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Toshiba News

Georgia Power has a new deal with Plant Vogtle contractors

Atlanta - Georgia Power reached an agreement with Toshiba that will pay Georgia Power $3.68 billion beginning in October 2017 through January 2021, clearing a path for the troubled Plant Vogtle expansion held up by Westinghouse taking bankruptcy in March.

Loss-hit Toshiba nosedives on fears about future

Toukyo - Toshiba shares plunged Wednesday afternoon as fears grow about the future of one of Japan's best-known firms, which is battling massive losses and accounting fraud allegations at its US nuclear unit.The Tokyo-listed stock dropped 13.62 percent to 186.

Toshiba to 'reinvent pen and paper' with a unique Windows tablet

Toshiba hosted a major device launch in Japan today that included a Windows 10 tablet design that aims to "reinvent" writing on pen and paper. The two-in-one convertible includes a keyboard dock and precision stylus, rivalling Microsoft's Surface.

Toshiba chief executive resigns over accounting scandal

Tokyo - Toshiba's chief executive resigned Tuesday to take responsibility for doctored books that inflated profits at the Japanese technology manufacturer by 152 billion yen ($1.2 billion) over several years.

Toshiba and SanDisk partnering to produce high-power '3D' memory

Toshiba and SanDisk are looking to the future of memory storage, and have revealed that they are joining forces to produce a 3D memory card.

Toshiba unveils disease-detecting breathalyser

Tokyo - Japan's Toshiba on Tuesday unveiled a breathalyser which it says can detect a wide range of diseases just 30 seconds after users blow into the machine.The device, about the size of a small dishwasher, has a nozzle in which users blow several times.It t...

Toshiba, SanDisk sue Hynix over suspected flash memory technology leak

Partners Toshiba Corp of Japan and SanDisk Corp of the United States separately filed civil lawsuits against South Korea's SK Hynix Inc, seeking damages over the suspected theft of data re...

Japan vows to tackle corporate spying amid reports of Toshiba breach

Japan vowed on Thursday to fight industrial espionage after domestic media reported technology and information from local companies, including chipmaker Toshiba Corp, had been leaked to rivals from other c...

Toshiba debuts world's thinnest, lightest tablet

In the wake of Apple's announcement of the debut of the iPad 3, Toshiba has decided to counter the gadget giant with their own offering, the Excite X10 LE, the world's thinnest and lightest tablet PC.

Panasonic forecasts worst ever loss of $10 billion

Electronics company Panasonic has significantly downgraded its profit forecast for the year ending 31 March 2012, after reporting poor quarterly results.

Toshiba's $11,000 55-inch 3D TV

On Monday Toshiba Corp announced that they will start to sell 55-inch 3D TVs that will not require people to wear 3D glasses.

Toshiba customers' info leaked in hacking, NASA login compromised

Kyodo - Toshiba announced Saturday that it has been the victim of hacking. It confirmed that more than 7,500 customers' personal information may have been leaked from the customer database of its U.S. sales department.

EU commission fines 10 chip producers over price fixing

Brussels - The EU Commission fined 10 of the world's largest DRAM chip producers, including the German Infineon, South Korean Samsung and several Japanese companies, a total of 331 million euros (403 million dollars) for operating a cartel.

Op-Ed: Toshiba shows off gadgets ahead of holiday season Special

From the latest buzz of LED televisions to the netbook that every frugal student wants, Toshiba is throwing the net wide this year, emphasizing it has something for everyone this holiday season.

Toshiba brings facial recognition to cars

Toshia has demonstrated new technology which allows drivers to control things such as the car radio using nothing but their face.

Toshiba back with an improved DVD player

Toshiba lost its high-definition DVD battle against Sony in the HD DVD war against Blu-ray. But now, the company is back and wants to rely on the old DVD format with an improved DVD player. The new player promises higher resolution for existing DVDs.

