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A person is shot by a toddler each week in U.S.

Toddlers have shot, on average, on person each week during the course of 2015 and 2016, according to newly reported statistics.

Why parents should FaceTime with their children

Parents who work, and other relatives, should spend time on FaceTime to talk with their toddlers. This helps the children to engage, learn and development. This is according to a new study.

What you may not know about California's lead-tainted water

Los Angeles - Like Flint, Michigan, California is facing its own problems with lead-tainted water. Nowhere is this clearer than the tiny town of Vernon, situated five miles south of downtown Los Angeles. Here, the Exide battery plant spewed lead for decades.

Op-Ed: If this Iowa bill passes, will it create a 'militia of toddlers?'

If there's anything the NRA does well, it's profiting from dead toddlers. And a new bill recently passed by the Iowa House of Representatives may well cause a few more dead toddlers, and rack up more profits for the NRA.

Op-Ed: Toddlers shoot more Americans than Muslim terrorists

San Francisco - The recent Islamist terror attacks in Paris, France have rekindled long-simmering Islamophobia and xenophobia among many Americans, including political leaders from both major parties who now want to shut the door on Syrian refugees fleeing civil war.

Study says anxiety in toddlers could alter brain physically

A new study from the Yale Child Study Center has shown that anxiety in preschoolers can physically change the structure of their brains.

What's the best way to read to a baby?

Researcher and writer Elaine Reese has provide some tips for reading to new babies. Although babies do not seem to react much, Reese argues that reading out loud has benefits for the baby’s development.

The new trend of photography: baby mugging

Baby mugging isn't what it sound like. There is no mugging of babies nor mug shots of babies. All you need is a camera, a baby, and a mug.

iPotty touchscreen toilet offers potty training entertainment

The iPotty training toilet unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas features an iPad holder to keep toddlers entertained during the potty training process.

Op-Ed: Food companies market products to kids via smartphones

It's not that surprising to see food companies are increasingly advertising to kids through smartphones. Advertisements are already implemented on smartphones, specifically via the Android application market.

Increase reported in young children with dental problems

Recent reports show that parents are often neglecting to care for their young children’s teeth. Taking 3-5 minutes out of the day to brush your child’s teeth can prevent painful encounters with the dentist early on.

52% of kids under 8 using iPods, iPads and mobile devices

Need a babysitter? There's an app for that. A study published this week says a huge percentage of children under the age of eight are consuming media on iPods, iPads and other devices at growing rates.

Ohio coroner's office cremates wrong toddler

Columbus - An Ohio Coroner's Office once again mixed up two bodies. Grieving parents, who had picked out a white tuxedo to bury their son were visited by the Coroner Sunday and given the devastating news "their baby boy had mistakenly been cremated."

Headbutts and Pokes Can Send Mom and Dad To The ER

When you grow up I hope you have a kid just like you are! That threat is resounded repeatedly and it could have happened right after you headbutted your mother as a toddler. Toddlers can be dangerous little buggers.

Toddlers Who Point, Will Talk Soon After

A discovery into how and why some children are speaking well by the time they enter kindergarten, while others lag behind. Scientists say it has a lot to do with early gesturing.

Overweight Toddlers Often Iron Deficient

Those pudgy legs and Buddha bellies may be endearing, but a new study shows that toddlers who are overweight have a high rate of iron deficiency -- with Hispanic toddlers more at risk.

Toddler Yoga Class Banned From Church

The toddlers in Louise Woodcock's yoga class are scrambling to find directions to their new classroom. that's because the church they were going to banned the class as unChristian.

String Bikinis: Now Available for Toddlers!

The Arizona Republic is reporting that Gap Kids now offers a crochet string bikini for 1 year-olds. Doesn't that just make you say what the hell? How far is too far in kids wear?

New UK Scheme To Help The Rising Figures Of Toddlers Unable To Talk

The Department of Education is to start a new scheme to help toddlers with poor speech skills as they start school

Toddler Fighting Mothers Walk Free

As the four evil mothers who encouraged toddlers to fight each other are spared prison, who does that make the rest of us feel about the minds of these women and will they do it again? The court says no, they are NOT a risk to society

Update: Frozen toddler's father also faces sex charge

The father accused of leaving his daughter outside to freeze to death is now facing charges of sexual assault of the 2nd child.

Safety mistakes even good moms make

You turn your head, and your toddler is gleefully shredding the work papers you brought home. Or you put the laundry basket on the floor, and next thing you know the baby's tipped it over and is covered with underwear.

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