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Toronto After Dark News

Review: Someone has an unfair advantage in ’Sixty Minutes to Midnight’ Special

’Sixty Minutes to Midnight’ pits a vocal audience’s bloodlust against a man’s will and ability to survive in this Toronto After Dark thriller.

Review: ‘War on Everyone’ is inappropriately hilarious Special

‘War on Everyone’ is a contrary buddy cop comedy in which the duo spend most of their time looking out for themselves at everyone else’s expense.

Review: ‘Under the Shadow’ is frightening before the monster even arrives Special

‘Under the Shadow’ combines the real terrors of war with the mythical horror of a supernatural monster that threatens a family.

Review: ‘Deathgasm’ hooks audiences right up until the big finish Special

‘Deathgasm’ is a heavy metal horror story that regales audiences with its loud and gory tale of a group of kids who mistakenly summon a world-ending demon.

Review: ‘The Hallow’ finds its monster in Irish folklore Special

The woodland creatures in ‘The Hallow’ create a tangible nightmare for a couple who discover not all folklore is to be taken with a grain of salt.

Review: Time travel movie ‘Synchronicity’ keeps it all straight Special

‘Synchronicity’ is a competent time travel movie that distinctively concerns itself with personal choices over the fate of the world.

Review: ‘A Christmas Horror Story’ is a gift-wrapped Halloween treat Special

‘A Christmas Horror Story’ is an excellent horror anthology that takes on the cheery holiday with gleefully gory results.

Review: ‘The Babadook’ haunts the dark recesses of our minds Special

‘The Babadook’ is part monster movie, part psychological thriller as a single mother struggles with her son’s fear of monsters, eventually unsure if his anxiety is justified.

Review: ‘Why Horror?’ retorts “why not?” Special

‘Why Horror’ collects a broad range of answers to a question that has been asked of fans countless times, but perhaps with different intentions.

Review: ‘Refuge’ finds sanctuary in familiar territory Special

‘Refuge’ centres on the suspense-filled lives of a family struggling to survive after a devastating event destroys civilization.

Review: ‘Time Lapse’ doesn’t go back on its promise Special

‘Time Lapse’ is a respectable addition to the sci-fi genre in which the lives of three friends are transformed when they discover a machine that tells the future.

Review: ‘Zombeavers’ delivers on the name and then some Special

‘Zombeavers’ is a laugh riot as the furry little woodland creatures develop a taste for flesh and attack of group of college kids vacationing at the lake. Hilarity ensues.

Review: Shorts After Dark are a mini taste of the fest’s offerings Special

"Shorts After Dark" is the international short film showcase programmed annually by the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

Review: ‘Housebound’ compels horror fans with absolute quality Special

‘Housebound’ is an exceedingly well-crafted haunted house, horror-comedy from New Zealand packed with twists, turns and laughs.

Review: ‘Motivational Growth’ is discerning and disgusting Special

In ‘Motivational Growth,’ a 30-something begins taking advice from a fungus in his bathroom after a failed suicide attempt.

Review: ‘The Battery’ throws a perfect game against the undead Special

In ‘The Battery,” the personalities of two former baseball players clash as they travel the back roads of New England to avoid recently risen undead.

Review: ‘Eega’ is one of a kind Special

In ‘Eega’, a man is murdered and reincarnated into a housefly that vows revenge against his killer while still wooing his true love.

Review: ‘Big Ass Spider’ packs a lot of fun in the trunk Special

A ‘Big Ass Spider’ escapes a military lab and it’s up to a team of scientists and a brave exterminator to keep it from spinning a city-wide web of chaos.

Review: ‘We Are What We Are’ questions traditions cloaked in blood Special

In ‘We Are What We Are’, the Parkers follow an ancient, divisive practice that gives the eldest female members responsibilities beyond those of a typical family.

Review: ‘V/H/S/2’ could use some splicing Special

In ‘V/H/S/2’, two private detectives searching for a missing student find a collection of VHS tapes containing horrific images that may have led to the student’s disappearance.

Review: ‘Bad Milo!’ is an old-fashioned creature feature Special

‘Bad Milo!’ is a horror comedy about a man who learns his persistent stomach problems are being caused by a pintsized monster living in his intestines.

Review: ‘Game of Werewolves’ plays the part well Special

‘Game of Werewolves’ is an amusing story about a village’s attempt to free itself from a century’s old curse by trapping their only hope.

Review: ‘A Fantastic Fear of Everything’ is a fantastically bizarre film Special

‘A Fantastic Fear of Everything’ is a dark comedy starring Simon Pegg as a paranoid man who must confront his anxieties to attend an important meeting.

Review: ‘Resolution’ doesn't really have one Special

In ‘Resolution,’ two estranged guys put their friendship to the test when they're forced to face their demons, both internal and physical.

Review: ‘My Amityville Horror’ is a personal account of real terror Special

‘My Amityville Horror’ explores the true story behind the infamous haunting, though the results may not be what audiences expect.

Review: ‘Citadel’ is creepy at a primitive level Special

‘Citadel’ is about the relentless fear a young man experiences after an unprovoked attack leaves him a widower with a baby girl.

Review: ‘Grave Encounters 2’ tries to combine too many ideas Special

‘Grave Encounters 2’ attempts to find out what happened to the missing filmmakers from the first movie while avoiding the same fate.

Review: The fun is not imaginary in 'Lloyd the Conqueror' Special

‘Lloyd the Conqueror’ is a funny film about a group of ne’er-do-wells who find their strengths in live-action role playing.

Review: ‘Cockneys vs Zombies’ takes the battle to new levels of comedy Special

‘Cockneys vs Zombies’ is pretty self-explanatory: a group of East End Londoners band together to battle the undead scourge that has taken over their town.

Review: ‘REC 3’ follows tradition while advancing the lore Special

‘[REC] 3: Genesis’ extends the story of a deadly outbreak by unleashing the infection at a wedding and ruining the couple's happy day.
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