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Touch News

Prosthetic arm created that enables patients to feel touch again

Prosthetics enables those who have lost a limb to regain a degree of functioning in terms of movement but not with touch. This could be about to change, as scientists have developed technology that can return some degree of feeling.

Sensor-packed glove learns to grasp like a human

Boston - On a mission to improve robotics, researchers have developed a sensor-packed glove that can learn the signatures of the human grasp. The sensors will work with a neural network to identify objects by touch.

A sense of touch: Allowing robots to feel

Houston - Researchers have devised an artificial skin that allows a robot to sense ‘touch’, to a degree in a way that is similar to people. This is a step forward in the development of robotics and will be of interest to developers.

Google Project Jacquard: Control devices by touching your clothes

Google showed off a unique and innovative new product at its I/O developers conference in San Francisco recently. Called Project Jacquard, this new tech lets people control their devices by touching and swiping pieces of interactive fabric in clothes.

12.9-inch iPad Pro has a stylus, Force Touch, A9 chip and NFC

There have been rumours of an under-development iPad "Pro" for some time now. Over the weekend, new leaks have emerged that not only confirm the existence of the device but also reveal it to have an official stylus — just like Microsoft's Surface.

Super artificial skin enhances sense of touch

Researchers have designed artificial skin that is sensitive to tactile information. The developed skin is 1,000 times more sensitive than human skin.

The magic touch speeds up cockroach birth

Female cockroaches that get "touched" - by other female cockroaches - reproduce faster than female roaches that live in isolation or without tactile stimulation.

Apple 'iWatch' trademark spree hits Mexico, Taiwan, and more

The smart watch concept has been rumored for quite some time and several small start up companies have been designing these concept devices.

Apple's next-generation devices may include a fingerprint scanner

The delay of the iPhone 5S could be explained with what Apple has in store for us next. With no iPhone 5S announcement at the WWDC, it looks like Apple has good intentions with something big planned.

Op-Ed: Apple Changes Time With $21M Payment For Clock Design

How much would you pay for a watch? Maybe up to $500 for a nice shiny and expensive one. However, this may not be the case with Apple.

Op-Ed: Is Apple dying?

Apple is one of the biggest companies in the United States based on market capitalization. Not only that, but it constantly beats its own sales records cashing in mainly on the popular Apple iPhone.

Apple releases iPhone OS 3.1 beta to developers

Apple has released a beta version of an update to its new iPhone OS to developers, with speculation we could see it released to the general public within weeks.

Apple iPhone Sees Real Competition from New HTC Touch Diamond

You might not know HTC by its name, but you've likely used the company's products; HTC has made cellphones and PDAs for other companies for years. More recently it's been flying under its own brand name and its new Touch Diamond looks stunning.

Digital Journal TV: Can the 'Touch' Give the Finger to iPhone?

In this episode of Digital Journal TV, we look at a new phone that looks like an iPhone, works like an iPhone and is already being dubbed the "iPhone killer" in markets starving for this type of technology.

OP-ED: Touch Makes The World Go Round

Do you touch someone everyday? Skin to skin contact? Simple pats on the back? Do you crave the touch of another? I am a touchy feely person. I need to touch and be touched. It's an act of love with my family. An act of connecting with others.

She will dance with you, If you touch her arm

Study says, if you touch a woman lightly on her arms, she will dance with you with a higher probability than when you don't touch.

Incredible Multi-Touch Interactive Screen

Researchers at NYU's Media Research Lab have developed an amazing display screen that is the future of computing.

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