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Grunwald of TIME Magazine longs to report drone strike on Assange

TIME Magazine's senior national correspondent, Michael Grunwald, has been caught out sending a tweet which stated he can't wait to report on the execution of Julian Assange by drone strike. (Updated).

The UK Times paywall the future for newspapers? Special

Account Director of Creative Jar, James Harding offers his opinion about the Times paywall and the future of pay-per-page publishing.

Times online readership plummets by nearly 90%

The Times is experiencing an enormous drop in visits to its website after putting up a pay-wall which obliges registration in order to access its content. Figures say that 90% of readers have deserted them since February.

LA Times and True/Slant show need for integrated ad models

A front page advertisement made to look like a news story draws criticism for the Los Angeles Times. Meanwhile, True/Slant launches a new editorial/advertorial business model. Why integrated ad models are the way forward for journalism.

L.A. Times Suppresses Potentially Damaging Obama Video

It's one thing for a news outlet to be in Obama's tank. Quite another for a news organization like the L.A. Times to enter G. Gordon Liddy territory and suppress a video that could have profound implications for voters. Call it their October Non-Surprise.

The Times makes 'Sony-Wii' blunder

Ever heard of the gaming console the 'Sony Wii' before? If not, don't worry, The Times newspaper has - it mentioned it in an opinion piece about GTA this weekend.

'Games Have Weak Narratives,' says La Times

Film to game conversions work to a tolerable degree, but it is never possible to make a movie from a game. Some solid proof is the movie Doom, but that movie just plain sucked anyways.

Stuggle, it defines each human.

Struggle, is the one thing we all have in common, struggle is what keeps us relating to other people. Struggle...humbles us.

Chimpanzies use hammers

"Back when people were fashioning humanity's first wheels in Egypt, chimpanzees were bashing nuts with heavy stone hammers in West Africa, a Canadian-led team of scientists announced yesterday. The scientists say the discovery of the 4,300-year-old st...

Windows Vista Ad crapping out in the middle of Times Square

Windows Vista ad shows error in Jumbo Tron Screen in Times Square, New York.

Oklahoma school hit by robbers 3 times.

The OK elementary school was hit a total of three times during their Christmas break.

Ex-priest rewrites Ten Commandments

" A former priest in London has published an updated version of the Bible's Ten Commandments. Simon Parke, 49, published a book titled "The Beautiful Life," in which the Biblical language of "Thou shalt not" is redefined for modern times"

Times reporter's slayer gets 26 years in prison

One of two men who killed a veteran New York Times journalist was sentenced Wednesday to 26 years in prison.

Morgan Stanley on NY Times: Drop em

The New York Times took a body blow from another corner of Morgan Stanley yesterday when one of the firm's stock analysts urged investors to dump their shares of the newspaper giant.

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Archived copy of a tweet sent by Mike Grunwald of the Times on August 17  2013.
Archived copy of a tweet sent by Mike Grunwald of the Times on August 17, 2013.
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