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TiVo News

TiVo 'Premiere' series DVRs get an upgrade, brand new interface

TiVo has today unveiled the latest versions of their digital video recorders in their 'Premiere' series, which feature a brand new user interface and enhanced online capabilities.

TiVo partners with Google to track fast-forwarding of TV ads

TiVo and Google have announced a new partnership to track how viewers consume or fast-forward through television commercials. The deal offers advertisers a great deal of data to track and measure how well their ads perform.

New Blackberry app brings TiVo controls to your smartphone

RIM has announced a new application for their Blackberry smartphone that works in conjunction with TiVo television devices.

Program Your Tivo From Your Cellphone

Going out to dinner is no longer an excuse to miss your favorite movies. With the holiday season approaching TiVo has launched their TiVo Mobile program to ensure everyone can watch TV anytime, as long as they have a cell phone with a mobile browser.

TiVo users can order pizza, buy TV shows and movie tickets

Thanks to a partnership with Domino’s Pizza, TiVo users can order pizzas by remote. Users can also track the pizza delivery status without accessing the Internet or using a phone.

Netflix Partners With TiVo For Streaming Movie Downloads

Movie rental behemoth Netflix is finally joining forces with TiVo to allow subscribers to get access to more movies and TV episodes. The partnership has been a long time coming, and will take effect in early December in the U.S.

Move Over Apple, Netflix Jumping Into Internet Movie Download Ring

There are few companies that can scare Apple. And while they might not admit it, Netflix is one player that matters. Netflix has announced a partnership with LG to make a set-top box for streaming movies to your TV, competing directly with Apple.

TiVo soon to be released in Canada

The infamous TiVo recording device, made popular or at least more well known to Canadians from being in the TV series Sex and the City, will soon hit the Canadian market. Coming to Canada this December, just in time for your holiday shopping or wish list.

TiVo Launches Home Movie Sharing

TiVo has launched a media sharing service letting Series2 and Series3 customers share home movies over the Internet with TiVo-owning friends and family...for a fee.

Amazon's Unbox Video Service Now Avaliable On TiVO

Amazon announced today that their service will...

Kevin Shows Tivo Who's Boss

After his Tivo fails him, Kevin takes it out back and teaches it a lesson... with a crowbar.

Being watched from above!

After reviewing the available technology, what specific types of things do they suggest the military needs? Well, one example, is the Pentagon wants TiVo.

Amazon & TiVo to test movie downloads direct to TVs Inc. and TiVo Inc. will begin testing on Wednesday a service that lets users watch videos rented or bought over the Internet directly on televisions, as part of a trend to link personal computers and TVs.

Why the PC-TV Combo Could Be the Elusive Holy Grail of Technology

“What’s the Next Big Thing?” bellowed my editor, startling the investment bankers at the next table in the restaurant. “What’s coming after the iPod?” He poked his fork into the air for emphasis. Frankly, I have no idea. But I know what it isn

TiVo Survey Reveals Top 10 Most Unforgettable TV Moments of 2006

What were the moments that people couldn't get enough of and watched over and over? Tivo comes out with their top ten.

Apple & TiVo Partner for iTV?

"I'm going to disclaim this upfront as a wild rumor that just landed in my inbox. I'd wager it's got about a 25% chance of being true but hey, I'd love to be wrong on it and see what launches next month at Macworld San Francisco."

Free TIVO boxes for the holidays

Get a free TiVo box this holiday season when you sign up for a new service plan.

Hands-on with TiVo's new "TiVoCast" and PC-to-TiVo functions

TiVoCasting is still pretty much straight up video podcasting, with rejiggered branding and a lack of user flexibility, but it scored almost totally exclusive content for the service.

TiVo fighting FCC over CableCARD, Verizon's FiOS service

TiVo is locking horns with the FCC over CableCARD deployment, the "integration ban" which led to CableCARD, and how Verizon's FiOS service might ruin it for all.

TiVo Extras!

"SEATTLE - Ever get an itch to buy a movie ticket, find your nearest Lexus dealer or listen to the president's weekly radio address on your television?"

TiVo VS. Diego Moxi Box!

Diego Moxi Box is Going up against TiVo!

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