Toshiba unveils Portégé R500-S5007V 'world's lightest' laptop

On Tuesday, Toshiba unveiled a new ultraportable laptop, claiming it is the “World’s Lightest” laptop. It weighs only 2.4 pounds (1.08 kilograms).

Toshiba Loses its Shirt With $1 Billion Bust From Failure of HD DVD Format

Toshiba is expected to post a $1 billion loss this year from its high-def division, thanks to the demise of the HD DVD format. But can the electronics company rebound by joining forces with Blu-ray?

Toshiba to drop HD DVD?

A reliable source in Hollywood says Toshiba may pull the plug on its HD DVD format very soon. Since many retailers and studios have switched to Blu-ray, sources says it's more difficult for HD DVD to stay on the market.

Toshiba Cuts HD DVD Prices By 50 Per Cent, But Where Are Its Sales Figures From?

The battle for high-def supremacy was bound to get ugly. After the HD DVD camp was declared dead by media everywhere, Toshiba is now fighting back by slashing prices and issuing lofty press releases.

Heat Back on Sony As Defective Batteries in Toshiba Laptops Spark Another Recall

It would absolutely suck to be Sony today; Toshiba has announced it will be recalling 10,000 laptop batteries because — you guessed it — they contain defective Sony batteries that might make the laptops go boom. The heat is on the Big S once again.

Toshiba, Matsushita Bringing OLED to TVs

Toshiba and Matsushita have announced that within three years they plan to introduce organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels for use in televisions

Will Blu-ray Suffer Betamax Fate?

Could it be true that Sony's Blu-ray high-def disc technology is being denied to the porn idustry? No, actually that's not true. And it's not true that Blu-ray is going to suffer the fate of Betamax, either.

Why HD-DVD Could Win the High-Def Format War

The DVD format war is one of the biggest pain-in-the-ass battles I've seen in years. But with a whole lot of news coming from the Toshiba and Microsoft camps recently, HD-DVD might just have the needed edge to take the war.

MTV and Toshiba Collectively Bolster Urge Music Service

MTV Networks and Toshiba have recently joined forces to bolster digital music service Urge.

Toshiba Announces 100GB 1.8-inch drive; 100GB iPod on the Way?

Toshiba announced it will ship a 100GB 1.8-inch hard disk next month

Toshiba annonces 8Gig Memory Card

New Card will be introduced in January of 2007.

Toshiba Breathes Life Into Next Gen HD-DVDs and Shows Off Impressive New Features

With the choice between HD-DVD and Blu-ray still looming over consumers' heads for the upcoming holiday season, many tech analysts have simply advised the public to buy neither. But after meeting Toshiba today, I might at least consider HD-DVD.

Toshiba may seek compensation from Sony for battery snafu.

Toshiba starts what may be first of many lawsuits

Slim DVD burner for notebooks

Toshiba has a new slim profile HD DVD burner for notebooks
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Toshiba Image

This photo shows Unit 1 of the VC Summer Nuclear Power Plant in South Carolina. The Reactor Building...
This photo shows Unit 1 of the VC Summer Nuclear Power Plant in South Carolina. The Reactor Building, which is the concrete cylindrical structure, Turbine Building, which is the large blue building, and the Switchyard, where the electricity is sent from the Nuclear Plant to the grid.
John Macdougall, AFP/File
The Toshiba dynaPad  announced 13/10/2015
The Toshiba dynaPad, announced 13/10/2015
Toshiba showcases its 3D television that requires no special glasses: The buzz offers the tantalizin...
Toshiba showcases its 3D television that requires no special glasses: The buzz offers the tantalizing promise of the 3D experience that can be viewed from numerous angles and will support all existing 3D content.
The Toshiba dynaPad  announced 13/10/2015
The Toshiba dynaPad, announced 13/10/2015
The Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook
The Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook
Courtesy Toshiba
Toshiba laptop battery PA3166U-1BRS back
Toshiba laptop battery PA3166U-1BRS back
Uwe Hermann
The Toshiba dynaPad  announced 13/10/2015
The Toshiba dynaPad, announced 13/10/2015