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Tornadoes News

Heavy rain, flash floods risk for South through late this week

Dangerous flash flooding is possible today in parts of Texas and Louisiana as tropical moisture streams northward from the Gulf of Mexico. The potential for flooding will continue through the end of this week in other parts of the South.

Waterlogged central U.S. to get more rain as rivers rise higher

Waterlogged parts of the central U.S. braced Wednesday for more rain, following days of severe storms that have battered Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma and caused at least four deaths.

Tornado kills 14 in US state of Alabama: officials

Washington - A tornado killed 14 people and caused "catastrophic" damage in the southern US state of Alabama on Sunday, local officials said.

Heavy rains and flooding the biggest threat from T.S. Cindy

Tropical Storm Cindy continues to swirl in the Gulf off the coast of Louisiana. Overnight, Cindy dumped heavy rains throughout the state and into Alabama and Mississippi. More heavy rain and flooding is expected on Wednesday.

'Worst is yet to come' from storm in Pacific Northwest

A powerful Pacific Northwest storm fueled by the remnants of Typhoon Songda is set to hammer parts of Washington, Oregon, and northern California on Saturday, potentially bringing strong winds, heavy rains, and coastal flooding.

Power company keeps billing homeowners whose house was destroyed

Dallas - It was a bad end of the year in Texas for tornadoes. One family near Dallas had a secondary problem — they kept getting billed by the power company even though their house has been destroyed.

Eight killed by Texas tornadoes

Dallas - The storms ravaging several U.S. states have claimed another eight victims, in Texas. The death toll now stands at 26 people.

NASA data shows tornado-breeding weather system on the move

Washington - If the devastating plague of tornadoes in the last few days has been bad enough, there are more on the way. A large weather system is being tracked by NASA, showing a monster system over the Arizona/New Mexico region.

Video: Solar tornadoes captured by Solar Dynamics Observatory

It’s tornado season on the Sun. At least, that’s what it looks like according to a new video released by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Viral tornado dog reunited with true owner

After a photo of a dog guarding what was thought to be the body of his owner in Moore Oklahoma during the aftermath of a powerful tornado went viral the actual owner was reunited with the dog. Thanks to social media man's best friend found his way home.

April blizzard shuts down most of Central U.S. Special

A spring blizzard now being called Winter Storm Walda closed airports and freeways in the Central United States. The storm caused a train to derail, widespread damage and brought normal life to a standstill.

Deadly tornadoes rip through U.S. Deep South on Christmas Day

Mobile - Violent storms raged through much of the southern portion of the United States Christmas day, leaving a path of destruction and at least 5 dead.

Two tornadoes strike New York City: Video

New York - Residents of Queens and Brooklyn were shocked to see tornadoes cutting across their communities. But officials say while some homes and businesses were damaged, no one was seriously hurt.

Freak tornadoes tear across Poland — 1 dead, 10 injured (update)

Freak summer tornadoes have cut a swathe through Bory Tucholskie forest and the surrounding villages in Poland, killing one man.

Florida mother dies shielding her daughter from tornado

Venus - A Florida woman died Sunday after a tornado reportedly ripped through her home hurling her and her daughter through the air--landing nearly 200 feet away. Investigators say the woman's lifeless body was found grasping her young daughter to her chest.

Nearly 100 tornadoes slam U.S. Midwest, death toll climbs

Nearly 100 tornadoes ripped through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas and Iowa early on Sunday, killing six people in one Oklahoma town, three of them young girls, as storm sirens failed to sound.

Series of violent tornadoes tear through Dallas on Tuesday

Dallas - A series of six to twelve tornadoes wreak havoc in Dallas, Texas. No deaths have been reported, however over 20 individuals suffer minor injuries and damage has been reported on over 650 homes.

Three tornadoes hit Michigan leaving extensive damage

As three tornadoes hit Michigan Thursday evening over 100 homes were damaged or destroyed with at least 200 residents displaced. The slow moving storm produced large hail, heavy rain and high winds.

FEMA Denies Aid To Town Hit By Tornado

Harrisburg - On February 29, a tornado ravaged the town of Harrisburg, IL, killing seven people. Mayor Eric Gregg is flummoxed by this decision and is going to appeal.

