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Togo president's party wins majority in parliament

Lom - Togo President Faure Gnassingbe's party won most seats in parliamentary elections, according to provisional results on Monday, in polls overshadowed by pre-ballot clashes and an opposition boycott.

Concern mounts over Togo elections after violence

Lom - International observers on Thursday raised concerns about violence in Togo before elections later this month, which the government has said will go ahead despite the unrest and an opposition boycott.

DNA sleuths bolster case against three ivory cartels

Tampa - DNA tests on smuggled elephant tusks have identified three major ivory cartels in Africa and are helping investigators bolster the criminal cases against some of the most dangerous traffickers, researchers said Wednesday.

Billionaire French tycoon Bollore detained in Africa corruption probe

Paris - Billionaire French tycoon Vincent Bollore was detained Tuesday as part of a corruption investigation into his group's activities in West Africa where it operates several ports, legal sources told AFP.

Charity gives Venus de Milo prosthetic arms in French campaign

Paris - A replica of the Venus de Milo, the famous armless Greek goddess statue, was endowed with two prosthetic limbs made by 3D printers for a campaign by Handicap International carried out in Paris on Tuesday.

Talks open in Togo between government and opposition

Lom - Long-awaited talks between Togo's government and the opposition began on Monday to try to end a six-month political stand-off that has seen thousands take to the streets in almost weekly protests against the ruling party.

New protests in Togo as efforts to start talks stall

Lom - Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Lome on Saturday for the third time this week to demand the exit of President Faure Gnassingbe, with little sign of progress on promised talks.

Togo president blames opposition for violence

Lom - Togo's President Faure Gnassingbe has accused the opposition of orchestrating violence that has killed at least 16 people in massive anti-government protests across the country.

Togo opposition leader calls on France for help

Lom - French President Emmanuel Macron was on Friday urged to step in to help find a solution to an increasingly violent power struggle between Togo's opposition and the government.

'Three killed' in Togo opposition clashes

Lom - Togo's opposition on Thursday said three people were killed and dozens more injured as gangs of youths clashed with security forces trying to prevent the latest anti-government protest in the capital.

Tension in Togo over banned opposition marches

Lom - Several cities in Togo were tense on Wednesday following clashes between opposition supporters, soldiers and police as demonstrators prepared to hold another anti-government protest the authorities have branded illegal.

Northern Togo: an unlikely place for a protest movement

Kara - With its dirt roads of red earth, children playing with old tyres and succession of dilapidated mosques, northern Togo is an unlikely home for a movement that's challenging Africa's longest-ruling political dynasty.

Togo readies for fresh protests amid charges of repression

Lom - Opposition parties in Togo readied for a second day of demonstrations on Thursday over the rule of President Faure Gnassingbe, the scion of Africa's oldest political dynasty, amid accusations of harsh repression by the security forces.

Togo ruling party calls rally to drown out opposition

Lom - Togo's ruling presidential party on Monday urged supporters to take to the streets to coincide with planned opposition demonstrations against the slow pace of political reform.

Togo panel approves controversial constitutional reform plan

Lom - A parliamentary panel in Togo on Friday approved a controversial bill to revamp the constitution and introduce a presidential term limit, after days of protests against the regime of Faure Gnassingbe, the scion of Africa's oldest political dynasty.

Togo opposition unconvinced by reform bill proposal

Lom - Togo opposition leaders on Sunday said they were not hopeful of political change, as parliament prepared to discuss potential constitutional reform after days of huge anti-government protests.

Police fire tear gas at anti-government protests in Togo

Lom - Riot police fired tear gas at massive crowds gathered in Togo's capital late Thursday, breaking up the huge opposition protests against President Faure Gnassingbe's regime.

Huge protests in Togo for constitutional reform

Lom - A mass rally in Togo on Wednesday heaped pressure on President Faure Gnassingbe to enact constitutional reform, as opposition leaders warned against any attempt to delay change.

After Rwanda, now Togo looks to join the Commonwealth

Lom - Diplomatic talks and visits by experts are gathering pace in Togo as the former French colony looks to follow another Francophone nation and join the Commonwealth.

Togo police fire tear gas at protest for media rights

Lom - Police fired tear gas at hundreds of people Saturday as they marched through Togo's capital to protest the shutdown of two private media channels.

Ghana, Togo boost security after attack warning

Accra - Security has been beefed up in Accra and Lome following a leaked intelligence report that indicated Islamist militants were likely to launch their next attacks in Ghana and Togo.

Togo voodoo market helps the sick and politicians

Lom - Lucien Yekpon, a Lome traditional healer, sat on a stool surrounded by voodoo objects -- skulls, feathers, statuettes -- to place his hand on the head of a patient and recite incantations.

Togo votes for a new president

Lom - Togo went to the polls in presidential elections on Saturday, with the incumbent Faure Gnassingbe seeking a third term in office to extend his family's grip on power into a second half-century.

Togo minister says 'we cannot relax efforts' against Ebola

Washington - Togo, which is coordinating the fight against West Africa's deadly Ebola outbreak, says the international community "cannot relax efforts" to combat the disease, Social Action Minister Dede Ahoefa Ekoue told AFP.

Guerrillas Claim Shot Togo Soccer Team 'By Accident'

A guerrilla group which has been fighting for independence since 1963 says its killing of members of the Togolese soccer team was an accident, because the attack was aimed at the accompanying Angolan security force.

Togo team bus attacked

Tragedy struck Angola when gunmen sprayed bullets at Togo's national team, killing three people and forcing its withdrawal from the soccer tournament.

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