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Canada's Tim Hortons and The Second Cup halt use of reusable cups

Along with rival brands Starbucks and The Second Cup, Tim Hortons, Canada's leading restaurant brand has suspended the use of reusable cups over COVID-19 fears.

Tim Hortons expanding in U.S. and into the Philippines

Oakville - The parent company of Tim Hortons has reported a big increase in quarterly profits compared with the same quarter last year, in spite of the fact that revenue is flat.

Woman parked in disabled space freaks out when questioned

Toronto - A man confronted an able-bodied woman outside a Toronto Tim Horton's after she returned to her car parked in a handicapped parking space. After she admitted she was not disabled, she threw two cups of coffee at the man as he recorded the exchange.

Roll Up the Rim theft on Facebook

Conception Bay South - A web-savvy opportunist steals a woman's prize after she posts a picture of the winning Tim Hortons cup on her Facebook account.

Tim Hortons says sorry for dumping water, soaking homeless man

Vancouver - Tim Hortons has apologized and will try to make amends to a homeless man who was humiliated by an employee of a downtown Vancouver location on Friday morning. The man dumped a bucket of water at the man and his belongings, soaking him.

Op-Ed: Canadians call on Tim Hortons to protect rainforests

Toronto - To increase pressure on the Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons over its unsustainable palm oil use, hundreds of Canadians have joined a photo campaign by corporate accountability group SumOfUs.

Tim Hortons shareholders vote for deal, bought up by Burger King

As expected they would, the shareholders of Tim Hortons voted in favour of the deal to become a part of Burger King Worldwide Inc. today. That makes the $12 billion deal official and complete, creating a new company, "Restaurant Brands International."

Tim Hortons or Tim King? U.S. Burger King taking over chain

Tim Hortons Inc. has all but officially been taken over by, or 'tied-up with,' the American company Burger King Worldwide Inc. It is an $11 billion deal and it makes the Canadian icon part of the Burger King family, based in Miami-Dade, Florida.

Coffee guru crushed to death by falling coffee machine

Chicago - A renowned coffee expert was killed in Chicago Saturday while taking down a large coffee machine in the city's Grant Park.

Teen has asthma attack in Tim Hortons, employees refuse to help

London - According to a customer, when the 17-year-old asked to use the phone, he was refused. And when paramedics tried to enter through an exit door, staff at the London, Ontario coffee shop refused to let them in. The company says their staff acted properly.

Op-Ed: So The Priestly is as Canadian as Tim Horton's eh? Special

A recent Canadian themed airing of How I Met Your Mother introduces the "The Priestly" donut. The episode revolved around interviews being conducted at a Vancouver Tim Hortons about fictional Canadian superstar character Robin Sparkles.

Singing at Tim Hortons puts some old friends in the spotlight Special

Toronto - A video posted on You tube by Danfi Parker is "going viral" according to Rod Shepherd of the Oakville Chapter of The Entertainers leaving he and his friends "blown away" by the interest.

Tim Hortons rewarding customers with 'random cups of kindness'

Oakville - Starting Tuesday until Saturday, Tim Hortons will be undergoing a "This One's On Us" campaign at many locations across Canada and the United States. When customers make their order, they will be randomly selected to receive a free order.

Tim Hortons rolling out price increases to some menu items

Toronto - Have you been to Tim Hortons this week? You may have noticed that Tim Hortons applied a 10- to 20-cent price hike to some of its baked goods, sandwiches and other food items. Coffee is not expected to be affected.

No Double-Double for Goldman Sachs? Firm downgrades Tim Hortons

New York - Goldman Sachs may not be completely satisfied with Tim Hortons's Double-Double coffee. The investment firm downgraded the company's rating amid moderate same-store sales (SSS) and the decline in restaurant traffic.

Would you like free Wi-Fi access with your Tim Hortons coffee?

Toronto - Most coffee shops and fast food restaurants now offer its customers free Wi-Fi access. Tim Hortons will install high speed Wi-Fi and expects close to 90 percent of its restaurants in Canada will have it.

Government-run Tim Hortons loses money, pays staff $28 per hour

Windsor - Tim Hortons is one of the most successful franchises in all of Canada and it's pretty difficult to lose money. However, there are reports of two Tim Hortons being run on taxpayers' money that are actually losing money. Why?

