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At least 7 Libyan soldiers killed by Islamic State at checkpoint

Tripoli - At least seven Libyan soldiers were reported killed and five more wounded as Islamic State forces were able to overrun a checkpoint in the town of Ajdabiya, a town near the key oil port of Brega.

Op-Ed: Libyan war planes attack and sink a ship near Benghazi

Tripoli - On Sunday, a Libyan war plane from the forces of the internationally-recognized Tobruk government attack and sank a vessel near the port city of Beghazi according to spokesperson for the air force.

Op-Ed: UN envoy claims Libya peace agreement cannot be amended

Tripoli - A few days ago a group of participants in a Libyan peace dialogue initialed the fifth draft of an agreement to form a Government of National Accord.

Op-Ed: Many countries praise flawed Libyan peace agreement

Tripoli - There are two rival governments in Libya, the internationally-recognized government in the east, the House of Representatives(HoR) located in Tobruk and the General National Congress government located in Tripoli.

Op-Ed: Tripoli-based Libyan government demands changes to peace plan

Tripoli - Back on July 2, UN Special Envoy to Libya Bernardino Leon convened a meeting of delegates to peace talks in Skhirat Morocco despite the absence of negotiators from the Tripoli-based General National Congress(GNC) government.

Op-Ed: Tripoli government will not sign UN draft peace plan

Skhirat - The UN dialogue appears less and less as a plan for peace and more and more a means of promoting the Tobruk House of Representatives(HoR) in a new Government of National Accord that gives Tripoli almost no actual power.

Op-Ed: UN appears to want GNC government to reject peace deal

Skhirat - The most recent fourth draft of a UN-sponsored plan for a unity government in Libya was originally received positively by the Tripoli government and negatively by the internationally-recognized House or Representatives(HoR) government based in Tobruk.

Op-Ed: Rival Libyan governments resume peace talks in Morocco

Skhirat - Talks to form a unity government in Libya resumed in Skhirat Morocco resumed on Friday June 26. The UN special envoy to Libya Bernardino Leon, provided the two rival governments with the 4th draft of a unity government plan prior to the meeting.

Op-Ed: Libyan unity government talks to resume in Morocco

Tripoli - Earlier this month, members of the internationally-recognized House of Representatives(HoR) government based in Tobruk eastern Libya were split on whether they would even continue to participate in the peace talks.

Both Libyan governments object to EU plans to combat traffickers

Tripoli - The head of the internationally-recognized Libyan government's air force warned European countries that any ships entering the Tobruk government's territorial waters without permission will be targeted by air strikes.

Op-Ed: Tobruk government rejects UN peace plan draft

Berlin - The internationally recognized government of Libya, the House of Representatives(HoR)based in Tobruk has decisively rejected the fourth draft peace plan presented by UN special envoy Bernardino Leon.

Op-Ed: Unrepresentative Tobruk delegates at Berlin Libya dialogue

Berlin - Bernardino Leon, the Special Envoy of the UN to Libya, who is facilitating dialogue between representatives of the two rival governments in Libya, said that the time had come to agree on a unity government.

Op-Ed: UN peace talks in Berlin on Libya ignore reality

Berlin - The international community is putting pressure on representatives of the two rival governments in Libya to agree on a unity government. A meeting in Berlin is taking place today in Berlin with officials from world powers.

Libya warns ships not to enter territorial waters unauthorized

Tobruk - The internationally-recognized Libyan government in Tobruk has warned countries not to enter its territorial waters without authorisation.

Op-Ed: Libyan government objects to EU plan to combat migrant crisis

Tripoli - The ambassador to the UN of the internationally-recognized Libyan government, Ibrahim Dabbashi, rejected most of an EU plan to deal with the growing migrants crisis largely centered in Libya.

Op-Ed: Draft agreement on Libyan unity government appears close

Tripoli - Bernardino Leon, the special UN envoy for Libya, who is guiding peace talks between the two main rival factions in Libya, claims that the two parties are "very close to a final agreement" on a unity government.

Op-Ed: Tobruk Libyan government sets up its own oil company

Tripoli - The internationally recognized Libyan government of Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni has once again tried to dismiss the Central Bank of Libya Governor Saddek Elkaber.

Op-Ed: Tripoli forces withdraw from near eastern Libya oil fields

Tripoli - The Third Force, a unit of the Tripoli-based General National Council (GNC) government has agreed to a ceasefire with Ibrahim Jadhran who commands forces guarding Es Sidra.

Op-Ed: CIA-linked General Haftar appointed commander of Libyan army

Tripoli - Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni of the internationally recognized Libyan government based in Tobruk has appointed General Khalifa Haftar as commander of the army today.

Op-Ed: Pressure rising for more foreign intervention in Libya

Tripoli - Recent beheadings and a deadly suicide attack in Libya by fighters claiming allegiance to the Islamic State are creating more pressure for new foreign intervention in Libya.

Op-Ed: Internationally-recognized Libyan government agrees to cease fire

Tripoli - The internationally-recognized Tobruk government announced a ceasefire as of midnight Sunday. The rival faction Libya Dawn associated with the Tripoli government had announced a truce two days before.

Op-Ed: Libyan peace talks in Geneva reach agreements

Geneva - Fajr Libya or Libya Dawn a militia group associated with the rival Tripoli government announced a ceasefire between militia allied with them and those of Khalifa Haftar and the internationally-recognized Tobruk government.

Op-Ed: Libyan government planes bomb own oil company's tanker

Tripoli - The Libyan Air Force bombed an oil tanker operated by Greece but leased by the Libyan National Oil Company(NOC) killing two members of the crew.

Op-Ed: Oil fires in Libya's largest oil port being contained

Tripoli - There have been fires at Es Sider the main oil export terminal for a week now. The fires have reportedly destroyed four days of Libya's oil production.

Op-Ed: UN sets new Libya peace talks January 6

Tripoli - Peace talks held under UN auspices in September in Ghadames made virtually no progress. There are now two rival governments supported by rival military forces. The new talks are scheduled for January 6.

Op-Ed: Tobruk government rejects UN demand to stop bombing

Tripoli - Abdullah al-Thinni, prime minister of the internationally and UN recognized government, told the UN envoy Bernardino Leon that Tripoli is held by extremists and bombing will stop only if they surrender.

Op-Ed: UN to hold Libya talks despite General Haftar's continued bombing

Tripoli - CIA-linked General Haftar continues his bombing of what he considers military sites in western Libya in areas controlled by the rival Tripoli government. His attacks have the support of the internationally recognized government in Tobruk.

Op-Ed: Libya Supreme Court rules elections and new government illegal

Tripoli - As if things could not become even more unsettled in Libya, the Libyan Supreme Court has just announced that the internationally recognized and UN-backed government is dissolved and the June elections declared illegitimate.

Op-Ed: Libyan government declares war on Islamists

Tobruk - The Islamist-dominated militias who control Tripoli and Benghazi convened the General National Congress(GNC), which appointed a prime minister who formed a government but the internationally-recognized elected government is in Tobruk, in eastern Libya.

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