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Tobacco News

Russians cut back on drinking, smoking as fitness trend grows

Moscow - Russians are drinking less than at any point since the fall of the Soviet Union, figures show, as a raft of government measures bear fruit and healthy living becomes ever more fashionable.

'Smoking kills,' US tobacco firms say in court-ordered ads

Washington - Smoking kills an average 1,200 Americans daily, US tobacco companies admitted Sunday in court-ordered "corrective statements" published in newspapers.

UN labour body under fire over tobacco ties

Geneva - The UN's labour organisation was accused Thursday of capitulating to pressure from tobacco companies after it withdrew an announcement that it had cut financial ties with the industry.

Global anti-smoking measures quadruple since 2007: WHO report

New York - Warnings about the dangers of smoking and restrictions on tobacco use have quadrupled worldwide since 2007, but more needs to be done to curb this deadly habit, the UN health agency said Wednesday.

New doubts cast over e-cigarettes

University of Connecticut scientists have published a study that shows electronic cigarettes ('e-cigarettes') are potentially as harmful as tobacco cigarettes.

Tobacco kills 7 million a year, wreaks environmental havoc: WHO

Geneva - Smoking and other tobacco use kills more than seven million people each year, the World Health Organization said Tuesday, also warning of the dire environmental impact of tobacco production, distribution and waste.

Philippine's Duterte imposes public smoking ban

Manila - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has signed an executive order that will impose a wide-ranging ban on smoking in public, reinforcing some of the toughest anti-tobacco measures in Asia.

Smoking to kill 200 million in China this century: WHO

Bejing - Smoking-related diseases will claim 200 million lives in China this century and plunge tens of millions into poverty, a report said Friday.

Treaty slows global tobacco use by 2.5%: WHO

Paris - Tobacco use fell by 2.5 percent worldwide a decade after the first global health treaty went into effect, World Health Organization researchers said Wednesday.

Shanghai expands public smoking ban

Shanghai widened its ban on public smoking Wednesday as China's biggest city steps up efforts to stub out the massive health threat despite conflicts of interest with the state-owned tobacco industry.

'Third-hand' smoke may harm infants: study

Paris - The first solid evidence that smoking causes cancer came in the 1950s, followed decades later by revelations that "second-hand" smoke also harms health.

Health group outlines advice for giving up smoking

Toronto - Although smoking tobacco products is in decline in many countries, a sizable minority continue to smoke. To remind smokers about the process of quitting, the Canadian Cancer Society has provided Digital Journal with a nine step plan.

Use of prescription painkillers surpasses tobacco

A new trend exposes the use of prescription painkillers in the U.S.; the use of opioid-based medication now exceeds that of tobacco. This is based on a U.S. government backed survey.

Spanish police seize record 100 tonnes of contraband tobacco

Madrid - Spanish police have seized a record 100 tonnes of contraband tobacco worth 16 million euros ($18 million) and arrested 13 people suspected of selling it over the internet, they said Thursday.

Uruguay wins case against US tobacco firm

Montevideo - Uruguay won an arbitration case against US tobacco giant Philip Morris, which sued the state claiming its strict anti-tobacco law harmed the cigarette maker's business, both sides said.

Call for Canadian cigarettes to be in plain packages

Toronto - World No Tobacco Day is taking place on May 31. As part of the social media campaigns, the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association is calling for cigarettes to be placed in plain packages to discourage smoking.

Plain cigarette packs become law in UK, France

London - The days of branded cigarette packets in Britain and France are over as new plain packaging laws came into effect on Friday, hailed by campaigners despite resistance from tobacco firms.

Turning tobacco plants into cannabinoid bio-factories

With the medical marijuana market heating up, the company 22nd Century has announced a new initiative to produce medically important cannabinoids in plants other than cannabis, like tobacco plants.

Germany adds black lung, rotting teeth photos to cigarette packs

In an effort to curb smoking, Germany is placing startling images of black lungs and rotting teeth on cigarette packages as part of a mandatory regulation established by the European Union. Predictably, tobacco industry bigwigs are not happy about this.

Tiny village becomes Indonesian anti-smoking champion

Makasar - Nestled amid mountains in remote central Indonesia, Bone-Bone looks like any other rural hamlet in the archipelago, with a modest collection of houses, shops and mosques and people quietly going about their daily lives.

Swedish court overturns ban on e-cigarettes

Stockholm - A Swedish court on Wednesday overturned an earlier judicial decision banning the sale of e-cigarettes.The Supreme Administrative Court ruled that e-cigarettes are not medical products, and therefore the National Drug Agency could not oppose its sale.

Teen vapers more likely to turn to tobacco products

The debate about e-cigarettes and the relationship to tobacco products has moved up a notch following a new study about teen vapers in the U.S. The study shows a link to tobacco products.

Op-Ed: E-cigarette adverts extend out to children and teens

A new review of the market reach of advertising for electronic cigarettes has found the adverts are hitting school-aged children. This runs contrary to assurances provided by manufacturers of the devices.

E-cigarettes win approval as 'a medicine’ in U.K.

London - E-cigarettes, which remain controversial, have been granted "medicinal" status in the U.K. This means some medical doctors could soon be prescribing the nicotine infused devices to patients.

Top EU lawyer rejects complaints against new tobacco rules

Luxembourg - A senior lawyer for the EU's top court on Wednesday rejected claims, including by US tobacco giant Philip Morris, that the bloc's new law on plain packaging and banning flavours was illegal.

Op-Ed: Trying to give up smoking? Blame your genes

Tried quitting smoking but just can't seem to shake off the habit? Don't worry, it may not simply be weak willpower - it could be down to your genetic make-up.

China's smoking death toll to double to 2 million in 2030: study

Paris - Cigarette smoking will kill about two million Chinese in 2030, double the 2010 toll, said researchers Friday who warned of a "growing epidemic of premature death" in the world's most populous nation.

U.K. begins new health promotion campaign

London - Getting people to quit smoking forms the basis of a new raft of health measures put forward by Public Health England. The health agency also has something to say about e-cigarettes.

Dental hygienists raise e-cigarette concerns

Toronto - Canada’s dental hygienists have raised concerns about the impact of e-cigarettes on the nation’s oral health, noting a decline in the conditions of e-cigarette smokers' mouths, particularly in youth.

Doubts cast over e-cigarette research

London - Public Health England recently stated that e-cigarettes are safe. However, according to The Lancet, the report relied on evidence provided by scientists funded by the vaping industry.
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Tobacco  tubes and cigarette maker
Tobacco, tubes and cigarette maker
Tobacco Hornworm  found in Urbana  Illinois  USA
Tobacco Hornworm, found in Urbana, Illinois, USA
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Electronic cigarettes are manufactured in nicotine and non-nicotine varities as well as flavored var...
Electronic cigarettes are manufactured in nicotine and non-nicotine varities as well as flavored varities, which include mint, candy and fruit flavors, and are being sold as an alternative to tobacco products.
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A cigarette burning
Electonic cigarettes
Electonic cigarettes
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An electronic cigarette
Tobacco farming still goes on  despite anti-smoking campaigns.
Tobacco farming still goes on, despite anti-smoking campaigns.
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A person smoking a cigarette
A person smoking a cigarette
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The Tobacco Control Act requires that the nine graphic health warnings appear on the upper portion o...
The Tobacco Control Act requires that the nine graphic health warnings appear on the upper portion of the front and rear panels of each cigarette package and comprise at least the top 50 percent of these panels.