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Woman who left an Apple-1 computer worth $200k at a dump sought

Authorities are searching for a woman who left an Apple-1 computer worth over $200,000 at a recycling depot in Silicon Valley. One of only around 200 units ever made, the ultra-rare computer dates from 1976 and is exceptionally collectible today.

A waitress accused of adjusting customers' tips

A restaurant server has been accused of editing the tips that customers gave her with extra numbers, adjusting a $5 tip to $15 or even $25, affecting at least 20 of the restaurant users.

Marriott's new campaign urges guests to tip their housekeepers

A number of Marriott hotels will provide envelopes in guest rooms in an effort to encourage visitors to tip its workers.

Waiter throws away up to $7,000 tip from 'Tips for Jesus'

Ron Kinney, a 67-year-old waiter at West Hollywood's French Quarter Restaurant, received a tip over Christmas time, but he thought the tip, which was for thousands, was fake.

Waitress tipped $446 on Steak ‘n Shake $5.97 bill

A waitress at an Indianapolis Steak ‘N Shake restaurant was shocked to receive a generous tip of $446 tip from a regular customer, on a bill of just $5.97.

Applebee's fires waitress who posted 'I give God 10%' receipt

An Applebee's waitress earlier in the week posted to Reddit a photo of a receipt from a pastor who avoided leaving the 18% tip suggested on the receipt with a saucy quip: “I give God 10%, why should you get 18.”

Diner refuses to tip, claims she is a 'single mom'

After a woman and her children enjoyed a pricey meal at a restaurant, she declines to leave a tip, but not because the service or food was bad. She wrote on the receipts she is a "single mom."

Firefighter allegedly robs bank, leaves teller $20 tip

Dallas - In an unusual turn of events, a man allegedly robbed a Texas bank, then turned around and tipped the bank teller he'd just stolen from, according to media reports.

Group doesn't want to tip people working on Sundays

A group of church-goers visited Chili’s restaurant and told the server that they won’t tip her because they don’t believe in people working on Sundays.

Indiana Teenager Gets Tip Of Lifetime And Prom Dress To Boot

Kelsey Tolliver, an 18-year-old from Indiana, received just over $500 USD tip from an unknown man who purchased a paper from her at Cincinnati University Hospital, where she was selling newspapers Easter Sunday.

An Awesome Gmail Tip You Don’t Know About

There are plenty of Gmail tips you may find useful, but this one is very unique. From just one e-mail address in Gmail, you can create hundreds of variations to send to different groups.

Indiana Waitress gets $10,000 Tip

20-year old Jessica Osborne was moved to tears when a family of regulars at the Pizza Hut restaurant she worked in presented her with a $10,000 tip, to help her pay for college expenses.

George Clooney Gives Large Tip to Lemonade Stand Kids

Lemonade entrepreneurs, ages 5 through 10, are surprised by a visit from an unlikely customer.

Is all that anti-drug education in schools working?

In this case it seems to be. A tip from a twelve year old has put a would-be drug dealer behind bars in Sault Ste. Marie.

What happened to the last dollar?

You have to figure out what happened to the last dollar

Tricks for loosening up tight jar lids

Rach demonstrates multiple ways to open jars -- including her own method she calls "The Rach Slapdown."

MacGyver Tip: DIY homemade Febreze

Make your homemade Febreze Fabric freshener with a simple DIY recipe.

Bar Trick: How to get Free Drinks

This video shows you how the simple use of Geometry can earn you a free drink nearly every time--if you don't sabotage it yourself that is.

Do I have to leave a tip?

Bad restaurant experiance!

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