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Have a good cry but no boozing: expert tips for virus-stressed China

Bejing - Feeling stressed by the deadly coronavirus? Have a good cry, say Chinese health experts. If that does not work, buy a punching bag for the office or try singing.

Op-Ed: 20 Helpful tips for aspiring music and entertainment journalists

Digital Journal's Music Editor at Large offers 20 additional tips on how to make it as a music and entertainment writer. Here's the scoop.

Op-Ed: So you want to be a music journalist? Here are 20 tips to start

So you want to be a musical journalist? Where do I start? How do I approach things? What does it take? These are all great questions. Digital Journal's Music Editor at Large shares his insights.

Pizza Express deducts admin free from staff tips

London - A campaign has begun to force a major pizza chain — Pizza Express — to pay staff the full amount given by customers in the form of tips. For credit card payments, the restaurant chain takes an "admin fee."

Restaurant eliminates tips, gives employees $35K per year

Pittsburgh - Not only will employees receive $35,000 per year, but they will also be offered paid vacation time, as well as health insurance.

Waffle House forces waitress to give back $1,000 tip

Raleigh - A Waffle House waitress from Raleigh, North Carolina said she was forced to give back her $1,000 tip she received while working the late shift.

Man leaves giant tips across America to honor his late brother

Seth Collins was given a mission by his brother, Aaron, who passed away. That mission was to "eat, be merry and leave a giant tip."

Mysterious tipper leaving thousands in tips across the US

A tipper, whose identity has not been revealed, has been leaving thousands of dollars for bartenders, servers and golf caddies across the USA.

Top 10 auto insurance tips every driver should know Commissioned

Auto insurance isn't just a pragmatic opt-in; it's the law. How, then, can consumers fulfill their legal obligation to be insured while fulfilling their wallet's desire to be, well, not completely emptied?

7 things to avoid if you faint when you see your car insurance bill Commissioned

Saving on car insurance should be something on the mind of every driver. Everybody knows that accidents and traffic violations can increase premiums, but even if you're the safest, most law-abiding driver you could be facing high costs.

5 secrets to lowering your car insurance Commissioned

All motorists in Canada are required to carry auto insurance but a savvy driver can find many ways to save money when shopping for car insurance and knowing what to look for can help.

Report: Canada's taxman reveals waiters only declare 5% of tips

Niagara - The Canada Revenue Agency is targeting the underground economy and one of its targets was those who work in the restaurant industry. The study found that waiters only report between five and 10 percent of their tips to the taxman.

Ontario New Democrats move to ban owners from getting waiter tips

Toronto - An Ontario New Democratic Party private member intends to introduce legislation that would prohibit restaurant owners from taking a percentage of tips left by patrons for their waiters, servers and bartenders.

Op-Ed: Eco-economy — A few budget-saving tips

Times are hard worldwide at the moment and money is short. The following are a few tips on how to save money, while also helping the environment.

Fake cop pulls over deputy then flees, tips to avoid this danger

Monterey - An off-duty Monterey Deputy was pulled over by a man impersonating a cop, then flee's the scene when officer identified himself. If this can happen to a cop at night it can also happen to you. Police offer video tips on staying safe in the same situation.

Grooming tips for your dog from Paws Way Special

Warmer weather is just around the corner. Grooming your dogs for the season is important for their health. Don't forget your dog can get a bad sunburn, just like we can, experts recently said.

Book provides tips for doing less at work without getting the ax

Want to do less at work without getting fired? A new book offers tongue-in-cheek strategic tips for workers to gain control over their jobs . The author suggests that workers use the same tricks their bosses do. Be absent. Delegate. Use people.

Holiday Flight Tips That Are Sure To Be The Greatest Gift Of All: Courtesy

Its that time of year when family gatherings lend to the need for travel and cramped spaces. Here are a few tips that will provide some guidelines on acceptable travel for both yourself and other passengers. Remember, the Golden Rule applies.

Apple provides useful tips with 'iPhone Your Life'

Apple has added several pages of tips for new and existing iPhone users. It provides “how-to” lists, application information and other useful tips to get the most out of an iPhone.

Tips For Surviving The Less Famous American Holiday: Black Friday

With just three weeks left until the ever-anticipated American tradition of Black Friday, it is best to begin preparing now if you are planning on grabbing those unbelievable deals on some of the hottest items going. Here are a few tips for survival.

Charles Barkley gives a huge tip to waiter, his college tuition fees

Charles Barkley heard about a waiter at the restaurant he frequently visits who dropped out of college due to financial hardships. The ex-basketball star decided to pay his remaining tuition fees.

Starbucks Ordered To Pay $100M in Lost Tips To Baristas

Power to the people! A Superior Court judge has ordered Starbucks Corp. to pay its California baristas over $100 million in back tips (including interest) that the coffee shop chain gave to shift supervisors.

Man Died After Intervening in Starbucks Robbery

A 54-year-old man is dead after trying to stop thieves from stealing from the tip jar, containing $5.20, at a Starbucks coffee shop in Crestwood, MO, near St. Louis. The thieves are still at large.

Google tips and tricks

From the start, Google has been good at hiding power behind simplicity. Little has changed in that regard, as the leading search engine's main page is still spartan. But there's much more buried behind that simplicity than ever before.

Useful Tips for Used Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds usually end up in trash, but do you know there are plenty of uses for it. Used coffee grounds can be used as a plant food, deodorizer, insect repellent, cleaning pets etc.

Digital Journal Tip: How Do I Make My Articles Stand Out?

Do you ever wonder how come your articles do not get noticed even though you have put so much effort into them? Do you want to improve your articles and get more upvotes? Here are some tips I hope will help you improve your experience on Digital Journal.

Baby Proofing 101

We all know that when a new baby comes into the world we should baby proof the house. Safety covers are installed into our new parent brain. But what about money? That penny on the floor can look like a tasty treat. Here's some great real safety tips.

10 Tips on approaching Women

Alright guys...wanna know how to approach that girl you have your eyes on?

16 of the Best Travel Sites You Can't Afford to Miss

Planning your summer vacation? Get the best bang for your buck with these awesome resources you might not know of.

Tips to Become Smart

Here are a few ways to become smart, even genius. When done right, these can be really effective. I will try to make these tips as accurate as possible.
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