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Cyprus to swing doors open to main tourist markets

Nicosia - Cyprus is to open up to 16 countries previously not on its coronavirus safe list, welcoming tourists from its largest markets Britain, Russia and Israel, the health ministry announced Monday.

Palau leader slams 'carrot and stick' China during Taiwan visit

Taipei - Palau's president on Monday compared the tiny Pacific nation's ties with China to an abusive relationship as he reaffirmed he had no plans to drop Taiwan during an official visit to Taipei.

Thailand to lift tourist quarantine for popular beach island

Bangkok - Thailand on Friday announced plans for an experimental quarantine-free model in ultra-popular beach destination Phuket, as the kingdom attempts to resuscitate its pandemic-battered economy.

Miami Beach residents reel from hard-partying crowds

Miami Beach - Hordes of drunken revelers ignoring the pandemic have forced parts of Miami Beach into a state of emergency but, just blocks away, locals organize trash collection and do yoga in the morning calm.

Yemen's Socotra archipelago awaits ecotourists

With its lush landscape, distinctive trees, unique animals and turquoise waters home to dolphins, Yemen is hoping its Socotra archipelago will become a dream destination despite the country's nightmarish conflict.

Miami Beach declares state of emergency over uncontrollable crowds

Miami Beach - Throngs of revelers flocking to Miami Beach in Florida for spring break have become so uncontrollable that authorities declared a state of emergency Saturday and imposed a curfew meant to quash the party.

Tourists in Mexico party like there's no Covid

Tulum - Tourists writhe their bodies to pumping techno beats on dance floors along Mexico's Caribbean coast -- a magnet for people from around the world who want to party during a pandemic.

Luxury oasis draws elite Saudis locked in by pandemic

Apo - Well-heeled Saudis frolic in an artificial oasis built on salmon-coloured dunes, splashing the cash after a year-long pandemic lock-in that dovetails with efforts to discourage citizens from splurging overseas.

France's Bayeux Tapestry faces first restoration in 150 years

Bayeux - It has stood for over nine centuries as the most celebrated record of the 1066 Norman Conquest of England, its famous images cemented into the mind of every British school child.

Disneyland Paris postpones re-opening again

Paris - Disneyland Paris, Europe's biggest tourist attraction, said Friday it will not be able to reopen as planned on April 2 because of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

Forgotten mausoleum of Roman emperor Augustus reborn

Rome - A newly renovated colossal mausoleum for the founder of the Roman empire Augustus has reopened to the public in the Italian capital after centuries of neglect.

Hollywood, history combine in Churchill art auction

Rabat - Hollywood's Angelina Jolie and Britain's iconic wartime prime minister Sir Winston Churchill, a keen artist who took inspiration from the Moroccan city of Marrakesh, are combining for a March 1 date at Christie's auction house in London.

Mexico's hottest hotel perks: Covid tests and free quarantine

Canc - Never mind the unlimited food and drink, the latest all-inclusive hotel perks tempting tourists to pandemic-hit Mexico are free Covid-19 tests and extended stays for anyone who catches the coronavirus.

Dying breed: Tunisian crafts smoking pipes from briar wood

Tabarka - Bent over a century-old machine, Tunisia's sole artisan pipe-maker Anis Bouchnak carves smoking pipes from native briar wood, a craft passed down by his grandfather and father.

Sri Lanka sets visitor cap as it reopens for foreign tourists

Colombo - Sri Lanka will restrict daily visitor numbers to 2,500, authorities said on Thursday, as it cautiously opened its doors to foreign tourists again after a 10-month coronavirus shutdown.

Foreigners without face masks punished with push-ups in Bali

Denpasar - Foreigners caught not wearing face masks on the Indonesian resort island of Bali are being subject to an unusual punishment: push-ups.

Tourism on track in the world's largest cave

Vietnam - Vast rock formations the size of multi-storey buildings loom above Ho Minh Phuc, as he picks a path through the gloom inside the world's largest cave.

Escaping coronavirus lockdowns, tourists flock to Dubai

Dubai - As much of the world tightens lockdowns to stem coronavirus, Dubai has flung its doors open, branding itself as a sunny, quarantine-free escape -- despite a sharp rise in cases.

High cost to wildlife from shark nets protecting S.Africa beaches

- "They're basically curtains of death," said shark diver Walter Bernardis as he reached over the side of his zodiac inflatable boat to pull up a net bobbing in eastern South Africa's subtropical waters.

Omanis revive memory of village swallowed by desert

- Encroaching sands have left little evidence that the Omani village of Wadi al-Murr ever existed, but former inhabitants and curious visitors are coming to rediscover the hamlet engulfed by the desert.

Sri Lanka welcomes first tourists despite new coronavirus strain

Colombo - Sri Lanka welcomed its first foreign tourists in nine months Monday even as a new deadlier strain of the coronavirus gripped the island.

Migrant workers in limbo as Austrian ski resorts reopen

Ischgl - Austria's ski lifts may be operating but as the country struggles to control coronavirus infections, the sector expects a subdued season -- and migrant workers who depend on it face an uncertain winter.

Quiet Bethlehem Christmas means 'less business, more religion'

Bethlehem - Deprived of its usual tourist influx by the pandemic, Bethlehem will celebrate a quiet Christmas this year that is less about commerce and more about religion, says its parish priest.

North Korea to redevelop flagship tourist resort

Seoul - Pyongyang plans to redevelop its flagship Mount Kumgang tourist complex into an international resort, a year after leader Kim Jong Un ordered South Korean-built buildings there demolished, state media reported Sunday.

Brazil's Rio cancels New Year beach party over pandemic

Rio De Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro's annual New Year's Eve beach bash, already reduced in scope and format, has been canceled due to the raging coronavirus pandemic, the mayor's office said Tuesday.

Singapore to allow business travel arrivals from all countries

Fpo - Singapore will allow business travellers and visiting officials from all countries to enter from next month, authorities said Tuesday, as the financial hub seeks to recover from a coronavirus-induced downturn.

Machu Picchu closes again, over local train dispute

- The Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, the crown jewel of Peru's tourist sites, closed its doors Monday for an indefinite period for security reasons amid protests by locals over train services, officials said.

Libya 4WD road warriors on bumpy ride to revive tourism

Libya - A road trip through Libya's desert would long have sounded like a holiday in hell but, two months into a ceasefire, adventurous travellers are exploring the Sahara by four-wheel drive.

Ukraine seeks World Heritage status for Chernobyl zone

Chernobyl - A soft snow fell as a clutch of visitors equipped with a Geiger counter wandered through the ghostly Ukrainian town of Pripyat, frozen in time since the world's worst nuclear accident in 1986.

Israel unveils parts of Herod's palace buried by Judean king

Palestinian - Israeli authorities are set to unveil previously off-limits structures within King Herod's palace-fortress Herodium, which the tyrannical Roman-era leader interred as his enormous burial plot.
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Leshan City
Leshan City
Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol  Spain
Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol, Spain
A news stand in Paris
A news stand in Paris
Beaches of Fuengirola  Costa del Sol  Spain
Beaches of Fuengirola, Costa del Sol, Spain
Debating chamber - Scottish parliament
Debating chamber - Scottish parliament
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Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol  Spain
Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol, Spain
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International Tourism Bourse 2010 in Berlin
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A field overlooking the mountains at the entrance of Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta.
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Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol  Spain
Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol, Spain
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Beaches of Fuengirola, Spain in summer.
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Chicago: Millennium Park.
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Beaches of Fuengirola  Spain
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Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol  Spain
Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol, Spain
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