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Canada coronavirus update — Toronto prepares for 'local spread'

Toronto - Canada’s total number of coronavirus cases rose to at least 20 over the weekend as Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia added new cases.

Review: ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ translates well to the musical stage Special

Toronto - Sports fans don’t often like show tunes, and musical fans aren’t usually jock types. But “Bend It Like Beckham: The Musical”, which made its North American debut in Toronto on Tuesday, takes a stab at bringing the two camps together.

Review: ‘#Throwback Time’ yields mixed results for Toronto Second City Special

Toronto - Nostalgia is a recurring theme in “If I Could #Throwback Time”, Second City’s new revue in Toronto. And while some scenes hit the mark, others may make you yearn for the glory days of Catherine O’Hara or Mike Myers, or even Marty Adams.

Review: Annie Baker’s moving ‘The Flick’ soars high in its Toronto debut Special

Toronto - Annie Baker’s brilliant “The Flick” is about movies, but much more. It’s about working dead-end, minimum-wage jobs and using movies to escape. It’s about the difficulties we have in connecting to each other through our social masks.

Review: Soulpepper rides a streetcar to success with bold new remount Special

Toronto - What a work of art “A Streetcar Named Desire” is. Brutal yet sensitive; poetic and tragic, but loaded with raw, frightening energy – Tennessee Williams’ classic play is no less powerful now than it was in 1947, even as norms have changed.

Review: New Soulpepper staging lights few real sparks in Pinter classic Special

Toronto - Harold Pinter is one of those playwrights whose work should be tough to screw up. His 1977 masterpiece “Betrayal” is deceptively simple and rich in dry, smart dialogue with a meaty level of subtext that actors love to chew on.

Review: Reza’s ‘Art’ loses little of its bite in new Soulpepper remount Special

Toronto - It’s easy to satirize modern art, especially if you don’t get it. It’s harder to turn a disagreement on art into a funny, biting examination of male fragility. The latter achievement is why Yasmina Reza’s 1994 play “‘Art’” holds up well.

Digital tools and community first — A bright future for the TSO

Toronto Symphony Orchestra CEO Matthew Loden is uniquely positioned to observe how digital media is shifting audience expectations of classical music, and how reaching out to a larger community can benefit cultural institutions.

Art exhibit in Lake Ontario highlights plight of refugees

If you look out over the shoreline of Lake Ontario, at the foot of Toronto’s Harbour Square Park, you’re likely to see a vibrantly-coloured tribute to the many lives tossed into chaos in the ongoing global refugee crisis.

U.S. Consulate in Toronto proudly displays its Pride flag

Toronto - The Trump administration rejected requests from U.S. embassies to fly the rainbow pride flag on official embassy flagpoles during June, LGBTQ Pride Month. But nothing was said about hanging the flag from the building.

Collision sees technological transformation of creativity

While the more altruistic elements of technology continue to be pummelled in the court of public opinion, tech is trying to find its way forward. One path that could inspire people is technology tools for creative practice.

Toronto solidifies its place in tech world with Collision

Hosting the Collision tech conference is a real coup for Toronto and Canada as 2019 marked the first time it was held outside the United States. The conference wrapped up on May 23, following a four-day showcase of Canadian and international innovation.

Review: Soulpepper’s ‘August: Osage County’ is a must-see powerhouse Special

Toronto - Now this is why we go to live theatre. Soulpepper’s explosive new production of Tracy Letts’ “August: Osage County” makes you feel as if you’re being smacked on the head a hundred times with the Frying Pan of Truth. In the best way.

Review: McCraney’s ‘Brothers Size’ rocks the stage with spectacle, heart Special

Toronto - Director Barry Jenkins received much of the credit for the brilliance of the Oscar-winning 2016 film “Moonlight”. But Tarell Alvin McCraney, on whose unpublished 2003 play the movie was based, is himself a distinctive creative voice to behold.

Review: ‘She the People’ followup from Second City brings more laughter Special

Toronto - Everyone agrees that sequels, even good ones, rarely match up to the originals. The better ones know how to call back and reinvent elements that worked well the first time, or take their ideas in unexpected new directions, or both.

Review: Soulpepper’s ‘Copenhagen’ is a challenging yet rewarding debate Special

Toronto - So why did Werner Heisenberg meet with Niels Bohr in Copenhagen in 1941 – and what were the historical consequences? What was Heisenberg’s real purpose? Why did their friendship end? And did Heisenberg have anything on his conscience?

Review: Second City’s latest is big on physical humour, short on politics Special

Toronto - Second City’s “Walking on Bombshells” immediately grabs your attention with its bold set: a realistic replica of the subway walls at Osgoode Station. Not only is it familiar, it also pumps you up to expect some savage satire of the TTC.

Review: Fans invited to play Captain Marvel scavenger hunt for fun prizes Special

You can become an honorary member of Captain Marvel’s team if you complete your mission: finish the scavenger hunt before time runs out.

