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Toothbrush News

How sustainable is your toothbrush?

Materials technologists have undertaken a review of the relative sustainability of different models of toothbrushes. The review considers the best oral care devices for the Earth and also what is optimal for human health.

AI comes to dentistry: The smart toothbrush

FOREO, a Swedish company has debuted the ISSALEXA, an artificially intelligent toothbrush that offers user support by analyzing saliva to detect nerves, anxiousness, stress and other emotional sensitivities.

A Web-enabled toothbrush helps keep teeth white

Paris - We are certainly living in a high tech world. As computer chips get smaller, their capabilities are expanding. Healthcare is a promising field for the design of new applications and utilization of new and existing wireless data transmission.

Smart toothbrush gives you a mouthful online

Barcelona - The world's first smart toothbrush was unveiled Monday, allowing you to improve your dental hygiene while sharing the results online with your dentist or to impress your friends.Dental cleaning sessions last two minutes, divided into four 30-second seg...

P&G's smart toothbrush keeps tabs on tooth care

Procter & Gamble Co is bringing the dentist into the bathroom with the world's first smartphone-connected toothbrush, a device that gives personalized advice to help people improve their brushing.

Toothbrush can clean your teeth in six seconds

Using applications and a 3D printer the Blizzident toothbrush was created. The Blizzident is said to be able to brush your teeth in six seconds.

Who needs coffee when your toothbrush can dispense it for you?

It is possible that you can say goodbye to coffee and other caffeine drinks if this patent from Colgate-Palmolive goes through. A caffeinated toothbrush may soon become a reality.

Compound from the ‘toothbrush tree’ may treat TB

A compound extracted from the South African toothbrush tree appears to inactivate tuberculosis in a previously unseen way.

Toothbrush key tool in repairs at International Space Station

Recently, astronauts encountered a problem at the International Space Station when they needed to fix a problem with an electrical unit that needed replacing. Using resourcefulness, they were able to make the necessary fix using an ordinary toothbrush.

Increase reported in young children with dental problems

Recent reports show that parents are often neglecting to care for their young children’s teeth. Taking 3-5 minutes out of the day to brush your child’s teeth can prevent painful encounters with the dentist early on.

Study: Regular teeth brushing may offset heart problems

Brushing your teeth could help offset the risk of heart disease, according to new research published today. But you shouldn’t neglect other factors that can lead to cardiovascular problems, say campaigners.

Electrochemical Reaction on New Tooth Brush Means You Don't Need Toothpaste

The next generation toothbrush has been launched on the market. It’s called the Soladay toothbrush, after the company that developed it. It's a truly new invention because you no longer need toothpaste.

Pearly Whites or Bacteria Haven?

As National Oral Health Month closes, the questions still remains: Are you taking good care of your pearly whites or just taking them for granted? Do you care about your toothbrush as much as your teeth? You should.

Close shave as Hong Kong woman swallows toothbrush

A Hong Kong woman somehow swallowed her toothbrush but still managed to dial 999 and call for an ambulance, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Sometimes The Headlines Write Themselves

A Romanian teenager had to have emergency surgery after swallowing a toothbrush while she practised performing oral sex.

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The prototype of Twist & Brush  a toothbrush with built-in toothpaste
The prototype of Twist & Brush, a toothbrush with built-in toothpaste
Putting toothpaste on a toothbrush.
Putting toothpaste on a toothbrush.
Thegreenj / Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)
ISSALEXA  an artificially intelligent toothbrush
ISSALEXA, an artificially intelligent toothbrush

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