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Tiny News

Is the smallest insect ever debate finally settled?

Moscow - After a long debate about the accuracy of measurements and the measurement method, the world’s smallest insect has finally been announced. And it is very, very tiny.

Op-Ed: Micro-home may be wave of the future for home ownership Special

Sebastopol - With the price of the median home in places like California now approaching at or just over $1 million, the concept of a tiny or "micro-home" is growing in appeal. Designer/builder, Alek Lisefski took a few moments to chat with this reporter.

Tiny infrared camera could give every soldier sight in the dark

A new 1280 x 720 night vision camera with five microns pixels has been developed by DARPA-funded DRS Technologies, Inc. The new camera is practical and could end up saving the government a lot of money.

Tiny Kei Cars Hugely Popular in Japan

The Kei cars are compact, fuel-efficient and cheap. Typical tiny Kei cars give between 40 to 60 miles per gallon and occupy less space than mini-cars. They can often been seen on the crowded streets of Japanese cities.

World's Smallest Scissors Open and Close With Light

What's three nanometers long, 100 times smaller than a wavelength of violet light and can cut a molecule in half? The world's smallest scissors, of course.

Tiny rare owl spotted in Peru reserve

An extremely rare species of tiny owl has been seen in the wild for the first time, the American Bird Conservancy said Thursday. The long-whiskered owlet, one of the world's smallest owls, was discovered in 1976.

Convert Long URLs to TinyURLs in DJ

Convert Long URLs to TinyURLs in DJ, websites and in e-mails.

NASA Probes the Sources of the World's Tiny Pollutants

Scientists at NASA have been engaged in the difficult task of tracking tiny aerosols and trying to gauge their impact on climate change.

Tiny London apartment for $335K

Imagine paying $335,000 for an apartment as wide as your arms length just because of the location.

Whatever it is, it's Really Small Phone

Tiny 4 oz (90 grams) phone with built in FM, MP3, MP4 player, Bluetooth, GSM, Camera.

Technique leaves tiny scar after bypass surgery

Doctors have found a new way to harvest arteries from the arm during bypass surgery, leaving scars that patients can easily hide from view.

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