Google wants to develop and tax 350 acres of Toronto

Alphabet Inc’s Sidewalk Labs unit is proposing it get a share of property taxes, development fees, and the rising value of Toronto city land as part of a deal to build a smart city, according to the company’s slide presentation made public on Friday.

Review: New Second City holiday revue lacks chemistry, edge of past shows Special

Toronto - The holidays are a time of disappointment for some, from kids who get nothing but clothes from Santa to single adults spending the season alone. This year, some Second City fans in Toronto might feel seasonal letdown by the company’s new revue.

Communauto begins free-floating car-sharing service in Toronto

Toronto - Communauto, Canada's oldest car-sharing company, has launched Communauto FLEX as part of an 18-month pilot program in Toronto that will assess the benefits of free-floating car-sharing.

MovetheDial's first Global Summit puts women in tech spotlight

The atmosphere at MovetheDial’s first Global Summit was exuberant. The event brought together thousands of attendees to celebrate and amplify women in the technology space — and find out how to push for greater equality throughout the industry.

mesh to host digital transformation meetup Nov. 21 in Toronto

Toronto tech conference mesh is back with an exciting new meetup series focused on digital transformation (DX). The event is set to include original research, scaleup pitches and networking.

Can smart cities become 'cybersecure' cities?

Toronto - Google’s Toronto smart city is an innovative project but it also brings with it various challenges, both technological and in terms of privacy and security. Trend Micro have looked at how smart cities can become cyber-secure cities.

Toronto Smart City adviser resigns over data concerns

Toronto - Saadia Muzaffar, who is a member of Waterfront Toronto’s Digital Strategy Advisory Panel for the project, has resigned arguing that the project is not taking concerns about how Google will collect and handle data collected from people.

Women in CleanTech Challenge selects 10 semifinalists

Toronto - After a lengthy summer selection process, the review committee for the Women in Cleantech Challenge has picked 10 inspiring women for the competition’s semifinal round, being held on Sept. 18 at MaRS Discovery District in downtown Toronto.

Review: Second City’s all-female revue delivers laughs, strong message Special

Toronto - What a shameful myth, that women can’t be funny. Anyone who believes so is not only a moron, but also out of touch. From Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett to Whoopi Goldberg, Jennifer Saunders, Kate McKinnon and more, ladies bring the laughs.

Canada challenges women to lead the Cleantech future

Toronto - Women are underrepresented in the innovation economy, and the Government of Canada plans to change that. Only five percent of Canadian tech companies have a sole woman founder or CEO, and only 13 percent of companies have a woman co-founder.

Review: ‘Romeo and Juliet’ hits High Park with energy and style Special

Toronto - “Romeo and Juliet” is one of the Shakespeare tragedies that’s hard to make fresh. Even for those who don’t care for the Bard, it’s too familiar, over-referenced and over-parodied, and everything about it now seems like a stale cliché.

Review: ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ scores in High Park with unique choices Special

Toronto - Tanja Jacobs knows how to make Shakespeare fun. Fresh off last year’s funny, colourful production of “Twelfth Night” in Toronto’s High Park, the director scores another winner with her quick-paced take on “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.
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Peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus) at Toronto s Tommy Thompson Park
Peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus) at Toronto's Tommy Thompson Park
Students raise their hands to ask Sundin a question
Students raise their hands to ask Sundin a question
Kanishka Sonnadara
OCAP Drummers.
OCAP Drummers.
Available exclusively through our new platform @Loopstore_us  the durable  refillable HaagenDazs con...
Available exclusively through our new platform @Loopstore_us, the durable, refillable HaagenDazs containers of all-vegan ice creams are engineered to ensure the top melts faster than the bottom.
Toronto s Whole Life Expo offers visitors a wide range of different ideas food natural food  health ...
Toronto's Whole Life Expo offers visitors a wide range of different ideas food natural food, health alternatives to products.
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Pride Week
Pride Week
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TTC Chair Karen Stintz (L) and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.
TTC Chair Karen Stintz (L) and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.
Fake NYC taxi cabs during a Toronto film shoot for Sundays at Tiffany s
Fake NYC taxi cabs during a Toronto film shoot for Sundays at Tiffany's
Mayor John Tory
Photos and Article from the Fairbanks 2012 Summer Street Festival 
images by Christian Peña Photogr...
Photos and Article from the Fairbanks 2012 Summer Street Festival images by Christian Peña Photography ©
Toronto s Project Water
Toronto's Project Water
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Amsterdam Brewery
Amsterdam Brewery
A protest in Toronto against Mayor Rob Ford
A protest in Toronto against Mayor Rob Ford
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Chef cooking corn.
Scarborough Museum in Toronto.
Scarborough Museum in Toronto.
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United Steelworkers march at Queen s Park rally.
United Steelworkers march at Queen's Park rally.
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Dirt play area for children.
The last days of summer at Toronto s Harbourfront
The last days of summer at Toronto's Harbourfront
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