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Op-Ed: Trump now wants to expand 'no obstruction' to toilets

President Donald Trump is taking "no obstruction" very seriously. Complaining that people have to "flush the toilet 10 times or 15 times," Trump said that the Environmental Protection Agency is "looking at" the issue at "his suggestion."

What a relief! Paris show lifts taboo on historic outdoor loos

Paris - They were as much a symbol of Paris as croissants and the Eiffel Tower, though they had more than a whiff of scandal from the start.

Toilets with free Wi-fi, ATMs soon to sprout across Beijing

At least 100 toilets with free Wi-fi access and automated teller machines will soon sprout across the Chinese capital of Beijing.

Paris 'wee-wee ladies' lose right to urgent hearing on dismissal

Paris - A Paris tribunal on Tuesday rejected an urgent appeal from six toilet attendants known as "wee-wee ladies" who say they were unfairly fired by managers transforming their workplaces into trendy "boutique restrooms".

World Toilet Day: The right to have clean water and sanitation

Most people reading this article can go to their kitchen for a glass of water, or use the bathroom without a second thought. But what about the 2.5 billion people in our world today without sanitation or a source of clean drinking water?

Toilets at Madrid's Atocha Railway Station to charge fee to pee

Madrid - Remember the old adage, "Spending a penny?" Well, this will soon apply again, probably at rather higher prices, at Madrid's Atocha railway station in the capital city of Spain.

6 billion people have cellphones, only 4.5 billion have toilets

A UN report says six of the world's seven billion people have mobile phones but only 4.5 billion have toilets. In response to the statistics the UN has issued a call "to change a situation in which more people worldwide have mobile phones than toilets."

Video: Toilets that operate by smartphone technology

Using the toilet has been made faster and easier through the introduction of a high-tech model to be applied in conjunction with a smartphone operating the Android OS.

ATMs found to be as dirty as public toilets

A UK study found cash machines to contain more bacteria than some public toilets. But a medical specialist says, "Ninety-nine percent of transmission of bacteria that makes you sick is between human beings."

Old toilets flushing away Canadian water

Every year Canadians are flushing away more than 580 billion litres of water because of toilets and older appliances. The older models are not efficient when it comes to conserving water.

Next Added Fee at Ryanair? Coin Slots On The Loo

One airline is considering charging its customers to use the loo during a flight. Ryanair has suggested that passengers hand over £1 to have a sky-high potty break.

Is the Toilet Seat Controversy Finally Over?

The debate is over about whether a guy should leave the toilet seat up or put it down after finishing personal business. So much of the Western world can relax now that the facts are in.

Public Restrooms Get Face Lift, Blends Toilet With Flat-Screen TV

It doesn't have a red carpet or paparazzi, but a bathroom experience touring the country provides all citizens a chance to "do it" like a star. The multi-city luxury bathroom tour is free to the public and even comes with flat-screen television viewing.

Squat Toilets Could Pose Olympic-Size Problems At The Beijing Games

There's a new concern with the Beijing Olympics: the toilet situation. There were over 30 test events held by organizers and the squat toilets that have been provided are a source of complaints.

Stories From The Bog - How Our Children Fear Their School Toilets

It has been announced in the UK this week that our children are frightened to do the one thing they need to do at school - go to the toilet. Why? It is the one place where they fear bullies lurk

100 Arrested For Not Having Toilets

In Uganda if you don't have a latrine you will get arrested. The nation is in the midst of a cholera epidemic that has already killed eight and left 164 infected. The outbreak is the result of poor sanitation conditions.

London council launches toilet-finding text service

On Thursday, Westminster City Council launched a new text message service that will guide Londoners and tourists to their nearest public lavatory using mobile technology.

Dutch Dyke Building Spills Over Into Toilet Design

The Dutch have a way with water. That's not just nice alliteration, but unsalted truth. Their dyke building is taking an unexpected twist; in a drive to save the environment. The Dutch have manufactured toilets to separate urine from the sewage system.

Don't Worry, We Will Remove The Crispy Ducks From The Toilet Well Before The Olympics

Food stalls attached to Beijing's public toilets will be removed in time before the olympics begin. Outsiders will never even suspect that we had food right there practically in the John.

In Japan Check To See If Money's In The Bowl

There's someone out there in Japan dropping money into the bowl. A nation wide hunt is going on to find who's putting envelopes into municipal toilets. The packets are containing Y10,000 ($A95.65) bills and well wish notes.

An Op/Ed On Going Green, and Why Lo-Flo May Not Necessarily Work For You

With all the options out there for us to become more environmentally sensitive, I'd like to add my thoughts on going "lo-flo".

Finding Toilet at Mardi Gras a Challenge

During Mardi Gras, New Orleans becomes latrine challenged. In fact, New Orleans singer Benny Grunch even wrote a song about it -- "Ain't No Place To Pee On Mardi Gras Day".

China to show off clean image for 2008

Breaking news, China finally cleans up it human rights abuses ... oh wait ... sorry, its the toilets they are cleaning up. Of course, appearances are so much more important.

Lack of Toilets Affecting Health of Billions

A new study claims 2.6 billion people in the developing world lack access to proper sanitation.

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Toilets Image

An instructional poster teaching the Japanese how to use Western-style toilets.
An instructional poster teaching the Japanese how to use Western-style toilets.
Screen grab of women marching for improved access to toilets on November 18  2014.
Screen grab of women marching for improved access to toilets on November 18, 2014.
Inadequate urban sanitation affects over two billion people around  the world.
Inadequate urban sanitation affects over two billion people around the world.
Water and Sanitation Program
View of Hall of Supreme Harmony at the Forbidden City from Gate of Supreme Harmony on a busy Sunday.
View of Hall of Supreme Harmony at the Forbidden City from Gate of Supreme Harmony on a busy Sunday.
Daniel Case
Ancient Roman public toilets
Ancient Roman public toilets
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