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Touchscreen News

New touchscreen device that rolls and scrolls

Researchers have designed a prototype touchscreen device, using additive manufacturing methods. What's unusual is that the device is a combination of a smartphone and a tablet.

Fitbit announces the Alta, a stylish touchscreen fitness tracker

Fitbit has added a new fitness tracker to its collection of wearables, breaking from tradition by emphasising style as well as functionality with the new product. The Fitbit Alta is a $130 low-profile wrist band for appearance-conscious fitness fans.

Apple's Force Touch may be called '3D Touch Display' on iPhone 6S

A report has alleged Apple may be renaming its Force Touch technology for the iPhone 6S, launching a next-generation version known as 3D Touch Display. It allows a touchscreen to detect different levels of pressure and react accordingly.

Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge+ to have a physical keyboard accessory

Samsung will be offering a physical keyboard accessory for its upcoming Galaxy S6 Edge+ smartphone, according to a recent leak online. An image of the device shows that the keyboard clips to the bottom of the display, replacing the touchscreen one.

Microsoft files patent for touchscreen game control layout

Microsoft has filed a patent for a new control scheme for touchscreen mobile devices that resembles console controllers with two 'thumbsticks' at the bottom corners of the screen and what can only be called shoulder buttons at the top of the display.

Review: New Nintendo 3DS game Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return is a new Nintendo 3DS exclusive based on the animated, musical 3D film of the same name. It is an exciting game that fans of the puzzle genre will enjoy and has sufficient enough unlockable content from the flick.

Virtual showrooms attract modern car buyers

It’s getting harder and harder to find luxury automotive dealerships in the downtown cores of major cities, even though that’s the best place to reach luxury buyers. However, that doesn’t mean car companies can’t have showrooms.

Op-Ed: Microsoft to unveil new Surface 2.0 touchscreen mid-January

Surface computing has been around in one form or another for the past 20 years. However, the ability to free yourself from the 'one cursor', 'one mouse', 'one user' personal computing concept is pretty sweet.

Nintendo Wii U and its touchscreen controller

Nintendo's next game system, dubbed Wii U, has been confirmed for having touchscreens built into its controllers. Also, Wii U will sport high-def video.

Computers take orders at UK McDonald's

Fast-food giant McDonald's plans to replace human workers with technology that will revolutionize the way European customers order their meals.

When every surface can become a touchscreen Special

Touchscreens are not just for tablet PCs, smartphones and ATMs. Portugese company Displax has created a product that can turn any surface into a touchscreen, telling Digital Journal this technology can make everyday living more interactive.

Palm Pre Steps into Ring with iPhone June 6

The long-awaited Palm Pre smartphone, known as the latest competitor to Apple's iPhone, will be released June 6 and cost $200 US, has learned. The launch will be two days before Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference.

Apple sued over touchscreen technology

The iPod Touch's and iPhone's key selling point is its touchscreen technology, which most agree is currently way superior than most of its competitors. But a Taiwanese company is suing Apple, saying the latter has infringed its patents.

Sony to launch 'Touchscreen Walkman' in 2009

Sony is planning to launch a touch-screen Walkman next year. It will have Wi-Fi, OLED, a WQVGA screen and will come in 16GB and 32GB versions.

Go retro with Contra!

Old school 2D platformer is about to make a huge comeback, except this time It's for the Nintendo DS. Get ready to play as Lance Bean and Mad Dog again and be ready to kick some butt.

New Touchscreen 6G iPod Soon

Mac site, Trusted Reviews is running a very interesting story. they claim that Apple will launch a 6G touch screen iPod soon.

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Touchscreen Image

Everything is controlled from the center touchscreen.
Everything is controlled from the center touchscreen.
Through touchscreens and motion sensing  virtual showrooms such as this one for Jaguar Land Rover al...
Through touchscreens and motion sensing, virtual showrooms such as this one for Jaguar Land Rover allow users to take a 360-degree exterior and interior tour of vehicles, open doors and even start engines.
Jaguar Land Rover
The back view of a woman using Displax s multitouch technology
The back view of a woman using Displax's multitouch technology
Courtesy Displax
Displax s multitouch surface technology known as Skin
Displax's multitouch surface technology known as Skin
Courtesy Displax

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