 days a year, the city and website said Thursday.

No music or rum for tourists after Castro death

Havana - Tourists looking to drink daiquiris at El Floridita, a favorite haunt of legendary US author Ernest Hemingway in Havana, found the entrance gated shut.
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Tourism Image

Plaza in Ronda  Spain
Plaza in Ronda, Spain
Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol  Spain
Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol, Spain
Feng Chao Bar
Feng Chao Bar
Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol  Spain
Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol, Spain
A news stand in Paris
A news stand in Paris
An adventure vessel plows through the rough waters of the South Atlantic
An adventure vessel plows through the rough waters of the South Atlantic
Leshan City
Leshan City
Crannog on Loch Tay - Scotland
Crannog on Loch Tay - Scotland
Neil Gunn
Hotel Complex in Andorra
Hotel Complex in Andorra
The Prince of Wales Hotel at dusk  Waterton Lakes National Park  Alberta.
The Prince of Wales Hotel at dusk, Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta.
Beaches of Fuengirola  Spain
Beaches of Fuengirola, Spain
MS Hanseatic  one of the world s luxury expedition vessels  cruises in Antarctic waters.
MS Hanseatic, one of the world's luxury expedition vessels, cruises in Antarctic waters.
Hapag Lloyd Cruises
A marketing campaigns from Tourism Australia
A marketing campaigns from Tourism Australia
Tourism Australia
Beaches of Fuengirola  Costa del Sol  Spain
Beaches of Fuengirola, Costa del Sol, Spain
International Tourism Bourse 2010 in Berlin
International Tourism Bourse 2010 in Berlin
Tourism in Antarctica has steadily increased over the years  to an estimated 35 000 people in 2013.
Tourism in Antarctica has steadily increased over the years, to an estimated 35,000 people in 2013.
Christopher Michel
Moorish bridge  Ronda  Spain
Moorish bridge, Ronda, Spain
International Tourism Bourse 2010 in Berlin
International Tourism Bourse 2010 in Berlin
International Tourism Bourse 2010 in Berlin
International Tourism Bourse 2010 in Berlin
Wildflowers on the Bear’s Hump hiking trail in Waterton Lakes National Park  Alberta.
Wildflowers on the Bear’s Hump hiking trail in Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta.