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Thin News

Stanford researchers create reusable flexible solar cells

Renewable energy is inevitable. It will be relied on sooner or later especially at the current rate of non-renewable energy usage. However, Stanford researchers have come up with a low cost solar panel solution for all your personal needs.

What keeps smokers thin?

Previous studies reveal that smokers have less body fat compared to non-smokers. A new study conducted by U.S. researchers may help explain the reason.

Sony EL TV Boasts Paper-Thin Display

Sony revealed its new paper-thin TV at the Display2008 conference in Tokyo. The new OLED TV display is as thin as premium glossy photo paper.

Is body weight in the genes?

A woman’s waistline may have less to do with rigorous exercise and abstaining from sweets than it does with the genes of her parents, according to a new study by Tel Aviv professor Gregory Livshits.

The Thin End of the Wedge: How Slimming Will Save You From Cancer

In a new report out this week, it would seem that the odds against fat people are being stacked even higher as we are now told that we need to get thin if we want to avoid getting cancer.

Doctors Say Even Skinnies are Fatties

Thin people could be in just as much trouble as anyone carrying some heft. Doctors now say internal fat surrounding vital organs like the heart, liver or pancreas, could be as dangerous as the obvious external fat that bulges underneath the skin.

The Pressure to Be Thin

The problem with society today is everything is about looks and not brains.

Models too Thin, says 4 in 5 consumers: Global Poll

An online poll finds that 4 in 5 consumers agree that models around the world are too thin.

Madrid to Renew Ban on Thin Models

Fashion models deemed too skinny have once again been banned from catwalks in Madrid, Spain.

Israel models about to be bigger than ever

As part of a growing global campaign to fight anorexia within the fashion industry, top Israeli retail companies have agreed not to employ overly thin models for their ads

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