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Toilet paper News

Op-Ed: Trending on Twitter — Toilet paper and hoarding

The coronavirus pandemic risks bringing out the very worst of humanity. From price gouging to hoarding - an "everyone for themselves" mentality seems to have taken over otherwise sane and responsible people around the globe.

Disruption has finally come to the toilet paper market

In February 2019, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) issued a report titled “The Issue With Tissue." The whole point was to give leading brands of toilet paper a sustainability grade and make people aware it does come from trees - lots of tree

Yes, there is a correct way to hang toilet paper

One of the biggest disagreements in modern families today is how to hang the toilet paper. How the roll hangs is right up there with whose turn it is to take out the trash or walk the dog one last time before going to bed.

Woman develops an addiction to eating toilet paper

Gainsborough - 25-year-old Jade Sylvester, from Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, developed an addiction to eating toilet paper while she was pregnant with her youngest son.

Venezuela takes control of toilet paper factory to avoid shortage

Caracas - A chronic shortage of toilet paper in Venezuela has forced the government to control toilet paper factories, according to reports.

Zimbabwean charged for using Mugabe poster as toilet paper

No one should be foolish enough to present their backside to Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe — even if it is only a poster of the Zimbabwean ruler.

Venezuela receives 50 million rolls of imported toilet paper

A toilet paper shortage has hit Venezuela, and the government is hoping it can wipe it out by importing 50 million rolls of it.

New York brothers create ads on toilet paper

Look before you wipe! That’s exactly what two young brothers, Jordan and Bryan Silverman, are hoping you will do. The entrepreneurs, 22 and 18-years-old, respectively, began a start-up that allows advertisers to place ads on their rolls of toilet paper.

Man rings 999 service to inform them he's out of toilet paper

In an attempt to make people aware of the indirect dangers that can result from prank calls to emergency services, the bosses of the South Western Ambulance Service have released a prank call from a man who informed them he was out of toilet paper.

Trio faces prison time for toilet paper scam

West Palm Beach - Three men in Florida could face up to 20 years in prison for taking part in a $1 million toilet paper scam. They conned elderly customers into buying unnecessary toilet paper products.

Georgia-Pacific takes dirty swipe at Kimberly-Clark

In what cannot be termed a landmark decision, a federal judge has taken a swipe at Georgia-Pacific Co. and ordered them to turn the other cheek.

Op-Ed: Massachusetts man charged with larceny, stole 20 toilet rolls

Lawrence - A man from Massachusetts has been charged after stealing more than 20 toilet rolls from his employers at Lawrence City Hall.

Leaders flushed in ire over photo, man using flag as toilet paper

Described as “cheeky,” a photo of a man using the French flag as bathroom tissue has authorities panties in a bunch and wiping their brows to find a way of punishing or sanctioning the photo artist.

Cuba facing a toilet paper shortage

While the rest of the world is fighting home foreclosures and the loss of jobs, Cuba is fighting a very different threat. According to the Miami Herald, Cubans may need to reduce the number of toilet paper squares they use during bathroom breaks.

Op-Ed: Boo from the Loo. Japanese Author Pens Horror Story on T. P.

Flush with ideas, Japanese author Koji Suzuki’s new novella, “Drop,” is billed as “a horror experience in the toilet,” and is printed on rolls of toilet paper.

Toilet Paper Is Worse On The Environment Than Gas Guzzling Cars

Are you using a product that causes more environmental problems than a gas guzzling car? Do you pride yourself on being green and yet purchase something every week that is helping to destroy virgin rain forests? Chances are you are.

Amador Bernabe Got A Pink Slip For Not Using Toilet Paper

Amador Bernabe was working at Townsville Engineering Industries in Australia on a working visa when he was fired. He didn't get his pink slip for his job performance, it was the way he uses the loo. Bernabe of the Philippines does not use toilet paper.

A contest for toilet paper wedding dresses?

There is a contest for wedding dresses made from toilet paper and the competition has been held the past four years in a row. The winner walked away with a top prize of $1,000.

Woman Sues Kmart Over Toilet Paper Tax

A woman has sued Kmart for allegedly collecting a 7 percent state sales tax on a nontaxable item: a 12-pack of toilet paper. Mary Bach alleges a Kmart department store in the Pittsburgh suburb of Monroeville improperly collected the tax on the $3.99 item.

Take Five At A Time

A new electronic toilet paper machine was revealed. It deposits five sheets into the hand that waves under the machine.The Kimberly-Clark Professional company of Roswell, Georgia has been working on it for the past year.

One Square of Toilet Paper Please

Sheryl Crow, the 'If It Makes You Happy' singer, says one square of toilet paper is sufficient. Well, yes, I suppose that might make me happy, but a little bit more, would make me happier.

Maryland Park Tells Visitors To Bring Their Own Toilet Paper

In WALKERSVILLE, Md visitors are told that they need to bring their own toilet paper because the park refuses to supply any.

Inmates Take A Swipe At Toilet Paper Cuts

In an effort to cut costs at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility, officials have started limiting inmates to one roll of toilet paper at a time.

X-Wipes,My Stupid Post For The Week

X-press your feelings about an ex-lover, ex-spouse or ex-boss. X-pose the weakness of whoever opposes you. X-orcise enemies who attack. X-tend your reach to the ultimate. This is it! You've found the genuine original -- the one and only X-Brand™ X-Wipes

Hemo-Roll, Toilet Paper For Your ‘Rrhoids

I don't think this will impress the visitors to home...

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This is a picture of  wrapping paper. 
 Le Troubadour  (French) - 1960s package of toilet paper.
This is a picture of "wrapping paper." "Le Troubadour" (French) - 1960s package of toilet paper.
Gérard Janot
Cheeky Monkey TP
Cheeky Monkey TP
Cheeky Monkey
toilet paper
toilet paper
Photo by emdot
Oops  we re out of toilet paper.
Oops, we're out of toilet paper.
GorillaSushi (CC BY-SA 2.0)
The designs on the packaging are fantastic.
The designs on the packaging are fantastic.
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