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Homeless man wins $500,000 on scratch ticket

Aspen - Michael Engfors has been homeless in Colorado for the last six years. After years of being down on his luck, he's finally gotten lucky.

Man in London recieves $5,500 parking ticket

London - A city worker was charged £3,700 ($5,500) by National Car Parks, the largest parking provider in the UK, for parking in central London for six hours.

Video: Free ticket to ride on the Moscow metro for squats

Moscow - The Moscow metro in Russia has come up with a novel way to get the public fitter. They are offering free single-trip tickets to passengers who can perform 30 squats in front of the machine.

French traffic cops must issue tickets or lose Christmas days off

Paris - A senior police officer, in charge of a road traffic division in the Paris area, has allegedly told his traffic officers to issue at least three tickets for driving offenses every day, or lose out on days off over the Christmas period.

The hunt is on for Spain's missing €4.7m lottery winner

A Good Samaritan found the winning ticket and handed it in to authorities, rather than claiming the huge winnings. Now the search is on in the Galicia region of Spain for the actual lucky winner.

Photos: Spain to limit visitor numbers for 'La Tomatina' festival

Valencia - Foreign party-people wishing to participate in the crazy La Tomatina festival in Buñol, Valencia in August will have to reserve a spot first through a newly introduced ticket-only system.

Cop writes ticket and then gives $100

Plano - A man in Texas was pulled over for a traffic violation and he said what happened during the traffic stop restored his faith.

Officer fired for issuing $2,500 ticket to mom of peeing toddler

Piedmont - A Piedmont police officer who wrote a $2,500 ticket to a mother in a case of public urination complaint involving her 3-year-old has been fired, City Manager Jim Crosby said on Tuesday

Boy, 11, flies Manchester to Rome without passport or ticket

Manchester - British Security is being questioned, on the eve of the Olympics, after an 11-year old boy flew from Manchester to Rome without a passport, ticket or boarding pass.

Ottawa smoking ban begins, smokers could receive $305 ticket

Ottawa - The three-month warning period is over and now it is time to butt out in more public places. The City of Ottawa instituted a smoking ban in April, and now it comes into effect. If you're caught smoking at a park get ready for a $305 fine.

Spain in trouble over unused Olympic ticket allocation

It seems that Spain cannot sell its generous allocation of Olympic tickets, and Brits are upset as they "should be first in line".

Video: Vietnamese traffic officer going the extra mile

Hanoi - Now here's something you don't see every day. A Vietnamese traffic cop went for a ride on the windshield wipers of a bus in Hanoi. He hung there for nearly a kilometer, to ensure the driver accepted a ticket.

Motorists surprised by complimentary parking tickets

London - Some London drivers are getting a pleasant surprise when they return to their cars, notices praising their parking skills.

Boldly go to Mars on a one way ticket

It’s always cheaper to fly one way, even to Mars. But are scientists proposing a suicide mission? An article in the latest issue of the Journal of Cosmology finds out.

Delta Air Lines lands on Facebook with its online booking page

Delta Air Lines unveils its 'Ticket Window' on Facebook that aims to help travelers book tickets on the social network. It's an innovative move in a competitive industry.

Minnesota Running Back Adrian Peterson Caught Speeding

The Associated Press reports the Minneapolis Highway Patrol clocked Vikings running back Adrian Peterson at 109 and gave him a citation.

Police officer mistakes Bob Dylan for homeless guy

Bob Dylan may have been the man during the late 1960's and 1970's but on Thursday he was just another odd older gentleman who looked like a bum in Long Beach.

New York Yankees game ticket now costs as much as $2,625

The New York Yankees have announced ticket prices for games to be played at the team's new Yankee stadium, and it's not cheap if you want good seats: prices range from $14 to $2,625 per game.

Fake parking tickets used by hackers

Fake parking tickets are being used in the U.S. to dupe users into visiting fraudulent websites and downloading a Trojan virus.

Breaking News: Hillary Clinton Open to Vice Presidential Ticket

Hillary Clinton has told congressional members in New York that she is open to becoming Barack Obama's Vice Presidential running mate.

Here is Your One Way Ticket to... Heaven?

Have you ever worried that you will not find the Grace of God and make it into Heaven. Have you ever wanted to have your cake and eat it too? Well sin away and just buy your reserved ticket to Heaven.

Fake Cop Issues Ticket for Non-Existent Violation

In Fountain Colorado, a woman was pulled over and issued a ticket in the amount of $100, by a man who was claiming to be a sheriff's deputy, for a driving "violation" that does not exist.

Have Sex or I'll Give You a Ticket!

A Detroit Police Sergeant has been suspended for asking people to have sex to avoid a ticket.

$1 parking ticket paid after 26 years

A $1 parking ticket from 1980 has finally been paid off, after the offender sent the payment along with a $3 late fee to police without giving a name.

Speeding Birth Gets Sent Toy Instead Of Ticket

Catching the police on a good day is near impossible but not perhaps, for one expecting couple

How Muffin Mix Could Bad For Your Diginity

A woman who sent a note to the police along with powder in the envelope and her speeding ticket receives 100 hours community service.

I'm Sorry For Speeding Officer - But, You See - Tweety Bird Was Bored!

So, you're hangin' at home. Just another average day. Tweety is chattering in her cage. "I'm bored, I'm bored" she continues to repeat over and over. Well, you're the one that taught her to talk - better find a way to entertain your her....

NYC ticket says man ran light in rowboat

According to New York City's traffic office, Russell Falkena ran a red light on Manhattan's West Side, in his rowboat...

He Fought the Law, and the Law... LOST!

A Vietnam Veteran fights Virginia Law and wins after 6 years in court.

Couple will have sex for Football Game Tickets

A Couple has posted an ad in saying that they will have sex in front of a person for Football Game tickets between Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants playoff game.
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Scratch-off lottery ticket.
Scratch-off lottery ticket.
A mock-up of the ticket that Emanuel Morfin received in the mail.
A mock-up of the ticket that Emanuel Morfin received in the mail.
Novelties at the UN: cash only  please!
Novelties at the UN: cash only, please!
Yoga-themed parking ticket envelope
Yoga-themed parking ticket envelope
Daniel Peltz/City of Cambridge
Ticket for the orchestrated version of  Psycho.
Ticket for the orchestrated version of 'Psycho.'
Linkin Park concert ticket  for the O2 Arena in London.
Linkin Park concert ticket, for the O2 Arena in London.
Theatre ticket for the  Lady Day  play in London.
Theatre ticket for the 'Lady Day' play in London.
A coat check ticket
A coat check ticket
Theatre ticket for The Philanthropist  2017 edition.
Theatre ticket for The Philanthropist, 2017 edition.
Getting stopped by a traffic cop
Getting stopped by a traffic cop
Robert Couse-Baker

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