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Thor News

Review: ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is the wittiest Marvel movie to date Special

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ isn’t your typical Marvel movie as its hilarious quips overshadow most of the action and it’s the best thing that could’ve happened.

Asgardian hero not having a good day in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ trailer Special

The first teaser for ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is a doozy, packing the first minute with several jaw-dropping moments and ending with some much loved humour.

Thor doesn’t know how to pay his rent and it’s hilarious Special

Thor’s adventures on Earth continue in part two of what is beginning to look like a Marvel web series starring the Asgardian god.

Real-life replica of Thor's hammer can only be lifted by one guy Special

In Marvel comics, only those who are worthy can wield Mjölnir, a mighty hammer that can generate hurricanes and return to its owner like a boomerang. One man has created about as close to the real thing as one can get.

Marvel announces five years of superhero movies

At a not-so-secret event that rivalled its Comic-Con presentation, Marvel announced its roster into 2019 that includes its first solo films to feature a female and black superhero.

Is Iron-Man, Thor or Batman your state's favorite superhero?

Why is Wolverine more popular in Texas than Spider-Man? What makes the Hulk so fashionable in Pennsylvania? Check out how your favorite superhero's likability and recognition factor rates across America's 50 states.

Marvel announces new comic book with female Thor

Marvel comic mythology has it that whomever is worthy of wielding the hammer Mjolnir will hold the power of Thor. In October, that worthy person will look a little different.

Chris Hemsworth of Thor fame shooting in the Canary Islands

Fans of the "Thor" films will be pleased to hear that Chris Hemsworth, who played the lead, is busy on location with a new film in La Gomera in Spain's Canary Islands. This time he is playing a 19th century shipwrecked sailor.

'Thor' wins again but 'The Best Man Holiday' surprises

Sometimes blockbusters can overshadow those nice surprises at the box office. It is often those nice surprises that add zest as the numbers are tallied.

'Thor' will light it up; next 'Star Wars' out Dec. 18, 2015

Look out, another superhero film is being unleashed. If all goes as projected, "Thor: The Dark World" should be a whopper at the box office, too.

Marvel has a film release strategy until 2021

Marvel Studios like to plan for the long haul. According to President Kevin Feige they are already planning a strategy for releases up to 2021.

Comic book perfume coming, scents are 'intrusive, distinctive'

New York - You may not be quite ready to walk around in public wearing a cape and a cowl, but who doesn’t dream of being a superhero?

'The Rite' star Sir Anthony Hopkins reveals if he plans to retire Special

The British-knighted and Oscar-winning iconic film actor talks about portraying a troubled priest in 'The Rite' (now on Blu-ray/DVD) and a Norse god in 'Thor' (currently in theaters) and discusses his past, present and any future plans to quit acting.

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Thor Image

Sir Anthony Hopkins  Chris Helmsworth and Tom Hiddelston in  Thor
Sir Anthony Hopkins, Chris Helmsworth and Tom Hiddelston in 'Thor'
Warner Bros
A scene from  Thor: Ragnarok
A scene from 'Thor: Ragnarok'
Marvel Studios
THOR #1 cover
THOR #1 cover
Esad Ribic//Marvel
A still from the trailer for Thor
A still from the trailer for Thor
YouTube screenshot

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