Tim Hortons customers can now use Visa for menu item orders

Toronto - No change? No cash? Do you only have a Visa credit card on you? That's no problem because Tim Hortons is now giving its patrons the option of paying for their coffee, timbits and other items with their Visa credit or debit cards.

Are Tim Horton's drive thrus the cause of Canadian traffic woes?

Saskatoon - Canadians line up every morning to get their quick jolt of caffeine at Tim Horton's, both inside coffee shops and in the drive-thru lanes. So many hit the drive thru that in many areas there are traffic snarls each day.

Report: Tim Hortons looking to expand, add new food items to menu

Toronto - As Tim Hortons customers roll up the rim to win, executives are looking at adding more locations across the country and putting new food items onto its already expanded menu, such as Panini sandwiches.

Late-night sales surging for several fast food outlets in U.S.

New York - Crave a Big Mac at 3:30 a.m.? It seems sales are soaring between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m. as many fast food outlets tend to operate 24 hours a day. This has led other restaurants to offer service at all hours of the day.

Tim Hortons brewing up new XL 24-oz. coffee cup Monday

Toronto - After conducting tests at some Tim Hortons locations in Ontario, the popular Canadian coffee chain will introduce its 710 ml (24-ounce) extra-large coffee cups. This means the names of its other sizes will change.

Tim Hortons to brew new espresso-based coffees this month

Toronto - Tim Hortons has announced that it will introduce new espresso-based specialty coffees starting this month. At a price of $2 per cup, Canada’s largest coffee chain has finally entered the espresso market after expressing interest for quite some time.

Tim Hortons to add Beef Lasagna Casserole to its menu

Toronto - Would you like lasagna with that double double coffee? Tim Hortons has announced that it is serving Beef Lasagna Casserole to its customers. Company officials will unveil the new menu item on Monday.

Medium is the new small at some Tim Hortons locations in Ontario

Kingston - Two Tim Hortons locations in Ontario are testing out a new coffee cup size that can hold 24 ounces (710 millilitres), which has been called the Extra Large. The Canadian coffee giant will be revising the names of its cup sizes.

Happy 35th Birthday, TimBits

The TimBit, one of Canada's favorite treats, turns 35 this summer. Top Chef Canada contestant Chef Andrea Nicholson has been enlisted to make a special birthday cake to celebrate the milestone for this fried dough specialty.

Tim Horton's Camp Day is June 1

On June 1 ever cup of coffee purchased at Tim Hortons will help to send a child to summer camp. Every year on June 1 the coffee shop giant donates every penny of their coffee sales to the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation.

Tim Hortons CEO Don Schroeder abruptly steps down, House fills in

Oakville - The President and CEO of Tim Hortons, Don Schroeder, has abruptly stepped down from the Canadian coffee giant. The corporation's board has appointed Executive Chair Paul House as the interim CEO until a permanent replacement is found.

A price increase is brewing for Tim Hortons, expected Monday

Toronto - Patrons of Tim Hortons better be prepared to pay more for several items from one of the largest coffee chains in Canada. Tim Hortons is rolling up the prices starting Monday on some of its menu items.

Coffee war: McDonald's free coffee v. Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim Special

Toronto - Every year around this time, Toronto coffee lovers participate in the middle of a coffee war between McDonald's and Tim Hortons; McDonald's provides free coffees and Tim Hortons has their famous "Roll Up the Rim" contest.
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A Tim Hortons restaurant is shown at the Place Alexis Nihon shopping mall in Montreal  Canada.
A Tim Hortons restaurant is shown at the Place Alexis Nihon shopping mall in Montreal, Canada.
Jeangagnon/Wikimedia Commons
Tungyi CC BY-SA 3.0)
The outside of Tim Hortons in Squamish  BC.
The outside of Tim Hortons in Squamish, BC.
Old men singing at Tim Horton s
Old men singing at Tim Horton's
Danfi Parker
Tim Hortons counter at the Victoria Airport.
Tim Hortons counter at the Victoria Airport.
My version of  The Priestly  using the jelly filed heart shaped valentines donut.
My version of 'The Priestly" using the jelly filed heart shaped valentines donut.
Tim Horton s will remain in Kandahar until the last of Canada s logistics troops withdraw in October...
Tim Horton's will remain in Kandahar until the last of Canada's logistics troops withdraw in October.
Saeed Jahed
A drive-through at Tim Horton s
A drive-through at Tim Horton's
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