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Torrential rains News

Sally has shifted East and rapidly strengthened into a hurricane

After already bringing widespread flooding to southern Florida over the weekend, Sally now has the Northern Gulf Coast in its sights, and has become the seventh hurricane of the 2020 Atlantic season.

Stunning footage shows waterfall near Sydney flowing backward

Sydney - Aerial footage out of Australia shows something bizarre—waterfalls pouring over cliff edges and flying back up from where they came. It's not a trick, but a meteorological phenomenon caused by extreme winds.

El Nino conditions fueling torrential rains and flooding in Peru

Lima - The most recent record-tying El Nino that ended in the spring of 2016 left behind enough of a warm water bulge to ensure this year's La Nina failed to develop - But it does set the stage for El Nino conditions, as Peru is experiencing now.

Death toll in Southern Africa reaches 260 as rains continue

Southern African nations were left reeling after what is being discribed as the worst disaster in years hit in the form of a tropical storm. Torrential rains produced extensive flooding, killing over 250 people and leaving thousands homeless.

Desert Aussie town of Alice Springs flooded with torrential rains

The desert town of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia has been hit by the worst rainfall in the town's recorded history. Some 200 mm of rain (8 inches) has hit Alice Springs and emergency services are being stretched.

Oslo in Norway experiencing record-breaking rain

Oslo - Oslo was hit by torrential rainfall Thursday, smashing all historical records as 44.5mm of rain fell in just one hour, from 4–5 p.m. The city center saw a traffic gridlock as the water streamed in the streets.

Colorado: More rain this weekend, woman may be fifth fatality

Relentless torrential rain pounded Colorado for five days in a row. Farming communities along the South Platte River were requested to evacuate ahead of the incoming floods, which may have claimed another life, Reuters reports.

Buenos Aires under water from torrential rains — Updated

Buenos Aires - A combination of torrential rains and violent winds have inundated Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina. At least five people have died. Later reports say up to 40 people dead.

Sicilian city of Catania hit by torrential rains and flooding

Catania - Catania in Sicily, Italy has been inundated by torrential rains on Friday, flooding the streets and causing traffic chaos.

Power cuts as gale force winds & torrential downpours hit Britain

Britain has been hit with flooding, as gale force winds and torrential downpours go into a second day on Thursday, leaving thousands without electricity.

Pilgrims evacuated after flooding around the shrine of Lourdes

Lourdes - Hundreds of Roman Catholic pilgrims, some sick and disabled, were evacuated from the shrine of Lourdes in France, as the Gave de Pau River overflowed from days of rain.

Tornado hits Gandia, Spain fairgrounds injuring 35 (Videos)

Fortunately the fairgrounds were closed to the public at the time the tornado hit, but 35 workers were injured in the storm. More flooding and heavy rains were experienced in other areas of Spain.

Flooding in Senegal kills at least 6 (video)

Dakar - Torrential rains in the African country of Senegal have killed at least 6 people, either by drowning or being crushed by falling buildings.

Tropical storm Isaac heads for Haiti

Port-au-prince - Tropical storm Isaac is bringing gale-force winds and heavy rainfall to Haiti, and is due to hit the capital on Saturday afternoon, local time.

Another devastating flood hits southern Russia (video)

Krasnodar - More floods hitting the south of Russia have killed four people, three are missing and around 1,500 have been affected. Three of the dead are said to be tourists.

Old dam fails in Karelia, Russia — 25,000 without power (video)

Belomorsk - Heavy rains in the Russian Republic of Karelia have left 25,000 people without electricity and have affected transport links in the region. Some communities in the region have been flooded.

At least 12 people killed in landslides in the Philippines

Manila - Torrential rains triggered a landslide in the Philippine capital of Manila on Tuesday, killing eight people. One report states 51 dead. Four were buried by a mudslide in Zamboanga del Sur.

Documentary: Krymsk, Russia — The flood

Krymsk - In memory of the 171 people killed in the recent floods in Krymsk, Russia, a documentary has been produced. The 23 minute video tells the stories of some of the victims and survivors of the disaster.

Video: Flood sweeps Fangshan district in Beijing, China (update)

Beijing - Heavy rain, recorded at 46 centimeters (18 inches), fell on Beicheying Village in Fangshan District, Beijing last Saturday. Questions are raised as to officials' response to the disaster.

Heavy rains in Beijing, China kill at least 10 people

Beijing - In continuing heavy rains in China, Beijing has been inundated with torrential rains, killing at least ten and stranding 80,000 at the airport.

Continuing heavy rains hinder clean-up after floods in Japan

With fears of more landslides, the flood clean-up operation in Japan is being delayed. More torrential rains hit the country's south-west on Monday. Authorities are saying that if it rains again, clean-up work may have to be put on hold.

21 people killed in floods in China, millions evacuated (video)

Torrential rain, floods and mudslides have continued to hit urban and rural areas in southern and central China. At least 21 people have been killed.

Video: Cleanup underway in Krymsk, Russia

Krymsk - After the torrential rains caused massive flooding in the Krasnodar region of Russia, people are now trying to get their lives back together.

87 killed in torrential floods in southern Russia (video), update

Krasnodar - Severe flooding, caused by torrential rains, has hit Russia's southern Krasnodar region. Up to 87 people have been killed in the popular resort area.

Global Warming and Storms May Overwhelm Canadian Sewers

With global warming's increase of storms Canadian cities may face sewer problems. Slobodan Simonovic, who directs UWO's Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction is warning city officials that the problem is a sooner not a later problem.

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Torrential rains

Torrential rains Image

Flooding in Malaga  Spain on November 17  2012
Flooding in Malaga, Spain on November 17, 2012
A women is rescued during flooding in Athens  Greece  February 22  2013
A women is rescued during flooding in Athens, Greece, February 22, 2013
Flooded street in Beijing  China  July 21  2012
Flooded street in Beijing, China, July 21, 2012
Video screen capture
Video screen capture
Oslo in Norway was hit by record-breaking torrential rains on June 26  2014
Oslo in Norway was hit by record-breaking torrential rains on June 26, 2014
Video screengrab
More than 200 000 people are homeless in two Southern Africa nations after a one-two punch from torr...
More than 200,000 people are homeless in two Southern Africa nations after a one-two punch from torrential rains, which included a disturbance that turned into a tropical storm.
Torrential rains have flooded Buenos Aires in Argentina - April 2  2013
Torrential rains have flooded Buenos Aires in Argentina - April 2, 2013
Flooding in Chilaw Town  Sri Lanka  December 19  2012.
Flooding in Chilaw Town, Sri Lanka, December 19, 2012.
Hyper Observer/Twitter
Flooding in Chilaw Town  Sri Lanka  December 19  2012.
Flooding in Chilaw Town, Sri Lanka, December 19, 2012.
Flooding in Beicheying Village  Fangshan District  Beijing  China
Flooding in Beicheying Village, Fangshan District, Beijing, China
Video screen capture

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