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Essential Science: New atomic clock improves measuring time

A special type of atomic clock has been developed to keep time even more precisely. The new concept deploys entangled atoms. A useful application with the clock will be with the detection of dark matter and the effect of gravity upon time.

Biden and Harris named Time 'Person of the Year'

New York - US President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris were named Time magazine's 2020 "Person of the Year" on Thursday for their election victory over Donald Trump.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg is Time' 2019 person of the year

New York - Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who became the voice of conscience for a generation facing the climate change emergency, was named Wednesday as Time magazine's 2019 Person of the Year.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg is Time' 2019 person of the year

New York - Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who became the voice of conscience for a generation facing the climate change emergency, was announced Wednesday as Time magazine's 2019 Person of the Year.

California takes a data-led stance for later school start times

There is news that California has become the first state to mandate later school start times. Effective 2022, the law will prohibit middle schools from starting before 08:00 and high schools before 08:30. This is based on a data assessment.

New type of cell discovered that keeps time regularity

Scientists have long wondered how the brain keeps in sync and there have been theories about a type of neuron that acts as brain's metronome. This may now be a reality, based on a new technique for measuring electrical activity.

Science shows pets can tell the time

New research finds that your pet, be that a cat or a dog, has the ability to tell the time, especially when it is time to fed and where the pet’s owner appears to be dawdling in relation to this process.

EU ministers say ending clock changes in 2019 'not realistic'

Graz - EU transport ministers said Monday the European Commission's proposal to abolish daylight savings time in 2019 was not realistic and that disagreements remained over how to implement the idea.

Salesforce boss Marc Benioff, wife buy Time magazine

San Francisco - chief Marc Benioff and his wife Lynne will buy storied US news magazine Time for $190 million, a company statement said Sunday."The Benioffs are purchasing TIME personally and the transaction is unrelated to, where Mr.

Seasonal clock changes: a controversial ritual

Paris - The twice-yearly changing of the clocks for winter and summer has been a ritual in Europe since 1916, originally conceived as an energy-saving measure.

EU proposes abolishing seasonal clock change

Genval - The European Union said Friday it will recommend abolishing the twice-yearly clock change amid an unprecedented appeal from European citizens who called it disruptive and even harmful to health.

North Korea goes back to the future — by 30 minutes

Seoul - North Korea went forward in time by 30 minutes on Saturday, state media said, to match its clocks with those of the South following last week's inter-Korean summit.

N. Korea to rejoin South's time zone in conciliatory gesture

Seoul - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said he would move the country's clocks 30 minutes forward to unify with the South's time zone as a conciliatory gesture after Friday's inter-Korean summit, Seoul said Sunday.

EU lawmakers want review of summertime switch

Strasbourg - EU lawmakers called Thursday called for a possible end to daylight saving time in a move that could lead to European nations abandoning the need to change clocks every six months.

Trump says he turned down Time's 'Person of the Year'

Washington - US President Donald Trump on Friday said he turned down being named Time's "Person of the Year" after the magazine asked him for an interview and photo shoot but did not confirm he would be chosen.

Living in Cuban time

Havana - In Cuba, it sometimes seems time stopped in the 1960s.Despite a succession of sweeping changes in recent years -- rapprochement with the US, Fidel Castro's death -- the rhythm of life on the island remains as languid as ever.

Tracking time without using a clock

Researchers have measured the time delay in electron photoemission without using a clock (a very tiny fraction of time). This carries importance for developing cutting-edge technology.

Donald Trump is Time magazine's 2016 'Person of the Year'

New York - Time magazine on Wednesday named Donald Trump its "Person of the Year" for 2016 for his stunning upset election victory that rewrote the rules of politics, delivering him to the helm of a divided America.

Odd iOS bug leaves devices dead if date set to January 1st, 1970

A new and intriguing bug has been found in Apple's iOS software used on the iPhone and iPad. Manually setting the date to the earliest time possible, January 1st 1970, leaves devices completely bricked and unusable with no confirmed known fix.

Time names Merkel as its 'person of 2015'

New York - Time magazine on Wednesday named German Chancellor Angela Merkel as its person of the year for 2015, hailing her leadership during debt and refugee crises that threatened to tear the European Union apart.

AFP's Tzortzinis named wire photographer of year

New York - AFP's Angelos Tzortzinis was named Time magazine's Wire Photographer of 2015 for his images documenting the refugee crisis in Greece as well as the country's economic crisis.

N. Korea puts back its clocks to adopt 'Pyongyang Time'

Seoul - North Korea announced Friday it was moving its clocks back 30 minutes to create a new "Pyongyang Time" -- breaking from a standard imposed by "wicked" Japanese imperialists more than a century ago.

Apple Watch back-ordered by well over a month after just 6 hours

The Apple Watch has barely been on sale for six hours but the company is already acquiring massive amounts of orders. The Apple Store is now showing delivery times as over a month away for new orders.

'Pancake' is the new addictive time-waster to replace Flappy Bird

A new game rising in the App Store could steal Flappy Bird's crown with its simple but incredibly addictive premise of flipping pancakes with the phone to earn points and better pancake toppings.

Steve Grand enjoys commercial success with 'All American Boy' CD

Singer-songwriter Steve Grand released his breakthrough studio album "All American Boy," and it has fared well from a commercial standpoint.

Review: Steve Grand back with compelling music video for 'Time' Special

Singer-songwriter Steve Grand has released a music video for his song "Time," which is off his brand new album, "All American Boy," and it is compelling.

Anxiety may cause man's constant chronic deja vu

Scientists believe that the extraordinary case of a man who experiences a constant case of deja vu, where you believe you have seen an experience before, may be caused by anxiety.

Time names Ebola fighters as 'person' of 2014

New York - Time magazine on Wednesday named as its "Person of the Year 2014" the medics treating the Ebola epidemic that has killed more than 6,300 people, paying tribute to their courage and mercy.

Scientists search for strange stars made of unknown matter

Scientists are trying to detect ripples in space-time in the hope of finding so-called "strange stars." They believe that these cosmic bodies are not made of any ordinary matter, so far known to exist in the universe..

Google Street View lets you time-travel into the past

As of today, Google has begun rolling out a new feature for Street View, the component of Google Earth and Google Maps that lets you view places as if you were actually there, that allows you to travel back in time and view the place in the past.
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Time Image

This image obtained courtesy of Time magazine  shows the 2017 Time Person of the Year:  The Silence ...
This image obtained courtesy of Time magazine, shows the 2017 Time Person of the Year: "The Silence Breakers"
Illustration: Digital Journal / Billy & Hells, TIME Inc./AFP
A clock
A clock
Perception is a vital factor in how humans relate and respond to time constraints  especially in bus...
Perception is a vital factor in how humans relate and respond to time constraints, especially in business.
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An old Latin phrase that will give you something to think about when in a hurry...
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Clock of the Central Station (ca.1890) in Amsterdam  Netherlands.
Clock of the Central Station (ca.1890) in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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