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Op-Ed: UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt gambles his future on the NHS

When Jeremy Hunt, British Health Secretary and member of the Tory Party, took to parliament on 11 February to announce the imposition of a contract on junior doctors, he cited high-level support he did not have and risked his future in politics.

'Are Ukip racist?' tops Google search questions on UK politics

Users of Google in March have been busy hunting for answers to their queries about the UK's prominent political parties ahead of the General Election in May. Yet it seems that many are somewhat preoccupied with whether Ukip are racist or not.

Unite leader McCluskey issues fresh funding threat to Labour

In the wake of what has been a year of big changes in UK politics, Len McCluskey, leader of Unite, has informed Ed Miliband that Labour funding could be relinquished should they enter coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

Conservative 'beer and bingo advert' draws ire of Labour and Libs

A Conservative advert which highlights changes to the Budget's beer and bingo taxes is being criticised by Liberal Dems and Labour. Both groups are calling the advert “patronising.”

Michael Gove denies political agenda after removing Labour peer

London - Michael Gove, UK Education Secretary, has denied removing Ofsted boss Baroness Morgan from her post just because "she was Labour."

Op-Ed: UK NHS under further attack from Tory led government

Kingston Upon Hull - Saturday news that UK Health Minister Jeremy Hunt is to announce jail terms of up to five years for doctors, nurses and NHS managers who are found to have willfully neglected or mistreated patients paints a terrible picture of the NHS.

UK Lib Dems want to ‘step down the nuclear ladder’ over Trident

Liberal Democrat members at their conference in the UK are calling for what they term a “step down the nuclear ladder” with a reduction in the number of Trident submarines.

UK PM and deputy reassure nation that coalition is united

As Britain’s coalition government reaches its halfway point, both the Prime Minister and his deputy claim it is “steadfast and united”.

Report: 1 in 4 defeated Canadian Tory candidates got public jobs

Ottawa - Following last year's spring federal election in Canada, approximately one quarter of the defeated Conservative candidates landed jobs in the public sector, according to a report. The Conservatives criticized the report for its methodology.

Veteran campaigner slams new body that opposes same-sex marriage

One of the UK’s best-known equality campaigners is hitting out at a right-wing group that campaigns for what it calls traditional marriage.

Op-Ed: Liberal Minority Offers Insecure Political Landscape in Ontario

The post-election party celebrating the re-election of Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty as Premier had all of the standard bells and whistles befitting a political triumph – cheering, a smiling leader surrounded by his family and even powerful rhetoric.

Newfoundland, Yukon voters give Tories majority governments

Whitehorse - Voters in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and in the territory of Yukon have re-elected their incumbent conservative parties to majority governments for the third straight election year.

Brothers battle each other to lead Britain’s Labour Party

Two brothers who served in the British government are battling to replace Gordon Brown as the leader of the country’s defeated Labour Party.

Who will rule Britain? It’s crunch time

It’s crunch time in the battle to decide who rules Britain, after last week’s general election led to a hung parliament.

Shun the Tories, leading commentator tells UK Lib Dems

As shuttle diplomacy continues among political parties to determine who will rule Britain, one of the country’s leading economic and political commentators is urging Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg to shun the Tories and throw in his lot with Labour.

UK faces hung parliament, Cameron wants to partner with Lib Dems

Britain has its first hung parliament since 1974, as the Conservative Party won the most seats but not enough to form a majority government. Conservative leader David Cameron has made a “big, open and comprehensive offer” to the Lib Dems.

Millions of UK voters go to the polls in tight contest

Britain’s voters are going to the polls today in what could be the closest-run general election in decades. Voting began at 7 o’clock BST this morning, and will end at 10 o’clock this evening.

UK Conservatives say same-sex unions could be called ‘marriage’

The traditional enemy of gay rights in Britain, the Conservative Party, has now become the only party seeming to offer marriage to same-sex couples.

Election projection: UK poll results will be beamed onto Big Ben

London - The BBC has announced that it will, for the first time ever, project the results of this week’s general election in the UK onto St Stephen’s Tower at the Houses of Parliament.

UK campaign using Internet to create hung parliament

An Internet campaign using social media such as Twitter and Facebook is being launched in the UK today with the specific intention of preventing any one party from governing the country.

Tory gay group founder may vote Labour in UK election after slur

The founder of a British Tory Party gay group says she will be voting for Labour in the UK general election on May 6 after a perceived slur from her party’s shadow Home Secretary.

B&Bs should be allowed to turn away gays, says British MP

A leading Tory in the UK has come under fire after he suggested that it was OK for bed-and-breakfast establishments to turn away gay couples.

Ottawa: $ 1Biliion Aid Motion Tabled

The Canadian federal government has put a motion forward that requires unanimous consent- the motion is to move on the relief funding for single industry towns. This funding was previously tied to the budget.

Tories Say 'Not Enough Armed Officers'

According to the Tories, whom are the Conservative party of Britain, there are too few armed police officers. They say that the drop of armed officers has caused a rise in gun related crimes.

Canada's Federal Government Enters NASCAR World

In order to get their Green message out, Canada's Federal government is sponsoring a car on the Canadian NASCAR circuit. According to the government the NASCAR audience is their demographic.

New Poll Shows Tories Ahead

Tories out in front but not enough

Hey Big Spender!

That's our money you're spending on your limos and jets and you haven't even asked or told us about it!

Opposition threatens to topple Tories over Afghanistan

The opposition parties are threatening to pull the plug on the Tory minority government over its handling of the mission in Afghanistan.

Conservatives to Vote on Same-Sex Marriage in December

Debate to begin Dec 6 - from CBC 1 hour ago.

Bloc Quebecois backs Tories' decision on Quebec

Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe finally agrees to stick with Tories' decision of "Quebec being a nation within a nation" instead of fighting it.
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