Charlie Sheen donates $25,000 to Alabama tornado relief fund

Tuscaloosa - Troubled actor Charlie Sheen has made a considerable donation to the Alabama tornado relief fund, contributing a sum of $25,000.

Tornadoes kill 2 in South Africa

Johannesburg - Tornadoes killed at least two people in South Africa while leaving over a thousand homeless. Those reported dead are children under 10 years old.

Relief effort underway in Joplin, Missouri

Joplin - Within hours of the devastating tornadoes in Missouri and Minnesota last night, emergency agencies like the American Red Cross and AmeriCares were on the scene.

More than 200 dead after tornadoes hit Southern U.S.

Alabama is like a war zone, with whole neighborhoods “erased” and 204 dead. A huge strike of giant tornadoes has decimated several southern states, and one was said to be a mile wide.

State of Emergency declared as severe weather hits the US

A State of emergency was declared across all the counties of Alabama after heavy storms, which included tornadoes, thunderstorms and hail, hit on Friday night. There were at least seven fatalities, according to the Alabama Government website.

Tornadoes cause havoc as freak weather hits central Poland

Central Poland has been hit by freak weather conditions over the last day or so with towns and regions being hit by tornadoes.

Funnel cloud caught on video by storm chasers in Minnesota

Northfield - The National Weather Service has confirmed the two tornadoes that touched down in the Northfield area of Minnesota less then two days ago. The lightning in this band of storms also caused multiple house fires.

Deadly South Dakota tornadoes caught on video by Storm Chasers

Bowdle - Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers were in South Dakota this weekend and filmed the major tornadoes that hit the mid-west states. Storm's spun from this weather band are responsible for the death of one child and destruction at hundreds of farms and homes.

Woman's Death in Katrina Reveals Human Side of Disaster (Part 5)

Violent storms carrying tornadoes, devastating winds and lightning sped across parts of the southeast U.S. on Wednesday night. I could hear the tornado warnings and sirens through my window in Natchitoches, Louisiana. And I thought about Rachel.

Weather is the Story in the South

Here in Natchitoches Parish there is a warning for severe storms that could bring tornadoes, strong winds and hail. This is true for most of the South today, December 9, 2008.

2008 May Be Called The Year Of The Twisters

Tornadic activity in the United States is already at an above average high and with the peak months of October and November still to go, 2008 may be a record breaking year for cyclone activity.
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Tornadoes Image

Damages caused by tornado s that ripped through Mobile  AL on Christmas Day 2012.
Damages caused by tornado's that ripped through Mobile, AL on Christmas Day 2012.
Derrick Rose/Twitter
Damages caused by tornado s that ripped through Mobile  AL on Christmas Day 2012.
Damages caused by tornado's that ripped through Mobile, AL on Christmas Day 2012.
Derrick Rose/Twitter
Snow Hill  NC  April 19  2011 -- preliminary damage assessments in Snow Hill  North Carolina. FEMA i...
Snow Hill, NC, April 19, 2011 -- preliminary damage assessments in Snow Hill, North Carolina. FEMA is responding to the severe storms and deadly tornadoes of April 16, 2011 that damaged or destroyed homes and businesses across the state. David Fine/FEMA
David Fine/FEMA FEMA News
Joplin  MO - Rangeline Tornado Damage
Joplin, MO - Rangeline Tornado Damage
Eje Gustafsson
Tornadoes claim 6 lives in Oklahoma
Tornadoes claim 6 lives in Oklahoma
screengrab/ video
Tornado west of Osceola  Polk County  Wisconsin on Highway 92  June 20  2011.
Tornado west of Osceola, Polk County, Wisconsin on Highway 92, June 20, 2011.
Wikimedia Commons NOAA Image
Joplin  MO - Rangeline Tornado Damage
Joplin, MO - Rangeline Tornado Damage
Eje Gustafsson
Lightning flash from the doorway shows imminent risks of tornadoes in Natchitoches Parish  where wea...
Lightning flash from the doorway shows imminent risks of tornadoes in Natchitoches Parish, where weather experts say folks need to stay inside, under strong furniture and away from windows.

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