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Review: Art records and imitates life in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include a beautiful celebration of cinema; an epic addition to a legendary franchise; a night of workplace inhibition; complete collections of a couple of female-led TV dramas; and a documentary about documentaries.

Op-Ed: Online ad blocking — A much better way of advertising? Yes

Sydney - Ad blocking is being portrayed as the worst threat to advertising in history, or a way of saving phone users and others a lot of costly bandwidth. Major European carrier Three has raised the stakes severely with new ad blocking tech.

UK mobile operator Three to block online adverts automatically

UK mobile operator Three is to begin automatically blocking all adverts on mobile websites across Three UK and Three Italy. The controversial move aims to give customers "more control, choice and transparency" but is concerning to publishers.

Review: Country group Gloriana back with best album to date: 'Three' Special

Award-winning country group Gloriana is back with their latest album, "Three," and it is a rocking CD. It was released on Emblem Music Group/Warner Nashville.

Country band Gloriana talks new album 'Three' and New York show Special

Rachel Reinert, as well as brothers Mike and Tom Gossin from the award-winning country trio Gloriana chatted with Digital Journal about their new album "Three."

Bounce house flies in air and injures three children

Three children playing inside a bounce house were injured when a waterspout came onshore and lifted it in the air in Fort Lauderdale.

New legislation could eradicate UK mobile black areas

The UK's mobile phone networks could be forced to allow connected devices to switch between themselves as part of new proposed legislation seeking to eradicate mobile blackspots.

U.S. jobless claims tumble to three-month low

The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits fell more than expected and hit a three-month low last week, a sign of strength in a labor market that has been hobbled by severe weather.

Op-Ed: Three ways Libertarians control the 2012 and future elections

With only eight days until it comes time to vote in the 2012 presidential election, America’s eyes are focused on Romney and Obama’s final days on the campaign trail.

Three teens killed by VIA Rail train in Montreal

Montreal - Three young men were killed after being struck by a VIA Rail train in Montreal early Sunday morning. It is thought that they may have been in the area to spray graffiti.

Mother guilty of killing 3-year-old girl

Birmingham - A 25-year-old asylum-seeker in the UK has ordered to remain in a secure psychiatric hospital after being found guilty of stabbing her three-year-old daughter to death, and then pouring acid over her.

Teacher sentenced for encouraging rape of 3-year-old girl

Liverpool - A UK teacher has been sentenced to seven years in custody for encouraging another man to rape a three-year-old girl and broadcast it through a webcam.

Man killed when bomb explodes at West Virginia bar Special

Barboursville - A bomb exploded. killing a West Virginia man. Police detonated three more bombs found outside of the bar Cactus Joe's in Barboursville. Patrons are shocked by the incident in this small community and say the bomber was seeking revenge over breakup.

Today is Square Root Day

There are events scheduled across the country for math buffs to come out to celebrate Square Root Day with a prize for the biggest Square Root Day event.

Three Detectives Acquitted in Bell Shooting

On Friday morning three detectives were acquitted on all charges in the shooting death of Sean Bell, who died when he was shot outside a club in Jamaica Queens.

Scientists Create Embryo With DNA From Three Parents

Women suffering from hereditary diseases might be able to produce babies that won’t suffer from the same disease soon. Scientists in the UK have succeeded at creating an embryo made of the DNA of three parents.

Texas Plans Three Executions This Week

Defence lawyers are keeping busy this week in their attempts to prevent three executions from happening as scheduled this week in Texas. On schedule for lethal injection this week are inmates DaRoyce Mosley, John Amador and Kenneth Foster.

Op/Ed: Then Naming of the Cat

The naming of cats is a difficult matter, It isn't just one of your holiday games; You may think at first I'm mad as a hatter When I tell you a cat must have three different names. -T.S. Elliot

Family Villa Near By Cordoned Off In The Search For Madeleine

Much of the UK and other countries following the case were gripped last night when a villa only 100 yards from where the little girl was taken has been searched by forensics

Three charged after temple raid

Three men have been charged with drugs offences following a police raid at a Rastafarian temple in south London.

Class-Action lawsuit pioneer dies

David Berger, the lawyer who helped people living near the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant win $25 million following a partial meltdown, has passed away, he was 94.

Three Italian Patients Receive HIV-Positive Organs by Accident

Three patients at hospitals in Tuscany were mistakenly given organs from an HIV-positive donor, raising serious concerns about transplant procedures in Italy.

Three Dollar Dewey's founder dies

"Beer King" and founder of Three Dollar Deweys has died; pour some out for Alan D. Eames.

Murder for Hire - Backfired

I bet these 3 never saw it coming!

Government seizes Three of the Sextuplet babies

The British Columbia government has just seized three of the sextuplet babies so they can receive blood transfusions.

Man wears contact lenses for a Year

Man wears 3 pairs of contact lenses

Three Arrested In Shooting Death of Louisiana Deputy

A Louisiana Sheriff's deputy was shot and killed in an attempt to stop an armed robbery.

Teen Charged With Making Bomb Threats To Three Shreveport Schools

17 year old suspended from school calls in bomb threats to three different schools.

$1m fraudster jailed three years

A former Dartmouth Scotiabank manager was sentenced to three years in prison for ripping off more than $1 million from his employer.

Three great apps to keep your Dock clean!

Simple tips to make Mac users more productive.
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Three famous trainers, the T-6 Harvard, also known as the Texan.
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The condensation is very clear as the aircraft is pulled into a very tight loop.

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